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Today, we would like to introduce a relatively new player in the marijuana market. Say hello to Tweedle Farms! Tweedle Farms is based out of Jewell, Oregon, a city right next to the Pacific Ocean, nestled between the green and lush hills of Clatsop State Forest. In this picturesque, unincorporated community with a population of only 994 lies several hemp farms in pure and unpolluted nature. Although they just started operations in 2016, Tweedle Farm already has a large and enthusiastic following thanks to the magic of social media and eager fans wishing to spread the good news of their fantastic products.

Hemp and CBD have been rising in popularity in recent years due to their natural origins and low risk of dependence. Tweedle Farms has been sure not to miss out on this 21st Century Gold Rush by offering a plethora of products to fulfill all your heart’s cannabis-related desires.

Which product is for you? Well, we went and did the hard work and tested out some of Tweedle Farms’ top products to give you a breakdown of the most popular items from this young and in-demand startup. Read more in our Tweedle Farms review below!

Tweedle Farms Quick Summary

Quality 99%
Effectiveness 94%
Benefits 96%
Price 95%
Customer Service 98%

“I absolutely love this flower. The buds are extremely dense, full of trichomes too. It says it's 16.5%, however it feels much stronger to me. The flavor and smell aren't loud at all, but very pleasing. I would recommend this flower to anyone looking for a tasty, reliable strain. Thumbs way up. Thank you Tweedle Farms!”

Who is Tweedle Farms?

Tweedle Farms is a 10-acre farm located in the quaint and green city of Jewell, Oregon, U.S.A. It is owned by Jason Evans and James Green, two like-minded individuals who happened to cross paths in Oregon, and who became best friends and business partners ever since. Both shared an early interest in planting and gardening, with James starting early, gardening with his grandma, and Jason growing up on a farm where they grew a variety of beans and tomatoes. After they became friends, they started growing hemp together in Oregon when it first became legal.

Many people look to Tweedle Farms because of their trustworthiness, high standards, and overall excellent quality of products. They specialize in strains of hemp which are high in CBD and low in THC, and grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, so it’s perfect for those seeking a more medicinal strain of hemp or those sensitive to THC.

Tweedle is compliant with all legal matters in the hemp industry and packages their products in high quality mylar bags; these are vacuum sealed to ensure maximum freshness and condition. Upon checking out the reviews on their products, many customers have nothing but positive things to say about Tweedle Farms, and there seems to be an overall satisfaction in multiple spheres.

So now that we have a little background about who Tweedle Farms is, let’s dive in and take a look at some of their most popular products, so you can get a feel for yourself which product is right for you!

tweedle farms reviews cbd

Tweedle Farms Highlights

Tweedle Farms is a top-quality hemp producer that takes pride in its sustainable and natural growing methods.

Here are some of the highlights of Tweedle Farms:

  • Small, local business owned by friends: Founded by two friends with a background in farming and growing, Tweedle Farms has is owned by a small and caring group of individuals, and not a huge production plant.
  • Organic and Natural Cultivation: Tweedle Farms does not use any synthetic fertilizers or chemicals in the growing of their hemp. Although they are not certified organic by an agency, they attest to never using any sort of harmful chemical or agent.
  • Low THC, high CBD: The hemp strains at Tweedle Farms are optimized for a more medicinal approach towards cannabis. The strains they sell are low in THC, and high in CBD, so the psychoactive effects are minimalized, and the medicinal effects are maximized.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: All products from Tweedle Farms are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely happy with any purchase, they will refund you 100% of the costs, minus shipping.

Tweedle Farms Review: Negative Thoughts

One thing that we don’t like about Tweedle Farms is that they don’t have a very wide variety of strains of hemp available and the selection is sort of limited. They have altogether 21 products, which isn’t a lot, but still just okay. They also don’t have any high THC strains available for those who want to have the psychoactive high, so if you’re looking for a purely medicinal strain, it’s great, but those seeking higher THC levels may need to look elsewhere.

In addition, many of their products are sold out, or currently out of stock. This may just simply be due to the fact that they are small and can’t keep up with the high demand, but either way, we would like to see them keeping up with the clients that they have set out to pull in.


cbd tweedle farms

“I have struggled for a long time with anxiety and depression and a friend referred me to the farm. I was so pleased with the product, that I no longer take my prescribed medication. I will buy again.”

My Personal Experience with Tweedle Farms

I purchased the ‘Cherry Wine’ strain on my first order from Tweedle Farms. It had a CBC content of 15.4%, which was just the right amount for me. It started taking affect within about 20-30 seconds. It was a very soft smoke, and tasted super fruity – like cherries/berries, earth, and a small hint of dark chocolate. It had a really nice relaxing effect, and even helped ease my muscle aches and tension in my head. I highly recommend this one – Cherry Wine was just so delicious, clean and an overall pleasant smoke.

I also tried the distillate wax dabs. I went and bought the Girl Scout Cookies version and couldn’t have been happier. The wax had a nice firm, yet pliable texture. The deep amber orange/golden yellow colors of the wax were very beautiful and I instantly knew how good of quality the wax was. It broke down easily with my dab tool, and didn’t make a mess as I placed it in my rig. It at first gave off a lot of smoke, and then I got a very woody and spicy aftertaste, like sweet baked goods. It made me really calm, and optimistic, and put me in a really feel-good state of being. My favorite part was the taste, however! Simply delicious!

