Hemp Health Inc. Review

CBD has quickly become one of the most-loved supplements in the health and wellness industry. New research continues to stream through the media, highlighting all of the potential health benefits of consuming CBD on a regular basis. As a result, an increasing number of people are looking to try CBD for themselves.

While the medicinal value of CBD is what initially draws most people in, it’s the versatility of the compound that keeps people intrigued. Unlike many other supplement options, CBD can be consumed in a variety of ways. It can be ingested in the form of an oil, applied as a topical, digested in the form of an edible, and even smoked. There is just about no limit on the ways in which you can add CBD to your daily routine.

With so many different products and brands out there, finding the right one for you can be a little overwhelming. Many CBD brands offer a rather limited range of products, often sticking to tinctures, capsules, and topicals. But, Hemp Health Inc. is a brand with an incredibly extensive range of CBD products. Everything from oils, capsules, and edibles to suppositories, hemp seeds, and bath bombs, Hemp Health Inc., has it.

This means that Hemp Health Inc. is a great choice for CBD consumers who enjoy using CBD in a variety of forms – those who enjoy having options. Find out more in our Hemp Health Inc. review below.

Hemp Health Inc. Review Quick Summary

Quality 93%
Effectiveness 92%
Benefits 94%
Price 96%
Customer Service 95%

“The CBD capsules are my favorite product. They work incredibly well for sleep disorders and help me get a good night’s rest.”

Who Is Hemp Health Inc?

Hemp Health Inc. was launched in 2014 by its parent company, Mathco Health Corporation. The company is based in San Diego, California, and is focused on offering hemp-derived CBD products to promote health and wellness.

Hemp Health Inc. is dedicated to providing the market with the highest-quality, most affordable hemp CBD products. The brand has grown substantially since its inception and now sells its products online, as well as in more than 2,000 retail stores across the nation.

The company uses CBD-rich industrial hemp to create all products, ensuring that they are adhering to the 2018 Farm Bill – which means that their products are legal in all 50 states across the United States. All of the hemp is sourced from sustainable organic farms assuring that crops are 100% free from solvents, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers. Hemp Health believes that it’s important to use only organic, natural ingredients to achieve effective results.

The Hemp Health Inc.’s mission is to lead the industry in bringing hemp CBD-based products to the market. The company is passionate about the incredible health benefits associated with the hemp plant and strives to educate the world on the benefits of this phenomenal compound while leading the way in the health industry.

Who Is Hemp Health Inc?

Hemp Health Inc Highlights

Here are a few of the ways Hemp Health Inc stands out:

  • Extensive Range of Products: This is a brand that has thought of just about everything and has a product range that features something for everyone. Seriously, just about any CBD product you could think of, Hemp Health Inc. has it.
  • High-Quality and Organic Hemp: The brand uses non-GMO hemp that is grown without using any pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizer, which is great for avoiding toxins. Products are tested by a third-party lab to ensure purity and potency.
  • Easy-to-Navigate Website: The Hemp Health Inc. website is professional and easy-to-use. The shopping tab is easy-to-use, and finding the exact product you’re looking for is straightforward and simple.
  • Educational Resources: The company is committed to educating the public on the hemp plant and all its potential benefits. They have an “Education Resources” section on the website that links to various articles relating to CBD and the hemp plant, so readers have access to a wealth of information.
  • Discount Programs: Hemp Health Inc. offers some great discount programs to those who may need CBD most. Military personnel and those with physical or medical disabilities qualify for a 40% discount, while students and teachers can get a 20% discount on CBD oil.

Hemp Health Inc Negative Thoughts

We find it strange that while the website (and company) is named “Hemp Health Inc.,” the products are labeled as Pharma Hemp. There is no explanation as to why this discrepancy exists, and it doesn’t make much sense – it’s quite confusing.

Another downside is that while the company claims that products are tested by a third-party laboratory, we could not find these reports (Certificates of Analysis) on the company website. Most reputable brands today make third-party lab reports available for customers to view on their websites to demonstrate transparency and assurance that products are of the high-quality that they claim they are.

Hemp Health Inc Negative Thoughts

“The 25% Pure Gold CBD oil is incredible. I use it to treat my skin issues and I am amazed by the results.”

Hemp Health Inc Products

As we’ve already mentioned, Hemp Health Inc. has a huge product range. As such, it’s not practical for us to list every single product category here – it would take us forever. Therefore, we’ve given an overview of their most popular products:

  • CBD for Pets: Hemp Health sells a large range of CBD tinctures for pets, available in a variety of flavors and strengths. Flavors include; Bacon, Beef, Chicken, Liver, Salmon, and more. Strengths range between 120 mg to 5,000 mg of CBD. They also sell bacon dogs biscuits and peanut butter dog biscuits.
  • Pure CBD Oil: The Pure CBD oil is available in three varieties; 15.9% Hemp CBD Raw Oil, 17% Hemp CBD Decarboxylated Oil and 25% Pure Hemp CBD Gold Oil. Each option comes in a syringe and is available in different sizes ranging between 1 gram and 10 grams.
  • CBD Tinctures: CBD tinctures come in a “Holistic” and “Original” blend. Both are available in concentrations that range between 120 mg and 1,100 mg of CBD, while the Holistic option also has two THC-free options in strengths of 3,000 mg and 5,000 mg.
  • CBD Capsules: The CBD capsules are only available in one option: 25 mg concentration. There are 30 capsules per container, meaning the total strength is 750 mg per bottle.
  • CBD Topicals: The Hemp Health Inc topical range includes CBD Massage oil, Bath Bombs, Salves, and Balms. Strengths range between 100 mg and 500 mg, depending on the product.
  • CBD Edibles: The edible range includes Gummy Bears, CBD Green Juice Mix, CBD Protein Powder, and various flavors of CBD Butter. The Bears come in a pack of 10 with 25 mg per Gummy. The CBD Butters have a strength of 500 mg.

Hemp Health Inc Costs

  • CBD for Pets: CBD oil prices range between $19.98 and $159.99 depending on the type and strength. The dog biscuits cost $23.98.
  • Pure CBD Oil: Prices range between $22.49 and $221.98.
  • CBD Tinctures: Price range between $19.98 and $159.99 depending on the type and concentration.
  • CBD Capsules: The capsules retail for $39.99.
  • CBD Topicals: Topical products retail for between $13.50 (Bath Bombs) and $29.98.
  • CBD Edibles: The edibles retail for between $18.99 (Gummy Bears) and $32.99.


“I love the Ginger Honey Body Balm. It smells wonderful and works wonders on my joints after an intense workout.”

Final Thoughts on Hemp Health Inc

We love that Hemp Health Inc. has such an extensive range of products, which means you can find all your CBD needs in one place. This is a brand that seems genuinely committed to making CBD easily accessible and providing customers with choice. The company goes above and beyond when it comes to ensuring CBD users have as much choice and control over their health as possible.

One downside is the discrepancy between the company name and product branding. That said, Hemp Health appears to be a professional and legitimate company. We wouldn’t say that they are the best on the market, but they are a good choice, especially for those who are looking for a good selection of CBD products.

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