William Dion

My name is William, one of the contributors to this site, and a firm believer in the healing powers of Cannabis. I’m 57 years old, married and have two wonderful children. Soon to have my first grandchild. My wife, Helen, and I use CBD for a variety of conditions. My wife suffers from social anxiety, something that started after the birth of our first son and I suffer from chronic leg pain which was traced to problems in my lower spine.

As we live in a state that does not recognize medical cannabis for these conditions, and we do not believe in man-made pills to treat these conditions, we were forced to find a natural alternative. Over the past couple of years, we’ve tried dozens of different oils. Some were good, and some were bad. Some had no effect while others provided immediate relief but stopped working after continuous use.

We truly hope that cannabis and CBD will be legalized as it is a miracle plant, but until then a few of us have created this website to help give you the best possible information on some of the top brands. The information on the site is purely from our personal point of view and may not work for you. Please read the information carefully before you buy anything online.

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