Tweedle Farms Products

  • Hemp Strains: First up, we have the Tweedle Farms Hemp Buds. Coming in 13 different varieties, you are sure to find one that best suits your needs. These hybrid hemp strains were chosen for the best characteristics and traits, such as high CBD and low THC, mold resistance, and high bud yield. They offer such strains as Super Silver Haze, Sapphire, Rise Up, Cherry Wine, and Oregon Doc – to name a few. The CBD content of these buds ranges anywhere from 15% to 20%, and the THC content is under 1%. They are great as a purely medicinal option for those seeking a less psychoactive high from cannabis.
  • Pre-Rolls: Up next we have the Tweedle Farms Pre Rolls. They currently offer 5 varieties of pre rolls, which are: Lifter, Kush Hemp, Elektra, Otto Franklin, and Otto x Cherry #4. These pre rolled joints offer the ease and convenience of having all the grinding and rolling done for you. Made using the same high-quality buds that you can buy individually, they offer the same high CBD and low THC ratio for an ultra relaxing and medicinal high.
  • Broad Spectrum Distillate Wax: The distillate wax comes in two varieties: OG Kush and Girl Scout Cookies. This high-quality CBD Broad Spectrum Wax is available to purchase in two sizes – 1 gram and ½ gram. So if you’re looking to get more for your money, the 1 gram container is perfect. Because it is a wax, it’s super concentrated, and a little goes a long way. The waxes offer a large 86.48% CBD, so if you’re really looking for that medicinal punch, this wax may be just for you.
  • 4-Strain Mystery Pack: The mystery packs from Tweedle Farms are the perfect choice if you don’t have anything in mind, and are curious to be surprised by whatever strain awaits you! How exciting! In this mystery pack comes 4 containers, each with a different sample of a bud. Each container will contain between 1.5 to 2 grams of bud, and can be any 4 of a select pool of cannabis strains. Some of the possible strains you might receive are Mothership, Lifter, Sour Space Candy, Mr Nice, Addy, and Special Sauce, just to name a few. No matter which ones you receive, however, you won’t be disappointed.

Tweedle Farms: Costs

  • Hemp Strains: Each cannabis strain starts at $8-9 per gram.
  • Pre-Rolls: Each pre-roll will cost you between $7-8.
  • Broad Spectrum Distillate Wax: Jars come in 1 gram and ½ gram sizes and cost $45 and $25, respectively.
  • 4-Strain Mystery Pack: You can purchase the mystery 4 pack for $25.


Tweedle Farms: Costs

“I received my order in only 3 days of placing it. This wax smells very sweet and strong with hints of lemon. I vape using a Santa Cruz Shedder titanium nail with a Toro oil rig and it was very tasty and smooth. It also has 0% THC so you know that no matter how much you smoke you’ll always be clean. I felt energetic and calm all at the same time. Very happy and excited to try the O.G. Kush next!”

Final Thoughts on Tweedle Farms

Growing in the pristine and green Pacific Northwest state of Oregon, Tweedle Farms’ hemp is superb in purity and quality. It’s owned and was started by two best friends with a passion for growing and farming and offers top-notch customer service and trustworthiness to its loyal customers.

Overall, if you are looking for a high quality and high CBD hemp bud, definitely give Tweedle Farms a shot! With many varieties and strains to choose from, you will surely find one to fit your needs. If you’re unsure about trying them out, they are currently offering a 10% discount coupon with the HBFORUM discount code! So don’t wait, give Tweedle Farms a try today!

Customer Reviews
Catherine Ferris Verified user
I use these often

This is the best combination of weed and CBD. Tweedle Farms has got some really exciting products, especially in the rolls variety. They can give you a high higher than the mild but lower than the extreme hit. Also, these are capable of completely relaxing the mind if you are in some trouble. I use these often. Great for recreation too.

A. Griffin Verified user
Correlating the two

I happened to read a 2010 study that revealed that CBD can help with recovery from brain damage from strokes due to it’s ability to boost brain function. Now my mother has got Alzheimer’s and she tends to forget everything. I have started giving her tweedle farms lifter rolls, one every alternate day. She is showing some signs of improvement.

James Mattox Verified user
Potent and Effective

I am glad that I am using Tweedle Farms. I do not consider it CBD exactly, because in many products from this brand the THC is more than the permissible 0.3%. However, still these are more of medicinal as the THC is still quite low as compared to brands that produce weed strains alone. The pre-rolls are an amazing way to relax for sometime. I would say if you like CBD or weed or either, do try these products from Tweedle Farms as these are very potent and very effective.

Eva Porras Verified user
Will get to know this time

I tried to import it to my location, San Diego, but the customs banned it. I am not sure why my parcel was seized this time, as I had purchased the same way previously too. Anyways, I have reordered the lifters as these are too good to be not given a try again. Either the latest rules at the customs have changed or it as just a matter of chance. Will get to know this time.

Jim Smith Verified user
In so many years

Tweedle Farms is a very pure form of CBD in my opinion. I am using CBD from the last 6 years now and have tried a hell lot of variations in CBD in terms of numbers of brands. I must admit that none has been as good or as potent as Tweedle Farms. I am going to buy from them forever now. CBD has never caused any problems to my body, just that some brands are more effective than the others. Tweedle Farms is definitively one of the best.

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