Carolina Hemp Company Review

Now that it’s legal to cultivate hemp in the United States, the competition among CBD companies is fierce. With so many CBD businesses popping every year, it can be difficult for even professionals in the field to keep up with what’s going on. Since there aren’t currently any FDA-approved regulations on hemp-flower based products, it’s essential for customers to do in-depth research before choosing a hemp flower brand.

One company that has garnered a noteworthy reputation in the CBD market over the last few years is the Carolina Hemp Company. They are based in Asheville and are full of that small-town charm that the south is known for.

The company only makes a few CBD products of their own, but they also sell a wide variety of items from third-party vendors. These include: The Brothers Apothecary, Colorado Hemp Company, Foods Alive, Good Hemp, Grindhouse, and many more. But for the sake of our review, we will only be discussing the CBD and hemp products offered by the Carolina Hemp Company.

Carolina Hemp Company Quick Summary

Quality 90%
Effectiveness 93%
Benefits 95%
Price 85%
Customer Service 92%

“I love the Pineapple Haze concentrate. It has a smooth taste and really helps me to relax and put my feet up after a long day.”

Who Is the Carolina Hemp Company?

Founded in 2014, The Carolina Hemp Company is the longest-running hemp company in North Carolina. The business is based in Asheville and has a strong focus on education and community engagement. They are wholesale distributors of quality hemp extract flowers such as concentrates, vape oils, sublingual oils, and other hemp products, including organically-grown hemp flower, edibles, and topicals.

Although it has an online store, Carolina Hemp is heavily invested in building brick-and-mortar stores throughout the South and Southwest. Company executives believe that physical stores help build stronger relationships between consumers and local hemp producers.

Carolina Hemp is focused on building a business that helps to bring hemp to the mainstream market. The company wants to set a benchmark in the industry in terms of product, service, production, and education. Community is also at the core of everything they do. They work with regional and local farmers, manufacturers, industry leaders, and educators to rebuild a market chain that will make quality jobs available in the state and region.

Although Caroline Hemp only makes a few retail CBD products themselves, their commitment to sustainability and quality is steadfast. Their commitment is also demonstrated in the third-party CBD brands that they have selected to work with.


Carolina Hemp Company Highlights

 Here is what we love about Carolina Hemp:

  • Quality Hemp: The hemp flower is grown on nearby farms – Carolina Hemp is committed to keeping things as local as possible. The company only uses the hemp flower in the CBD oil, not the stems and stalks. Typically, the hemp flower is the most potent part of the plant, holding the most terpenes and cannabinoids.
  • Free Shipping: Carolina Hemp offers free shipping on all orders, which is a great benefit. Many companies have a minimum spend requirement before offering free shipping, but not Carolina Hemp.
  • Community Engagement: We have never come across another company that is as committed to building up the local community as Carolina Hemp. This is a brand that is genuinely invested in keeping things as local as possible. They are committed to supporting the hemp trade in all forms, helping North Carolinians and regional groups tap into the promise of hemp, thus restoring economic self-reliance to the many farmers and manufacturers once abundant in the area.
  • Social Media Presence: The company has a good social media presence and following, with over 10,000 followers on both Facebook and Instagram. They update these profiles regularly and keep “fans” updated with the latest news and products.

Carolina Hemp Company Negative Thoughts

 The Carolina Hemp website is missing some key information. For starters, there isn’t much available on the company itself, the founders, or the faces behind the brand. The “About Us” section is bland and doesn’t give much insight.

 But, even more worrying is that the company doesn’t seem to make lab test results available for consumers to view online. If you’re a CBD retailer these days, no matter how big or small, you better have some sort of test results accessible to the public. Consumers are becoming increasingly more informed, and these tests verify the purity and potent of products, and therefore the quality.

Carolina Hemp Company Negative Thoughts

“I bought the Hemp Nourish oil for my mom to help her sleep at night. It definitely works, and it also helps with her occasional anxiety.”

Carolina Hemp Company Products

As we already mentioned, Carolina Hemp is a wholesaler and sells products from several brands. However, they do manufacturer a few of their own products, which we will look at below:

  • Carolina Hemp Naturals: The brand produces a range of sublingual oils, including Nourish, Support, XO, and Equine options. These are available in Natural or Peppermint flavors. They also sell Pet Hemp oil.
  • Carolina Hemp Flower: The Hemp flower list contains both pre-roll packs and premium hemp flowers. Those interested in the whole flowers could choose from 3.5 grams and 7-gram jars. For those looking for pre-roll joints, the company offers both 0.5-gram singles and 7-packs. Currently, they offer about seven different strains of hemp flower, including John Snow, Pineapple Haze, Purple Gas, Golden Sour, Bubba Kush, Sour Tsunami, and Banana Bread.
  • Skin Care: The topical range of products includes eye cream, vegan face moisturizer, face oil, body butter, deep pore face wash, hydrating face wash, and massage oil.

Carolina Hemp Company Costs 

  • Carolina Hemp Naturals: Prices range between $59 and $189 depending on which hemp oil you choose.
  • Carolina Hemp Flower: The half-gram pre-rolls cost $7.50, and a 7-pack of pre-rolls costs $39.99, while a 3.5-gram jar costs $40 and 7-gram jar retails for $60.
  • Skin Care: Prices range between $24.99 and $49.99

Carolina Hemp Company Costs 

“After two weeks of using the Hemp oil, I can feel a definite difference in my anxiety levels. My neck and shoulder pain has also improved tremendously.”

Final Thoughts on Carolina Hemp Company

Carolina Hemp is the premiere hemp company in North Carolina, working with local farming communities, manufacturers, educators, and select retailers, in an effort to provide the market with high-quality products. The company’s core principle is to support the development of trade in hemp in all forms, helping the local community to make the most of this renewable resource.

Carolina Hemp has a loyal following and appears to be a reputable brand. However, we would like to see their lab test results posted online to verify the claims made regarding the quality of their products.

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