Andrew Myers

When I started working at a dispensary here in beautiful Victoria (British Columbia) nearly six years ago, I had no clue I would end up dedicating this much of my life to the cannabis industry. I started as a part time budtender here in the city while finishing up my Associate’s Degree in Biology at Camosun College, and lo-and-behold, here I am all these years later managing the same dispensary! I have ambitions to pursue a Master’s Degree in Biology so I can one day teach at the college level, but in all honesty I hope to work at least in some capacity in the cannabis industry for the remainder of my career. I legitimately believe in the healing effects of cannabis (and more specifically CBD), and I firmly believe that we’ll be learning more and more about this wonderful plant in the years to come. Shopping CBD is a complete volunteer gig at the moment, but I am extremely fortunate for the opportunity as it’s exposing me to more and more of the industry!

Articles by Andrew Myers