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The idea of a miracle cure has always been something that the world of medicine has sought for. The idea that one substance, ideally natural in origin, is able to help with a whole host of different medical conditions and not have a long list of side effects is an almost impossible dream.

Unfortunately, there is never going to be one single cure – instead, we can find a myriad of natural medicines that can help treat all manner of different conditions, and maybe have a chance and curing just a few.

A great example of this is CBD, as it is able to help treat and cope with all kinds of different medical conditions, while at the same time helping cure a few others. The question is, where are you supposed to get it? Thanks to the questionable legal status of high-strength CBD in the USA, it can feel almost impossible to find a reliable seller.

Just CBD is one company that US-based CBD hopefuls should turn to, as they are dedicated to providing world-class products that are backed up with independent lab results.

Read on in our Just CBD Brand Review and determine just how their products compare and see if they are worth their price.

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Just CBD Quick Summary

Quality 95%
Effectiveness 94%
Benefits 98%
Price 91%
Customer Service 95%

“By far the best part of Just CBD, besides their surprisingly intense range of products, are their lab reports.”

Who Is Just CBD

Just CBD is a company founded on the core idea of believing in CBD. To many people, CBD is nothing more than a byproduct and accompanying compound to THC in Marijuana, useful only to get high and have a good time.

However, thanks to recent scientific discoveries into the medicinal applications of CBD, companies like JustCBD are able to start selling CBD for the purpose of helping treat all manner of different conditions.

Just CBD’s website is quite bare, focusing primarily on their products rather than anything else. They do have a pretty in-depth FAQ section that details all that you could need to know about CBD and what happens when you buy their products. Unlike many other websites, they actually provide some legal advice, such as what happens if you take CBD and are required to take a drug test, as well as the ramifications that might have.

One major annoying quality of the Just CBD website is that each and every page demands that you verify that you are over 18. You will select this option several dozen times during your visit to their website, making you wonder why they even have it as a slow popup at all.

However, it isn’t all bad; by far the best part of Just CBD, besides their surprisingly intense range of products, are their lab reports. Each and every single one of their products has their own Certificate of Analysis, detailing precisely what Cannabinoids are found within every single product down to incredibly small numbers. They provide expiration dates that mean that each and every lab report is conducted every single year, meaning that the information you are reading is always as up to date as possible.

These lab reports cover all of their products, which seem almost impossible considering how many different products Just CBD offer. Let’s take a look at all of their individual products and determine whether or not they are worth their price.

Who Is Just CBD

Just CBD Highlights

Huge range of products: Just CBD offers an insanely large number of different products, catering to every single possible type of CBD imaginable.

Certificate of analysis: Just CBD offers an in-depth certificate of analysis for every single one of their products. These lab test results offer not just their Cannabinoid content, but also their full ingredients and their exact measurements. Just CBD’s lab results are almost exactly what you want to see as a consumer, as they are completely forthright and transparent, meaning you can make a completely informed decision.

New and interesting CBD Edibles: The edibles offered by Just CBD are far more than just the basic CBD gummies – they also offer CBD honey sticks for on-the-go sugar boosts that come pre-prepared with a small dose of CBD. Their edibles are more than just a simple selection of CBD sweets, they are a genuine range of options for those that prefer CBD edibles.

Just CBD Negative Thoughts

The real negatives on the Just CBD site are a few examples of strange pricing, as it is occasionally more logical to purchase the smaller versions of their products several times than it is to buy their larger multi-packs, such as is the case with their CBD honey sticks.

However, considering this only means that it is cheaper for you to buy a more easily controllable quantity of your favorite type of CBD, this isn’t a big deal at all.

just cbd review

“Just CBD is one company that US-based CBD hopefuls should turn to, as they are dedicated to providing world-class products that are backed up with independent lab results.”

Just CBD My Personal Experience

I’ve loved using Just CBD products, not just for their effectiveness but because of the sheer quantity of choice they offer.

By being able to choose whatever products I want, it makes it incredibly easy to pick from all manner of different CBD methods to enjoy. More choice is always better!

Just CBD Products

See our Just CBD review for each product category below.

CBD Oils: Most CBD retailers specialize in CBD Oil, as it is by far the most common method of imbibing CBD. In the case of Just CBD; however, their focus seems to be every single possible method of CBD known to man.

However, they do stock a few CBD Oil options for those that prefer the classic methods. Their CBD tinctures are available in a surprisingly varied range of different strengths.

There isn’t any actual information about the CBD Oil on their webpage, other than offering the limited list of ingredients, including vegetable glycerin, CBD and Honey. The inclusion of honey is particularly strange, as much CBD Oil providers strive to stay away from adding any extra sugars, so it is interesting that they would choose to include it – however, reports and reviews from users have said that it massively improves the flavor profile, plus also allowing the user to enjoy the natural health benefits of honey.

If you aren’t a fan of using those small oil droppers that come with the CBD Oils, then Just CBD also offers a Daily Dose Hemp Seed Oil, which is a similarly low dose of CBD, only this time it is suspended within Hemp Seed Oil and comes in a pre-prepared dropped. Each squeeze provides you with enough CBD for a single daily dose, sufficient to help cope with inflammation and other mild conditions.

If you don’t enjoy CBD Oil whatsoever, then you can always eat your CBD

CBD edibles: Just CBD has an obscenely large quantity of different options available for CBD edibles, seemingly far more than any other. In a way, it is actually edibles that seem to be their primary focus. Perhaps we need to do a Just CBD gummies review.

Firstly, Just CBD continues the trend of including honey in their products by offering an entirely different CBD edible; CBD Honey Sticks.

Made from natural honey and an infusion of 10mg of CBD, these small sticks are basically a mini sugar boost that also allows you to microdose yourself throughout the day.

