Eric Ives

Retiring from the “academic work force” at the not-so-tender age of 63 years old, I now have time to focus the majority of my days on my three major passions: writing, cultivating cannabis, and tinkering around with my 2003 Herreshoff Alerion 26! (That’s a sailboat, for all you non-mariners out there). I have been using cannabis medically for the better part of three decades, and can honestly say that it is the reason why I am here today. I have specifically been using low-THC/high-CBD oil tinctures for the last five-plus years, and have not taken a single prescription medication during this time. It is my genuine joy and pleasure to be able to share my cannabis knowledge here on Shopping CBD, and it is my sincere hope that we can help folks around the globe discover the healing potential of CBD in the same way that I have.

Articles by Eric Ives