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The CBD industry is booming. Everyone wants to try CBD, and many brands want to sell CBD. There are new companies popping up all the time, and new products are being made by these companies just about every day. With so many options out there, how can you find the right product for you?

Here at Shopping CBD, we review many of the top CBD brands on the market to help customers find a product and brand that suits their needs. Today, we are reviewing Bio CBD Plus, an American-based company that sells CBD supplements.

Our aim is to provide our readers with all the information you need to purchase CBD products that are going to offer you the most benefits. You deserve the best when spending your money, and you deserve to take full advantage of the incredible natural healing effects of CBD.

Bio CBD Plus combines the magical healing powers of nature with nanotechnology to dramatically enhance the bioavailability of CBD. They claim to be the original providers of water-soluble CBD – which is truly impressive. So how does this company compare to other brands in the market?

Bio CBD Plus Quick Summary

Quality 98%
Effectiveness 98%
Benefits 97%
Price 92%
Customer Service 95%

“The BioCBD topical oil has worked miracles for me. I use it for chronic neck and shoulder pain and it relieves tension within minutes. Love it!”

Who Is BioCBD Plus?

Bio CBD Plus was founded by James Radina, who is also the company’s CEO. James’ CBD journey started back in 2010 when he met Lance, a 7-year old boy who had been struggling with Crohn’s Disease his entire life.

James was committed to helping Lance overcome the illness and tried just about every “health hack” you could think of. Eventually, they tried CBD when in 2015, James was asked to be the executive producer on a film titled “The Truth About Cannabis.” James knew he had to get Lance involved, and the rest is history.

CBD completely changed Lance’s life. The film documented Lance’s journey and will be available to view at the end of the year. After seeing firsthand the power of CBD, James made it his mission to introduce others in need of the all-natural CBD. And that’s how BioCBD Plus came to be what it is today.

Although James is the CEO and founder, Bio CBD Plus is a women-led team of experts who believe in the life-changing possibilities of CBD. The company’s goal is to create high-quality products that actually work and to have a team that actually cares behind these products. The mission is to provide the highest-quality, water-soluble CBD and Ayurvedic herbal supplements possible. Above that, Bio CBD Plus is all about social impact – not financial gain.

The company claims that its flagship product, Total Body Care, was the first water-soluble CBD product on the market. Water-soluble products can dissolve in water and are carried to the body’s tissue. This is significant because most other CBD products are oil-based.

The mixture of CBD with oil means that it cannot be fully absorbed by the body because oil isn’t water-soluble; therefore, you don’t get a full dose. You need more CBD in an oil-based product than in a water-soluble form to get the same effect. Since the Bio CBD Plus products are water-soluble, they’re believed to be more effective than other CBD brands.


Bio CBD Plus Highlights

  • High-Quality and Water-Soluble Products: With over 30 years of experience in biomedicine, the Bio CBD Plus team of scientists has created a clean product that is said to be 5 – 10 times more effective than the oil-based CBD competitors. Bio CBD uses an active ingredient to make its products water-soluble.
  • Committed to Health: The company is fully committed to health, which is why all products contain 100% organic, all-natural ingredients. They never use fillers, chemicals, or anything else unnatural.
  • Charitable Focus: Bio Plus CBD is one of the most charity-focused CBD retailers that we’ve come across. They have a Veteran Discount Program in which all current and former military service members get a 25% discount. They also have a Scholarship Program – for every product bought, the company will supply a scholarship for someone in need. Bio CBD Plus has deep empathy for people who cannot afford the CBD therapy they need and are doing everything possible to help those in need.
  • Sustainable Products: Since the Bio CBD Plus products are 100% bioavailable, the company uses less CBD per serving to get the same results as other companies. This makes their products inherently more sustainable.
  • Certificates of Analysis: The Bio CBD Plus certificates of Analysis on all products are easily accessible for customers to view on the company website. This shows that the company values transparency and stands by the quality of its products.

Negative Thoughts on BioCBD Plus

We can find just about no fault with this company. But we would love to see a better range of products in the future. Currently, Bio CBD Plus only sells three products, and the CBD market could certainly do with an increase in high-quality products. Truthfully, we think it’s only a matter of time before they add new products to the collection, and we would be delighted.

Negative Thoughts on BioCBD Plus

“The best product I’ve ever used for muscle pain. I feel relief instantly after applying the topical oil. I always recommend it to those who suffer from pain.”

Bio CBD Plus Products

  • Total Body Care: This is an all-natural, organic, water-soluble CBD capsule. It’s a proprietary blend of organic turmeric and organic, full-spectrum hemp extract to create a CBD product that actually works. It has a total strength of 300 mg, and there are 30 capsules per container (10 mg of CBD per capsule).
  • Topical Oil: The topical oil is formulated to penetrate deep into aching joints and muscles for fast relief. It contains 64 mg of CBD and comes in a 2 oz bottle.
  • CBD Vape: The Bio CBD Plus vape is made with pure, full-spectrum hemp oil blended with lemongrass, lavender, bergamot, and clary sage. It contains 200 mg of CBD and 300 mg of 100% organic hemp.

Bio CBD Plus Costs

  • Total Body Care: Once off, the capsules retail for $120. But you can buy them on subscription for $82 per month.
  • Topical Oil: The once-off purchase price is $70, while on subscription, it will cost $51 per month.
  • CBD Vape: The Combo Kit (battery and cartridge) retails for $85, the Battery Kit is $25, and the vape cartridge is $60. The vape cartridge can be bought on subscription for $34 per month.

Bio CBD Plus Costs

“Love this vape pen. I use it for anxiety and to calm my mind - it works incredibly well.”

Final Thoughts on BioCBD Plus

We are big fans of Bio CBD Plus. They claim to be one of the only for-benefit companies (rather than for profit) and are fully committed to creating the highest-quality products possible. They have deep compassion for those who are less fortunate and have charity programs, or as they call it “Impact Programs” in place to help those in need.

Despite the company’s focus on charity, their formulas are truly remarkable, containing ginger, curcumin, magnesium, and white willow. Overall, Bio CBD Plus is an excellent choice for CBD because you don’t only get the much-needed relief offered by high-quality products, but you also can rest well knowing that your purchase will help another person less fortunate than yourself.

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