Wherever you look, you’ll find CBD products for sale. New brands are desperate to shift their new stock, selling huge ranges of innovative product in an effort to attract consumers. As a newcomer to CBD, it’s common to feel completely overwhelmed by the choices. Where are you supposed to buy the best CBD?

Here at Shopping CBD, we review the latest and greatest CBD brands. Our ratings will hopefully point you in the right direction to ensure that you’re satisfied with the brand you buy from. Today, we’re reviewing, a website with a comparatively limited range of stock.

Let’s find out more about this mysterious American brand to see whether it’s worth your hard-earned money. Review Quick Summary

Quality 85%
Effectiveness 85%
Benefits 92%
Price 87%
Customer Service 95%

“BuyItCBD's oils helped to relieve the mild pain in my joints. They were really helpful, and I would definitely buy again.”

Who Is BuyItCBD? is a website with very little information. The website has no ‘About’ section, and the company has no online reviews outside of the company Facebook page. There is no information about who started the company and when, nor where it is based.

The website, however, does contain a section on the History of Hemp and some of the science behind CBD. This is sometimes useful, we suppose, although it would be much more helpful to know about the brand. After all, there are plenty of online articles about the history and science of hemp – brands should focus more on selling.

As a result of the lack of information, we have no idea where BuyItCBD sources its hemp, or what extraction method it uses. Thankfully, at least, there are lab reports in the product descriptions. The lab reports were less than impressive, though! They reveal that the 30ml bottle contains less than 0.5% CBD. In other words, there is barely any CBD at all, and yet the company is charging $119.99 for a bottle that is little more than hemp seed oil!

Worse still, the lab report for the ‘CBD Oil Berry 1oz’ didn’t detect any CBD at all! Again, this product costs nearly $120. If you’re looking for genuine cannabidiol products, you should perhaps avoid BuyItCBD at all costs.

In a final strange twist for this brand, there is also a ‘CBD for Pets’ tab. When you click on it, there are no products; just a dosage chart for CBD. It seems as though the entire website was designed as clickbait, but the products are low-quality and overpriced.

Who Is BuyItCBD?

BuyItCBD Highlights

Here are some of the high points about

  • Lots of information about CBD: There is legitimate information about CBD on the website, which is good for newbies who know little about the compound.
  • Flavored Oils: The CBD tinctures come in various flavors, ideal for those who dislike the usual taste of CBD tinctures.
  • Lab Reports: Although the lab reports don’t say anything good about the oils, they’re still there! The reports are marked with the logo of Eurofin, which means they were also conducted by a third-party.
  • Lots of On-Site Reviews: Although independent reviews are scarce, there are lots of reviews on the site itself. Most of them are positive, five-star reviews.
  • Customer Service: The customer service helpline is easily accessible on the website.

BuyItCBD Negative Thoughts

Sadly, there are quite a few negative thoughts about We mentioned a lot of them earlier, but let’s recap.

The products are expensive considering the CBD strength. None of the product listings mention the strength of the CBD oil, but lab reports reveal that it’s always less than 1%. On average, CBD tinctures contain 5-10% CBD, so this is a massive disappointment – especially when the products cost up to $120.

Furthermore, there are very few products to choose from. The range consists of just a few flavoured tinctures and two topicals. The products appear to come from a different brand: Zilis UltraDream.

BuyItCBD Negative Thoughts

“I haven't found a topical that smells as good as the BuyItCBD 7ml balm. It contains so many wonderful essential oils and smells fantastic.”

BuyItCBD Products

  • CBD Oil: BuyItCBD stocks CBD oil in numerous forms. The range consists of UltraCell, UltraBurn, and UltraDream CBD tinctures in flavors that include Berry, Lemon, and Raw. Each one is full-spectrum and comes in a 30ml dropper bottle.
  • CBG Oil: Interestingly, BuyItCBD also sells a CBG (cannabigerol) oil. Similarly, this product comes in flavor varieties, including Hibiscus.
  • CBD Topicals: The UltraCell range also includes two topical products: A 60ml cream and a 7ml balm. The balms contain the standard list of ingredients, including aloe and witch hazel. There are also various essential oils that add a pleasant herbal, floral scent.

BuyItCBD Costs

  • CBD Oil: The oils vary in price, starting at $34.99 for 7ml. A 2-pack costs $59.99, and a 30ml bottle costs $119.99. There is also a CBD and CBG combo pack for $119.99.
  • CBG Oil: The CBG oil (there is only one) costs $119.99 for 30ml ­– the same price as the CBD oil.
  • CBD Topicals: The 7ml CBD balm costs $29.99, whereas the 60ml topical costs $119.99.

“The UltraDream tincture is ideal for me before bedtime. It helps me to wind down and drift off to sleep.”

Final Thoughts on BuyItCBD would not be our recommendation for CBD products. There are plenty of other sites providing high-quality CBD oils with lab reports that prove a much higher CBD content. Furthermore, many of these sites offer more choice, allowing you to buy more than just tinctures. The prices here are also extremely high for what you’re getting, and we just don’t think it’s worth it.

Perhaps try another brand that we found to be much more effective, such as PureKana. Read more in our PureKana review.

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