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Despite CBD being one of the biggest beauty trends in the United States, it only really started to make waves in British waters over the last year or two. Nowadays, the craze for all things CBD has firmly hit the UK market and is taking the beauty industry by storm. Ambience CBD is one of the CBD brands making a splash in the industry.

Ambience is a brand focused on topicals, with a wide range of products designed for application to the skin. Unlike most other brands, they don’t sell tinctures or capsules. But, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Topical application is a great way for people to experience the benefits of CBD without having to ingest it.

Ambience CBD sells its products throughout the UK and has managed to build quite a reputation for itself. But rather than trusting them just because they’re popular, let’s see what they have to offer in our full Ambience CBD review.

Ambience CBD Quick Summary

Quality 95%
Effectiveness 93%
Benefits 92%
Price 95%
Customer Service 92%

“The muscle balm is one of the best CBD topicals I’ve ever used. It rubs in easily and works every single time.”

Who Is Ambience CBD?

Ambience is a UK-based company that specializes in luxury CBD skin care products. This is a brand that’s all about promoting CBD wellness for all by creating skin and body care products that are ingredient-focused, performance-led, and accessible to everyone. It’s different from many other brands in that you can’t buy products directly through their website. Instead, products are sold through three retailers; Boots, Holland & Barrett, and CBD Club.

Ambience CBD is passionate about delivering high-quality CBD products. They strive to be leaders of innovation in the UK and aim to stay ahead of consumer needs. We can also determine from the website that they oversee the hemp CBD production process from growing to manufacturing, which is how they can ensure quality and performance.

The company has two product lines: Ambience Everyday and Ambience Apothecary. On the website, it seems as though the Everyday line is stocked at Holland & Barrett while the Apothecary line is sold at Boots. However, it’s a bit confusing because the website states that Ambience CBD products can be bought from Boots, Holland & Barrett, and CBD Club. Therefore, it’s unclear whether all products can be bought from either of these retailers.

Unfortunately, there is not much more information available on the Ambience website. It’s unclear where the company is headquartered, although the Facebook page seems to suggest that it’s located in Brentwood. The page also shows that it was created in 2018, so the brand seems to be quite new.


Ambience CBD Highlights

Here are a few reasons we think you may love Ambience CBD:

  • Highly-Rated Retailers:The fact that the Ambience CBD products are stocked by Holland & Barret and Boots says a lot about the brand and its quality. These are two of the most reputable stores nationwide, and it’s unlikely that they would be selling products that didn’t meet high standards.
  • An Exciting Range of Products: Choice is very important when shopping for CBD, and Ambience offers customers all kinds of skin care products. From CBD Facial Moisturizer and lip balm to muscle balm and body oil, there is truly something for everyone.
  • Lovely Packaging: The iconic brown and purple packaging of Ambience is hard to ignore and very pleasing to the eyes. The brand has a very calm, refreshing, and revitalizing feel about it thanks to the overall look.
  • Full List of Ingredients Provided: Ambience displays a great deal of transparency by providing a full list of ingredients for every product on every platform that sells its products. This can make it easier for customers to choose products that are right for them.

Negative Thoughts on Ambience CBD

Quite frankly, the Ambience CBD website is one of the worst that we’ve come across. It’s very underdeveloped, lacks a lot of significant information and detail, and is not very professional. It doesn’t even have a menu bar. In fact, there is only one page for the whole site, and there are also a few grammar errors. Furthermore, there is not much information available on the background of the company, the extraction method used, or where the hemp is sourced – all important things to know.

Another major problem we have with Ambience CBD is that although they claim to run extensive lab testing on their products, the test reports aren’t readily available for customers to view. If you would like to see the Certificates of Analysis (COA), you have to request it, and they don’t even provide clear instructions on how to make that request.


“I love the Ambience body oil. It works great for stretch marks, stays on all day, and doesn’t feel heavy.”

Ambience CBD Products

 As already mentioned, Ambience has two lines of CBD products: Everyday and Apothecary.

Ambience Everyday

The Everyday range is a simple collection of products designed for daily use. Using this range makes delivering CBD as easy as moisturizing your skin or taking a shower. Each option contains 50mg of CBD and includes the following choices:

  • Muscle Balm
  • Facial Moisturizer
  • Body Oil
  • Intensive Foot and Heel Moisturizer
  • Lip Balm
  • Body Wash

Ambience Apothecary

The Apothecary range of Ambience CBD products is a step up in terms of potency, with products containing 300mg of CBD. It’s also a more luxurious line of CBD products, so to speak. The packaging is a bit more elegant and the ingredients more expensive. This product line will appeal to skincare lovers, but there are also options like the Muscle Balm that will appeal to athletes. Here’s the full list of Ambience Apothecary products.

  • Radiance Face Cream
  • Foot & Leg Cream
  • Muscle Balm
  • Body Butter
  • Body Oil

Ambience CBD Costs

Ambience Everyday

  • Muscle Balm: £12.99
  • Facial Moisturizer: £11.99
  • Body Oil: £11.99
  • Intensive Foot and Heel Moisturizer: £11.99
  • Lip Balm: £6.99
  • Body Wash: £7.99

Ambience Apothecary

  • Radiance Face Cream: £50
  • Foot & Leg Cream: £45
  • Muscle Balm: £45
  • Body Butter: £60
  • Body Oil: £55


“My most favorite facial moisturizer ever! It smells fresh and leaves my skin feeling nice and soft.”

Final Thoughts on Ambience CBD

The Ambience CBD website is a big let down and is missing some key information regarding the company and its operations. That said, they do come across as a relatively good brand with a great range of skincare products. Moreover, the fact that their products are sold by Holland & Barrett, as well as Boots, is a great sign – these are both impressive partners to have in the supplement industry.

We also can’t fault them when it comes to product variety. Although they only sell topical products, the Everyday and Apothecary range offer enough choice for customers to ensure they’re not bored or intimidated by the product selection.

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