Imbue Botanicals CBD Review

Here at Shopping CBD, we are always on the lookout for new CBD brands to try, and recently we came across Imbue Botanicals. This is a company that prides itself on having three decades of experience when it comes to botanical solutions. They place a great deal of focus on quality, consistency, and sustainability and seem devoted to raising the standards in the CBD industry. In this Imbue Botanicals review, we will explore their true value within the market.

The Imbue Botanicals business philosophy puts the well-being of the Earth and its customers ahead of everything else. The brand isn’t about delivering “me too” products – as they call it – but instead choose to focus on key aspects that increase efficiency and separate them from the pack. For instance, they believe that the presentation of products is as important as the product itself. But, of course, quality is still more important than anything else.

With extensive experience in the industry, Imbue develops and sources all of its products personally, utilizes the highest-quality organic ingredients, and never compromises. Find out more in our full Imbue Botanicals review here.

Imbue Botanicals Quick Summary

Quality 97%
Effectiveness 96%
Benefits 96%
Price 85%
Customer Service 93%

“Best CBD brand that I have found. The CBD oil has given me incredible results for nerve pain and also helps with stress.”

Who Is Imbue Botanicals?

Founded in 2016, Imbue Botanicals is an American CBD company established on the belief that centuries-old botanicals can have a significant impact on improving the lives of both humans and pets. The founders have been growing and extracting hemp for almost 30 years and are committed to delivering high-quality products.

All of the hemp is grown at high altitudes in Colorado, amongst other agriculture, where high levels of sunshine enhance the plant’s terpene profiles. The founders have experience in the cannabis and healthcare industries, and with the practical knowledge and expertise gained during this time, strive to deliver the highest-quality products possible.

At the core of the Imbue Botanicals business, along with a steadfast commitment to quality, is an “Earth first” mentality. The company uses recyclable packaging in order to reduce waste. Moreover, they offer discounts for veterans, the disabled, and low-income individuals.

The company’s goal is to improve the overall health and wellbeing of people and their pets through the proven benefits of hemp-based botanicals. In line with company values, Imbue creates products that are made in a way that is close to nature and also protects the Earth’s natural environment.

Imbue Botanicals offers a wide range of CBD products to choose from, including capsules, tinctures, topicals, gummies, massage oil, and a line of pet products.


Imbue Botanicals Highlights

Here’s why we think you will love Imbue Botanicals:

  • High Quality Hemp Source: The brand uses hemp that is grown in Colorado, the leading CBD industry state in the USA. The hemp is non-GMO, grown in the same fields as other crops that are used for human consumption.
  • Seed-to-Bottle Approach: The company oversees every step of the manufacturing process, starting with the hemp seeds in what it refers to as a “chain of custody.” This includes the cultivation of premium-quality hemp, processing it in company-owned facilities, and formulating it into their premium products.
  • Corporate Responsibility: The company has a strong focus on people and the earth. They use earth-friendly, recyclable packaging, donate proceeds to animal shelters, and have discount programs for veterans, the disabled, and low-income families. They also provide educational resources on CBD on their social media channels and website to ensure customers are kept informed.
  • Certificates of Analysis (COA):Imbue has certificates of analysis (COA) available that show cannabinoid/terpene levels for each product. But they don’t just test the potency of products; they also look for contaminants, like heavy metals, residual solvents, pesticides, and herbicides.

Negative Thoughts on Imbue Botanicals

 Unfortunately, the Imbue Botanicals CBD products come at quite a high price. Their products easily cost two to three times more than leading CBD brands, and some of the topical formulas come at an especially high expense per mg of CBD. Another issue is that Imbue products contain low amounts of CBD. For instance, their most potent tincture contains only 20mg of CBD per ml, which isn’t nearly enough for many users.


“The Imbue Botanicals products are superior. The CBD oil has helped to alleviate my chronic pain in a way that no other brand has helped.”

Imbue Botanicals Products

  • CBD Capsules: The Imbue capsules are available in five potency options: 5mg, 10mg, 15mg, 25mg, and 30mg. Each option comes in a bottle of 30 capsules.
  • CBD Tinctures: The tinctures come in several strengths and are packaged in glass containers with droppers for accurate dosing. Strengths include 40mg, 100mg, 250mg, 300mg, 500mg, and 600mg. Each option comes in a 1 fl oz quantity, but the 250mg one is also available in a 2 fl oz bottle.
  • CBD Topicals: The Imbue topicals range is quite extensive. It includes CBD lotion (200mg and 400mg), CBD salve (200mg, 340mg, 400mg, 680mg), CBD facial cream (50mg and 100mg), CBD lip balm (Peppermint and Strawberry, 25mg), CBD eye cream (50mg), and CBD massage oil (Orange & Clove and Lemon & Raspberry, 200mg).
  • CBD Gummies: The gummies are available in three strengths: 5mg, 10mg, and 35mg. The 5mg option comes in a 10-count bag, while 10mg and 35mg come in a 30-count jar. All are available in assorted flavors.
  • CBD for pets: Imbue has a range of pet products for dogs, cats, and horses. It includes tinctures for cats and dogs, capsules for cats and dogs, and salves for dogs and horses.

Imbue Botanicals Costs

  • CBD Capsules: Price range from $39 to $89 depending on the potency
  • CBD Tinctures: The price range is between $29 and $109
  • CBD Topicals: Prices range between $17.75 (lip balm) and $104 (CBD salve, 680mg)
  • CBD Gummies: The 5mg gummies retails for $9.95, 10mg for $55, and 25mg for $79.50.
  • CBD for pets:Prices range between $20 and $295 depending on the type of product and strength.


“These CBD gummies have worked miracles for my sleeping pattern. I’m sleeping a lot better at night and wake up feeling well-rested.”

Final Thoughts on Imbue Botanicals

Imbue Botanicals is a premium-quality CBD brand offering a wide range of products that serve a variety of purposes. The company is a step ahead of its competitors because of its steadfast commitment to corporate responsibility. However, the Imbue products contain low CBD potencies at a higher price. Their brand identity is centered around those who have similar values and don’t mind spending a bit more on ethical products.

Overall, we’re big fans of Imbue Botanicals – it’s a reputable brand that demonstrates transparency and integrity. We also love the commitment they show to supporting the health of people and their pets, as well as the earth. That said, the high prices and low CBD levels could be a problem, especially for more experienced CBD users.

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