The increased popularity of CBD has led to an impressive surge in companies that produce and sell hemp-based products around the world. The hemp plant and its seemingly miracle-like compounds are coming into the light, and people are becoming more and more intrigued about CBD and how it could help them.

Research suggests that CBD could be effective in treating or relieving a number of ailments, such as stress, anxiety, insomnia, and lots more. It could also make an excellent addition to your daily wellness routine.

While CBD is certainly a wonderful supplement, there is one small problem: the industry is highly unregulated. This means that there are plenty of suppliers and manufacturers out there offering sub-par products.

With so many hemp and CBD brands available on the market, which one should you choose? In today’s review, we will be exploring a company known as Bota Hemp. There’s not a lot of information available online about this company, but their products are sold throughout the United States. Read on for everything there is to know.

Botahemp Quick Summary

Quality 96%
Effectiveness 95%
Benefits 95%
Price 97%
Customer Service 93%

“I love the spearmint tincture - it’s been life-changing. It leaves me feeling calm, relaxed, and refreshed.”

Who Is Bota Hemp?

 Bota Hemp specializes in high-quality skincare products and is one of the newer hemp brands on the market. Their focus is on natural beauty, and therefore the company operates on the belief that everyone deserves high-quality skincare. After all, as the company claims, your face is the first thing to face the world each day.

With this thought in mind, Bota Hemp has created a range of luxurious plant-based skin care supplements and products, made using hemp-derived CBD and natural botanicals. The company founders believe that we should never put anything on the outside of our body that we wouldn’t be willing to ingest. Thus, they only use 100% natural, healthy ingredients that get added to food.

It’s not exactly clear when Bota Hemp was founded, but based on our research, it seems the company first started in 2017. They operate out of Denver, Colorado, and their mission is to encourage a healthier lifestyle through premium CBD hemp extract-based products and education.

Bota Hemp currently offers four different ranges, including Hydrate, Calm, Recover, and Renew. Each one contains therapeutic and healing products that are designed to fit right into your regular skincare routine.

bota hemp

Bota Hemp Highlights

 Here are a few things that stand out when it comes to Bota Hemp:

  • 100% Natural Ingredients: The company only uses natural ingredients to create its products. They’re dedicated to providing only the best products for the skin. This means that all products are free of fragrances and parabens and made with cruelty-free and non-GMO ingredients.
  • High-quality: Bota combines the power of natural botanicals with hemp-derived CBD to produce luxurious plant-powered skincare for your daily routine. All products are infused with top-quality hemp oil derived from US-grown, non-GMO hemp through natural farming practices.
  • Strong Advocates of Hemp: The faces behind Bota Hemp are strong advocates of hemp and all its benefits. Their certification from the National Hemp Association (NHA) – a non-profit that is committed to strengthening the support of the hemp industry – is a strong sign of how reputable the company is.

Bota Hemp Negative Thoughts

 Currently, it doesn’t seem like you can buy products directly from the Bota Hemp website. Although there is a “cart” section on the site, there is no option to add items to the cart. Instead, there is a “find nearby” option.

In this day and age, not being able to buy products online is very inconvenient. It’s definitely a major disadvantage when it comes to this brand. But, perhaps things will change in the near future – especially since they already have the “cart” section on the website.

Bota Hemp Highlights

“The muscle melt cream has been amazing at relieving tension in my neck and back. I use it when I feel tense and the effects are incredible.”

Bota Hemp: Product Overview

 Here is an overview of the CBD products offered by Bota Hemp.

