Blog - Part 7

By Shannon Aubuchon
March 15, 2019

CBD for Menopause: Does it Help Deal With Symptoms?

[In this article, we explore the many potential benefits of using CBD oil for menopause, and how it can potentially help deal with the variety of symptoms…] The truth is, most people never
By William Dion
March 12, 2019

CBD for Prostate Issues [Benefits, Studies, and Dosage]

Long before scientists learned how to manufacture synthetic medications, people relied on natural compounds that are derived from plants. And while the use of CBD oil for prostate issues is of course
By Angela Baum
March 10, 2019

Best CBD Gummies

You probably loved eating gummy bears and jellybeans as a kid, but did you know that today you can get CBD gummies with healing benefits? There are already thousands of people enjoying the benefits of
By Angela Baum
March 07, 2019

What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil Used Best For?

With an array of healing benefits, CBD has grown tremendously in popularity over the last few years. However, there are many different types of CBD products, which understandably leads to one of the
By William Dion
March 02, 2019

What Are Cannabinoids? [We Explain the 5 Most Popular]

Have you ever thought about how cannabis actually works in the human body? How it gives its medicinal effects or how getting high can be connected to healing in the body? If you’ve ever done your
By William Dion
February 20, 2019

CBD Tea: Here is How it Can Help

So, we are guessing that you already know that inhaling and eating CBD-infused products provides a variety of health benefits, but are you aware that you could be drinking it too? While CBD tea