If you don’t enjoy the taste of honey, you can instead pick up any of their CBD Dried Fruit range, which is a myriad of different dried fruits that contain between 250mg and 3000mg CBD.

Each different dried fruit is packed with whatever fruit you choose, including Apple, Papaya, Kiwi and all sorts of different Tropical flavors. Each differently flavored assortment comes packed with CBD, allowing you to dose yourself with CBD throughout the day by ingesting a few discreet sweets at a time.

However, some people prefer not to ingest their CBD directly; for those people, Just CBD sells all manner of different Vape Oils.

CBD Vape Products: Just CBD offers four different flavors of Vape juice, each of which are flavored like famous strains of Marijuana that people have been enjoying for decades.

You can choose between Blue dream, Cinnamon Sugar Cookies, OG Kush and Pineapple Express. Once you have picked your preferred flavor, you can choose your dosage, between 100mg and 1000mg, all costing between $20 and $70.

Surprisingly, Just CBD’s Vape juices are the products that have the most information provided, including their intended effects and their nutritional information.

This makes it a lot easier to make an informed decision about what kind of effect you want from your Vape Juice, especially as each individual flavor provides different results; for example, Blue dream offers relaxation and a cerebral afterglow.

You can find more Just CBD reviews from customers on the company website.

Just CBD Costs

CBD Oils: Their  CBD oils range from $15 to $120.

These prices are surprisingly decent considering the quantity of CBD Oil you can get, especially with the lower end of the CBD quantity. Though many people might consider only 50mg or 100mg of CBD to be not worth taking, some people greatly benefit from micro dosing CBD, so having the option of smaller increments of CBD at a time is definitely a big plus for Just CBD.

You can choose between:

50mg, costing $15

100mg, costing $20

250mg, costing $40

550mg, costing $79.99

1000mg, costing $99.99

1500mg, costing 119.99

CBD Edibles: Their edibles range from only around $8, all the way to around $30, depending on the type of edibles you get. This one is trickier to pin down on the exact price, as they offer so many different edibles; whether you want Just CBD gummies or honey sticks, as well as how many you want to get at once. You can buy ten sticks for $25, or 100 sticks for $300 which seems… strange, because it would be more comfortable and cheaper just to order ten orders of the smaller variety.

CBD Vape Products:  The Just CBD Vape products are available between $20 and $70 depending on the strength of the CBD.


just cbd products

“Being able to see any and all information relevant to their products makes choosing a product based on its intended effect incredibly easy.”

Final Thoughts on Just CBD – Are They Worth The Price?

The really surprisingly quality of Just CBD is in the sheer quantity of different options they offer for CBD users. Whether you want CBD Oils, Vape Juices or anything in-between, they have you covered.

Alongside all of the larger groups of products that Just CBD offers that we have covered here, they also offer a myriad of smaller, similar products that are interesting in their own right. For example, if you are looking to get pure CBD, but don’t want to deal with having to take CBD Oil, then you can buy their 1g CBD Isolate Powder for $48, which allows you to get literally pure CBD and add it to whatever you like.

Although there isn’t a great deal of information provided by Just CBD about their company or their particular ethos, they demonstrate their integrity and willingness to serve the CBD community in two significant ways: readily available lab reports and a massive selection of different products.

Being able to see any and all information relevant to their products makes choosing a product based on its intended effect incredibly easy; perhaps even more important is that you have so many different products to choose from.

If you find yourself a picky chooser when it comes to CBD, Just CBD is definitely a brand you should try for yourself – whether you want strong, provable CBD, or you just want to choose from lots of different options, Just CBD has you covered.

Customer reviews
McClaryVerified Buyer

Less frequent

What I feared the most when I was to try Just CBD for the first time was that it might trigger a seizure on me. I am epileptic and sometimes new things cause me have a fit. Although I dug deep when looking for information on CBDs in general and then Just as my brand choice, I was still not sure. But let me tell you that all went on smoothly and now I take Just CBD, 10 drops on a daily basis for a good night’s sleep. My seizures have become less frequent.

AllenVerified Buyer

Much more active

CBD is very good for arthritis, especially a brand like “Just”. I started using CBD for pain when I read a European Journal which said, “Data indicates that topical CBD application has therapeutic potential for relief of arthritis pain-related behaviors and inflammation without evident side-effects.” After going through this, the only task left for me was to find a good brand for myself. And when I landed on Just, it has been amazing since then. I am much more mobile and much more active than before.

Robert IrvinVerified Buyer

Day and Night

Do you know why I tried Just CBD when I first did? My mother had fallen into severe anxiety when I lost my dad last year to an auto immune syndrome. It was both the grief and the fear that she might have contracted it too and would die soon. Even after all the medical tests coming out negative, she still lived in that fear. I tried my best to counsel her and mold her mind, but she was broken down from within. A friend suggested Just CBD and we gave it a try. It was a very rapid and the much needed recovery in her mental health once we started Just CBD. Our lives were restored back to normal in about 4 months. I thank you guys day and night.

Irma OakesVerified Buyer

Just had a role to play

Just CBD, I do not know how to praise them enough. They helped me cope up with a limping leg. I had some fall which although did not cause any fracture, caused severe pain. First it was the entire leg, then it was localized near my hip. But even after two weeks it persisted. I tried hot fermentation, slow massages, analgesics, anti-inflammatory, chimorals, everything. But it was there. So I tried Just. It was gone in about 10 days. You call it self healing with time, or anything, but I feel Just has a role to play.

Sidney MayonVerified Buyer

Present and new launches

They are all rounders. Not only do they excel in the quality of the present products, they are masters also when it comes to launching new CBD products from time to time. I have been using this brand since the beginning, since the very first time I tried CBD. And never have I looked back and neither have I tried any other brand since that day.

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