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Looking for a great CBD brand but feeling overwhelmed by all the options out there? Reading online CBD reviews about different brands and products is a good idea since it can give you a better indication of what to expect from the CBD market.

The last decade has seen a significant change in the way we think about our health and the product we use to stay healthy. The move away from chemically filled pharmaceuticals together with the increasing awareness around the health benefits of CBD has led to an industry explosion.

CBD is a natural alternative to traditional medication and supplements. Many studies report that it has the ability to positively affect almost every area of the human body. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the CBD industry is now one of the fastest-growing in the world.

Although CBD has become much easier to find, it can still be difficult to find a brand you can really trust. Here at Shopping CBD, we hope to make the process a little easier by reviewing some of the best brands out there. Today, we will be looking at Go Green Hemp.

Go Green Hemp Quick Summary

Quality 98%
Effectiveness 97%
Benefits 98%
Price 98%
Customer Service 96%

“Fantastic products. The CBD face mask is my favorite. It’s such a unique product and leaves my skin feeling revived.”

Who Is Go Green Hemp?

Go Green Hemp was founded in 2016 and is a one-stop-shop of sorts, offering a wide variety of CBD products. The company is family-owned and operated from Florida and has one simple mission; to serve. Go Green Hemp is built around four simple concepts that the company is committed to living by: Transparency, Education, Quality, and Affordability.

The Go Green Hemp team appears to have a heartfelt and genuine mission to serve others by offering affordable CBD. With the promise of giving an “exceptional experience,” the company believes that quality is important but shouldn’t have to come at such a high price.

Go Green Hemp strives to serve customers the best CBD currently available on the market. Their gold standard is a strong reflection of this mission, ensuring that products are safe and high-quality from seed to shelf.

The GoGreen Hemp passion can be seen in their CBD hemp products and through the vigorous product development process. The company never cuts corners in any aspect, from manufacturing to customer service, and are committed to providing customers with only the best.

Go Green believes that CBD has the potential to change the world, and are all about helping people discover the benefits of the miraculous cannabis plant.

Who Is Go Green Hemp?

Go Green Hemp Highlights

Here are some of the things that we love about Go Green Hemp:

  • Wide Range of Products: Go Green Hemp has a very impressive range of CBD products. The versatile selection aims to give everyone a chance to taste CBD and hemp for themselves, no matter what their consumption preference.
  • High Quality Products: Go Green uses organic hemp extract and other high-quality ingredients. The company uses CO2 extraction, considered to be the best hemp extraction method, resulting in high-quality end products. They promise that products are made with pure and potent ingredients.
  • Transparency: Transparency is something that Go Green Hemp prides itself on. The company is transparent about every step in the manufacturing process and is always one step ahead when it comes to product innovation. Third-party lab reports are available on the company website to verify the purity and potency of products.
  • Affordable Prices: CBD products can be very expensive, but Go Green understands that many customers use CBD for its medical value. The company is committed to providing customers with one of the most affordably-priced broad-spectrum CBD products on the market.
  • Reputable Brand: There is no denying that Go Green Hemp is a trustworthy and reputable brand. They have been published in various well-respected publications, including: Huffpost, Leafly, Buzzfeed, Cannabizz, and Smoke & Vape.

Go Green Hemp Negative Thoughts

Honestly, we couldn’t find much wrong with Go Green Hemp. But what we will say is that it would be nice to know who is behind this brand. They have quite a detailed “About Us” section on the company website, but we couldn’t find any information on the founders or who is behind the brand now. It’s always nice to get some insight into the faces behind the company, so we would love it if they could fill us in, especially since transparency is something they pride themselves on.

Go Green Hemp Negative Thoughts

“I use the CBD oil and gummies from Go Green Hemp. Both work so well for relieving my anxiety and help with regular headaches. ”

Go Green Hemp Products

  • Topicals: The Go Green topicals are ideal for those looking for targeted external relief. The company has a great range of topical products including a CBD Stick (1,000 mg), CBD Balm Salve (500 mg, 1,000 mg, and 2,000 mg), CBD-infused Freeze or Heat Roll-on (150 mg), CBD Lip Balm (35 mg), and transdermal CBD Patches (50 mg).
  • Oil Tincture Drops: The CBD oil drops are available in four strengths: 250 mg, 500 mg, 1,000 mg, and 2,000 mg. Each option comes in three flavor varieties: Natural, Peppermint, and Orange. There is also a CBD nano-oil tincture, which is loaded with 250 mg of water-soluble broad-spectrum CBD – this one is available in an unflavored and caramel flavor.
  • CBD Softgels: The CBD capsules are available in four varieties: 10 mg CBD, 25 mg CBD, 25 mg of CBD + 10 mg of Curcumin, and 25 mg of CBD + 1 mg of melatonin. Each of these options contains 30 capsules per bottle.
  • Edible Gummies: Go Green Hemp has four varieties of gummies that each have a concentration of 10 mg: Gummy Bears, Sour Gummy Bears, Fruity chews, and vegan CBD gummy drops. They also sell CBD peach rings, which come in a concentration of 25 mg.
  • Skincare: The Go Green Skincare range includes: CBD face mask, replenishing cream, massage oils, and bath bombs.
  • Animal Products: Go Green Hemp has an extensive range of animal products. These include: CBD dog treats, CBD oil for cats and dogs, CBD salve for dogs, CBD oil for horses, and CBD pellets for horses

Go Green Hemp Costs

  • Topicals: The prices of the topical range products are between $5.99 and $64.99, depending on the type of product and strength.
  • Oil Tincture Drops: The CBD oil prices range between $26.99 and $149.99 depending on the strength. The CBD nano-oil sells for $29.99.
  • CBD Softgels: The 10 mg option costs $29.99, 25 mg is $59.99, while both the Curcumin and Melatonin varieties cost $64.99
  • Edible gummies: The gummy bears sell for $22.99, the fruity chews for $23.99, and the vegan option is $34.99. The 25 mg peach rings cost $49.99.
  • Skincare: The skincare products prices range between $9.99 and $29.99.
  • Animal Products: The animal products cost between $25.99 and $59.99

Go Green Hemp Costs

“Love the softgels. They help me to sleep throughout the night and don’t make me feel too drowsy.”

Final Thoughts on Go Green Hemp

There are numerous CBD companies popping up in the rapidly growing CBD industry, each doing their own thing to stand out against the competition. Go Green Hemp is one of the few companies that has covered all the bases, not just with regards to product selection, but also with its dedication to providing quality products.

Go Green Hemp offers everything you could ask for in a quality, trusted, and reputable CBD manufacturer. All of the products are high-quality and come at an affordable price when compared to similar products on the market. If you’re looking to benefit from the wonderful powers of CBD, then Go Green Hemp is a great brand to check out.

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