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Many of us face anxieties right before the beginning of a new work week, which is what many refer to as the dreaded “Sunday Scaries.” Enter the CBD brand Sunday Scaries – a healthy, easy, and natural way to introduce CBD supplements into your everyday life.
In this Sunday Scaries CBD review, we’ll explore the brand origin, shipping policies, manufacturing, and the CBD products themselves.

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About Sunday Scaries: Trustworthiness & Industry Prominence

Sunday Scaries was founded by Mike and Beau, two former bar owners who wanted to help people curb their daily worries and anxieties. The company offers THC-free CBD tinctures, gummies, and edibles. It’s a fun and professional brand catering to those people who want to incorporate CBD into their lifestyle as a way to reduce stress, relax, and, of course, beat the “Sunday Scaries.” Each product is crafted with 100% organic, Colorado-grown hemp and is third-party lab tested.


Quality, Credentials, & Lab Testing

Sunday Scaries are very transparent with customers about their strict lab-testing process. Not only does the company test raw materials but the finished product as well. They claim that this is essential in making sure no pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals contaminate their products. Additionally, the testing is conducted through a third-party, KND Labs, to ensure complete objectivity. Visitors to the test can see each certificate of analysis first-hand, allowing them to browse fully before buying.


Return Policy & Quality Assurance

Sunday Scaries offers one of the best return policies we have seen, no doubt why their customer service reviews are full of praise. The company does provide a money-back guarantee and flexible return service, which customers can initiate by emailing them directly.


Product Manufacturing Process

The hemp used in Sunday Scaries CBD products is all sourced from Colorado. The brand claims that these are all family-run hemp farms that focus on quality over quantity. For instance, Sunday Scaries only use hemp plants grown organically; this means no pesticides or herbicides. Additionally, the farms are regulated by Colorado’s Agriculture Department. However, Sunday Scaries isn’t very forthcoming with information on CBD extraction.


Additional Product Information

All of Sunday Scaries products are manufactured with a broad-spectrum formulation. For those unfamiliar with the phrase, this means that while the formula contains a vast array of hemp’s natural compounds such as cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, it contains no traceable THC. While THC content is still regulated in full-spectrum products, it just means that CBD users more reserved about this compound can feel a little more at ease when using broad-spectrum.

Absolutely love the CBD oil. Whenever my anxiety or stress levels get too high, I take a few drops.

Sunday Scaries Review: Highlights

Sunday Scaries is no stranger to the spotlight, having featured in huge publications such as Forbes and Buzzfeed. Here are some of the company’s highlights.

  • Community ethos. Whether it’s a Q&A with the Sunday Scaries owners or a giveaway on Instagram, this company encapsulates a strong community feel. Even the language they use on the site is friendly and accessible, great for users new to CBD.
  • Hemp farming and sourcing practices. Sunday Scaries take their product quality very seriously. All CBD is extracted from organic industrial hemp that is grown on family farms in Colorado. They have also partnered with a third-party lab called KND Labs. They test their CBD extracts for purity and safety.

  • The company gives back. The Sunday Scaries CBD Candy belts were created in honor of Julia, the younger sister of co-founder Mike. For each purchase of the CBD candy, the company donates $1 to The Trevor Project. This is a non-profit organization focused on preventing suicide among LGBTQ youth.
  • Packed with safe, natural ingredients. Along with CBD, the Sunday Scaries products also contain vitamin B12 and vitamin B13, which is believed to boost the immune system.
  • Social media. Sunday Scaries have an impressive social media presence. They are active on their Facebook page and sometimes host competitions/giveaways. You can find a lot of useful and valuable information here.

Negative Thoughts

While we are impressed by most things regarding the Sunday Scaries brand, they don’t specify the extraction process that is used. The extraction method can impact the safety, quality, and taste of the CBD oil.

Given that they use an independent third-party lab to test their products and they’re transparent about sharing these lab results with customers – this isn’t necessarily a big concern. But still, it would be nice to have more details on the process used to produce their CBD.

I really love these gummies - they taste fantastic.

Where to Buy Sunday Scaries Products

The best place to purchase Sunday Scaries products is their official site. Luckily, finding products and going through the checkout process is easy and accessible for visitors to the site. Sunday Scaries have both a US and UK website, so customers will find prices tailored to their country. The company also offers free shipping on subscription orders, as well as orders over £55.