  • CALMING & NOURISHING ALL-DAY BODY LOTION: A lotion designed to keep your skin feeling lush all day, the key ingredients are Avocado oil and 400 mg of CBD. It absorbs quickly, leaving skin soft and smooth.
  • CALMING & AGE DEFYING HAND LOTION: The hand lotion provides deep moisture and can aid in reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the hands. It contains 150 mg of CBD and is also great for dry, cracked skin. It also contains Apricot kernel oil.
  • CALMING & ULTRA-RICH BODY CRÈME: Containing 200 mg of CBD, the body creme will help you stay moisturized with rich, creamy shea butter, along with Vitamin A and E.
  • CALMING & WARMING MUSCLE MELT CRÈME: This is great after an intense workout or if you feel the effects after a long day. It contains 300 mg of CBD and can be gently applied to affected areas.
  • CALMING & NOURISHING SPEARMINT TINCTURE: Available in a strength of 10 mg CBD per serving, the tinctures come in a 30 ml bottle and are convenient to carry with you wherever the day takes you.
  • CALMING & NOURISHING CINNAMON TINCTURE: This tincture is exactly the same as the one above (10 mg of CBD per serving), but is a cinnamon flavor.
  • CALMING & BALANCING DAILY EYE SERUM: Designed to renew the skin on the most delicate part of the face, the eye serum is available in a strength of 150 mg CBD.
  • CALMING & DEFENDING CASHMERE EYE CRÈME: Made with nourishing cocoa butter, the cashmere eye creme can help to hydrate the delicate area under the eye naturally. It contains 100 mg of CBD.
  • CALMING & BALANCING PROTECTIVE SKIN TONER: Protect and renew your skin with this great skin toner. It’s available in a strength of 100 mg of CBD and will help to reduce the appearance of pores and helps smooth the skin after cleansing.
  • CALMING & HYDRATING DAILY FACE CRÈME: This product uses the power of achiote seed extract combined with full-spectrum hemp extract to help keep the skin hydrated. It’s available in 150 mg of CBD.
  • CALMING & POLLUTION DEFENSE DAILY FACE LOTION: Designed to protect the skin, the face lotion contains honeysuckle and comes in a strength of 150 mg of CBD.
  • CALMING & DE-STRESSING NIGHTLY FACE CRÈME: Specially formulated with lavender botanicals, you will awake to skin that’s moisturized and refreshed with this nightly cream. It comes in a strength of 150 mg of CBD.
  • CALMING & REGENERATING CLAY MASK: The clay mask contains 100 mg of CBD and is made from Jojoba seed oil – allowing for faster absorption and deep moisturization.
  • CALMING & AGE-DEFYING HYALURONIC ACID SERUM: Designed to keep the skin resilient and fresh, this acid serum is made from rosewater and contains 150 mg of CBD. It helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Bota Hemp: Costs


  • CALMING & BALANCING DAILY EYE SERUM: No price available on the website
  • CALMING & DEFENDING CASHMERE EYE CRÈME: No price available on the website
  • CALMING & BALANCING PROTECTIVE SKIN TONER: No price available on the website
  • CALMING & HYDRATING DAILY FACE CRÈME: No price available on the website
  • CALMING & POLLUTION DEFENSE DAILY FACE LOTION: No price available on the website
  • CALMING & DE-STRESSING NIGHTLY FACE CRÈME: No price available on the website
  • CALMING & REGENERATING CLAY MASK: No price available on the website
  • CALMING & AGE-DEFYING HYALURONIC ACID SERUM: No price available on the website

Bota Hemp Highlights

“Love the Hyaluronic acid serum - it’s the latest addition to my skincare regime.”

Final Thoughts on Bota Hemp

 Bota Hemp is a company that is committed to making products that are produced using 100% natural ingredients – and this passion shows in their skincare oils and cream. They are still a fairly new company but appear to be on their way to the top.

CBD skincare is really starting to take off, and Bota Hemp seems to be putting a lot of effort and resources into creating the best possible products.


Customer Reviews
Jill McNally Verified user
Entourage effect

I take the compressed pills from Botahemp daily, but I club them with smoke. I smoke OG Kush every alternate day, just very few milligrams to enjoy the entourage effect of it with CBD. Botahemp was not a decision that I took out of chance or out of impulse. I was suffering from chronic arthritis pain and it was getting bad day by day. Weed was also started to combat this, but I had reached a stage where weed alone no more helped. However, I did not want to increase my intake as it would lead to a permanent dependency upon weed. My doctor suggested I club it with CBD for better relief. This was how it started. It is better now.

Debora Augustine Verified user
No withdrawal effects

No withdrawal effects at all. Wow! I am impressed. And not once or twice, but I have tried this many times. Bota Hemp is a CBD that I use often for pain for migraines. So whenever I feel the slightest hint of pain, I take Bota Hemp immediately and then continue for a few days, most a week or so. And when I quit I face no discomforts at all. And the effect on the migraine pain is quite good.

Rose Hughes Verified user
In a survey

What do you look for whenever you try some new edible on the market? As a cannabis researcher, I can tell you what most people looked for when trying out CBD for the first time. In a survey where 1000 people who were using CBD now from six months at least, 77 percent of them reported that they made sure that their chosen brand did not have any side effects. Side effects-Yes, this is what people look for most of the times as CBD is a new field. And that is the reason Bota Hemp is a preferred choice of many. It is free of chemicals and any synthetic additives whatsoever, and is almost proof of side effects.

Georgia Jones Verified user
Superior CBD formulations

I was trying some other brand. That one was good. I thought so until I switched to Bota Hemp. I tried Bota Hemp only because I wanted something full spectrum this time. Bota Hemp seemed to be a logical and trustworthy option, so I purchased cbd oil from them. They have been far above my expectations and I would like to congratulate them for their superior CBD formulations among full spectrums.

Sandra Smith Verified user
For damaged skin

My aunt lives in a rural area where there is a lot of playing around with farm animals and cattle. And her hands are always full of cracks and are very rough too. I recently parceled her the calming and age defying hand lotion from Bota Hemp and she tells me it has just done wonders for her skin. She puts it overnight, mixed in vegetable oil, a very thin film. Her skin is recovering from the blackness and the cracks slowly. I am happy I could do something for her.

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