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If you’re ever in the Big Apple, be sure to check out more than just Broadway shows and great food. New York is home to a plethora of up and coming businesses, many of them in new industries; the cannabis industry is no exception. Expect New York to become the place for burgeoning companies dedicated to the best CBD on the market.

The Hoboken Hemp Company fits the bill with its focus on quality, affordability, and CBD education. Their efforts to bring premium CBD-infused products to individuals all over has resulted in many happy customers and rave reviews. We’ll detail just how this company’s unique take on CBD and sales is shaking up the cannabis market.

Hoboken Hemp Co. is the brainchild of three friends that were determined to bring CBD to the forefront. Although CBD has become mainstream fare in recent years, the aspects of this compound are still unknown to many. Hoboken Hemp wants to change that by offering CBD products at prices many can afford.


Hoboken Hemp Quick Summary

Quality 99%
Effectiveness 99%
Benefits 99%
Price 97%
Customer Service 99%

“Their CBD oils really work! Checkout and shipping was a breeze too. I will definitely be buying more.”

Who Is Hoboken Hemp?

Hoboken Hemp first began as a principle. Three friends wanted CBD companies to be more transparent about their products. What started as an honest question about transparency and social responsibility soon blossomed into a business. Their business rests on the idea of giving customers not only the quality and value they need but also on the process that incorporates this, from seed to shelf.

To ensure maximum quality, Hoboken Hemp tests its products and its components seven times before it goes out to customers. Their products are bottled and shipped from only certified facilities. They also use techniques that don’t leave behind dangerous or unhealthy trace chemicals.

Consumers can log on to Hoboken Hemp Company’s website and take note of third-party verified lab results and adherence to a minimalist view of CBD and its benefits. CBD fans won’t see fancy graphics and confusing marketing language on their site. The three partners opted for a clean look and fact-based appeal.

The company motto is, “Living well begins with self-care.” For many CBD lovers, this means purchasing top-notch CBD that can address a host of different needs. Hoboken seeks to address this by supplying customers with hemp-derived CBD that comes from American growers.


Hoboken Hemp Highlights

Hoboken Hemp Company’s CBD oils contain full-spectrum CBD, as well as MCT oil. Full-spectrum CBD is comprised of many of the compounds associated with cannabis. However, even with full-spectrum CBD, THC is mainly absent.

While full-spectrum CBD oils may not contain any THC, they still have many of the compounds associated with the hemp plant. This includes several substances, such as flavonoids, terpenes, and phytochemicals.

Users cite these compounds as integral to their overall CBD experience. MCT oil is also present in their CBD. MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides. Medium-chain triglycerides are generally shorter and result in better digestion and absorption. MCT oil is also high-energy and can help consumers get through a long day. Hoboken Hemp Co. also provides verifiable, third-party results of the compounds in its products on the website.

CBD Products

Hoboken Hemp Co. CBD oil products also contain a few essential oils that add a light flavor, including lavender and turmeric. The oils also come in sealed bottles for quality. Each bottle also includes a dropper for precise handling.

Hoboken Hemp Negative Thoughts

Hoboken Hemp strives to meet customer needs with excellent customer service and quality products. However, they lack a broad diversity of products. While they offer a great product, the Eucalyptus CBD oil, the only options include 250 and 500mg. Higher potency levels are not sold, as well as other flavors and products such as gummies or salves.

Hoboken Hemp co

“Their CBD oil is awesome! I bought a bottle a few weeks ago and have absolutely no complaints. In fact, I recommended it to a few friends and relatives.”

Hoboken Hemp Product Overview

Hoboken Hemp Co. CBD Oils

Hoboken Hemp Company’s CBD products are available in two potencies: 250 mg of CBD and 500 mg of CBD.

The 250 mg is excellent for anyone looking for just a bit of a CBD boost. The 500 mg provides more CBD at only a bit more cost. Each package also comes with a little something special: A unique origami piece. Each piece is assembled with care and adds a personal touch.

Hoboken Hemp: Costs

Hoboken Hemp Co. CBD Oils:

  • Eucalyptus Hemp Blend 250 Mg- $24.99
  • Eucalyptus Hemp Blend 500 Mg- $39.99

*Each item is available for shipping to many areas throughout the U.S.


“I have had some issues with migraines off and on for years now. I’ve been taking their 500mg CBD oil, and I am happy to say I haven’t had a migraine in nearly two months.”

Final Thoughts on Hoboken Hemp

With all the products on the market, it isn’t easy for consumers to find a CBD that fits their needs. Hoboken Hemp Co. cuts out all the pomp and circumstance and focuses simply on CBD. Its approach is honest, and their execution is straightforward.

They source from American growers and adhere to a high standard. This ensures that customers are receiving exceptional value for their money. Their products are also incredibly affordable. Many individuals that may be curious about CBD and how it can work for them will be able to buy with ease.

Customer Reviews
Jonathan Grant Verified user
100 multiplied by 10

When I was to pick up a CBD for myself, I went over to 100 CBD websites and picked up the first 10 reviews from each of them. Good, bad, neutral, there were all types of posts in these 1000 reviews. And Hoboken was the most highly ranked or the most highly spoken of by the maximum number of people. So Hoboken has been it since day one for me. I am finding it pretty useful for day to day health issues.

Scot Small Verified user
Nothing can be easier

Hoboken is all perfect to take your experience to the next level. I hope you get what I am talking of. I use it almost daily now and it not only makes me feel confident before I hit the bed, but it helps me perform better. My wife is much more satisfied and she never complains of premature ejaculation now, on my part. Believe me, nothing can be easier than this.

Jeffery Norcross Verified user
Hoboken is it

If you ask me why I like to purchase Hoboken each time I run out of my CBD stock, I’d say they got excellent services besides excellent products. In the CBD category, I’ve felt that the market is so saturated that there are n number of sellers. But somehow, all of these sellers usually stress more on the quality of the oil and tend to push all other aspects of service delivery in an FMCG to the back seat. However, to consumers like me, quality of the product is important, but, quality of the overall experience of buying from a brand matters equally too! So Hoboken is it.

Kayla Shade Verified user
I'd appreciate if

I tried Hoboken for my migraine. It worked pretty well. The product quality keeps on making me come back to buy them each time. I’d appreciate if the company could devise some better logistics department. otherwise they are good.

Rosa Thomas Verified user
Various minor health problems

Hoboken Hemp was a topic of discussion at my physician’s reception. A few patients waiting their turn were discussing about how useful their products are. Most patients were suffering from various conditions, as they had come to take a first opinion from the doctor, most of them. So I tried Hoboken too inspired from the talks there. And I must say, it is a very useful and effective supplement for various minor problems.

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