Best Sunday Scaries Products: Product Selection & Costs

While Sunday Scaries doesn’t have an extensive product list, what they do offer is thoughtful and high quality. Here’s a quick breakdown of their CBD range.

CBD Gummies

Sunday Scaries describe their gummies as being the perfect everyday treat to support a focused, relaxed, and on-track vibe no matter what day of the week it is. As well as their traditional variety, the brand sells vegan gummies, which are crafted without the use of gelatin. The vegan gummies’ sour flavor profile is popular with customers and includes fruity flavors such as lemon, lime, and cherry. Both gummies contain 10mg CBD per gummy and are available in a bottle of 20 gummies.
[UK costs range from £29 to £30]


The Sunday Scaries CBD tincture is made with broad-spectrum extract, coconut oil, and essential vitamins like D3 and B12. The product is only available in one potency, 500mg; however, the oil can be used in multiple ways. The company claims their oil tastes like a weak fruit punch and is ideal for mixing into teas, smoothies, and even water.
[UK cost is £54]

CBD Candy

Many might consider the CBD Unicorn Jerky as the highlight of the Sunday Scaries range. Inspired by Julia, co-founder Mike’s sister, these CBD candies are intended to be as colorful as her. Each bag contains ten pieces of chewy rainbow candies (10mg of CBD each). They offer a fun and affordable way to enjoy CBD.
[UK cost is £19]

CBD Bundles

If you want a clever and convenient way to save money, Sunday Scaries sells a CBD product bundle. The Rando Bundle includes regular gummies, vegan gummies, and CBD oil. So, if you are indecisive or just love Sunday Scaries products, this is a great option.
[UK cost is £71]

I started with the vegan gummies, and now I’m using the tincture. So great for keeping my stress levels low.

Sunday Scaries Review: Final Thoughts

Sunday Scaries is a rare find in the often serious and sobering CBD market. As a consumer, their transparent and friendly approach is refreshing to witness. Visitors to the site are greeted with an experience rather than just a seller. Additionally, the company is able to maintain professionalism and a range of high-quality products without sacrificing their strong ethos.

However, it would be great to see a little more choice on the site and more information about the manufacturing process. Nonetheless, their official site is well-worth browsing; visitors will find a plethora of information about the company, detailed lab reports, and of course, the products themselves.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to your health and happiness!
Customer Reviews
Raymond Chinn Verified user
Since the day they launched

When Sunday Scaries launched their Vegan Gummies, I think I would have been the first person to buy those. Actually I was already using their CBD oil and was quite impressed. However, I wanted something vegan as I am otherwise a complete vegan. It was only the CBD oil from Scaries that I could not resist, so I was using it even if it was not a vegan option. With the gummies I could enjoy the same taste and the same after effect, but in my preferred vegan form. So it is gummies since the day they launched it.

Allison Palma Verified user
An admirable one

It was a rapid weight loss with sunday scaries in the first month. Weight management was not at agenda, so I did not like this side effect. However, I kept on with my intake and starting the second month, the appetite was restored back to normal. All other side effects like nausea and diarrhea also disappeared and I became comfortable with CBD. Now it is only benefits and no side effects. Sunday Scaries is an admirable one!

Roger Anderson Verified user
Cool and Safe

I keep the Sunday Scaries candies and the Sunday Scaries shots always with me. I look cool in my class with these products. Although these are not that cheap, I still sometimes distribute and share a few with my friends, just to flaunt and show off. All this is so enjoyable. And without any harmful effects. My parents always cautioned me not to go for weed when I entered college as it can get addictive and life threatening. I think Sunday Scaries is a cool and safe option and that too almost in the same niche.

Shane Gomez Verified user
CBD Bundles

They got great CBD bundles. Not many brands are offering this. I found a good option for myself in Sunday Scaries. It is cheap and at the same time the quality of the products is exemplary. And the way they have made product combinations is just, just awesome. I would say do try their website today. This is a one of its kind brand among CBDs.

Larry Rasmussen Verified user
Early or Late 40's

The energy shots from Sunday Scaries are a must-have for every one who has crossed their early or late 40’s. I eat them everyday and the well-being they have infused into my mind and body at this age is worth a recommendation. I take out time now and then to speak positively about the benefits of sunday scaries whenever I get a chance to. CBD is doing a lot of good to our species.

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