Reliva CBD Review

Reliva CBD is a relatively new brand. However, that doesn’t mean their products are any less worthy than some of the more popular brands out there.

The company and its large network of hemp experts, farmers, and industry leaders have over 75 years of cumulative experience in the health, wellness, and cannabis spaces. With this experience comes hundreds of cycles of product development, customer feedback, and fine-tuning - all of which combine to make the Reliva difference.

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About Reliva CBD: Trustworthiness & Industry Prominence

Reliva CBD is a company that was built by wellness experts from Portland, Maine. In 2018, the company established a production facility in Long Island, NY, and its products are already being distributed in over 20,000 retail stores across America.

Reliva has been BBB accredited since May 12, 2020. BBB has determined that Reliva meets BBB accreditation standards, which include a commitment to making a “good faith effort” in resolving customer complaints. However, the company currently doesn’t have any reports on BBB (which is a good thing), and none on Trustpilot.


Quality, Credentials, & Lab Testing

Reliva CBD products are made in dedicated ISO-certified facilities. Each batch is tested by an independent third-party laboratory (Green Scientific Labs) to ensure products are free from mold, pesticides, and other undesirable content. Reliva’s microbial testing also exceeds state regulatory requirements.

Quality is a top priority at Reliva, which is why the company provides Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for each product batch. COAs provide crucial information, such as the total cannabinoids and terpenes present in each product. Reliva’s COAs are very detailed, and in fact are some of the most impressive we’ve seen. The first page reviews the result of each test, and has a graphic that shows every test’s result. Thereafter, there are several extra pages, going into more and more detail on each test.

The one downside is that you’ll need to search for products via batch number or product name. In our opinion, it is more convenient when a company displays test results in a list or under each product category. Nevertheless, these reports are accessible for all potential customers to view – which is important.


Return Policy & Quality Assurance

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a return policy on the Reliva website. Under the Terms of Use tab, there is a section that says to please review the return policy posted on the site before making any purchases. However, we couldn’t find this policy anywhere, which means either it’s not posted on the site, or it’s pretty hidden and not easy to find – both of which are not good scenarios.


Product Manufacturing Process

Reliva CBD’s products are derived from traditionally grown hemp that’s sourced from licensed industrial farms in Oregon. All products are made with the following licenses, certifications, and permits:

  • Current good manufacturing practice (CGMP)
  • Kosher certified
  • Food facility certification
  • State licensure including growing, extraction and manufacturing

The company claims that its CBD is extracted using industry-leading technology, which ensures all products contain 0% THC. However, they don’t specify what particular extraction method is used (i.e. CO2, ethanol, etc).


Additional Product Information

Reliva’s CBD products are vegetarian-friendly, gluten-free, and THC-free. The CBD oils are made using MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil as the carrier oil. All current products are made from crystalline isolates, which do not contain THC.

It’s important to note that some Reliva CBD products are not available in certain states due to state laws and regulations. For instance, according to the company’s website, Reliva CBD tinctures cannot be shipped to California, Hawaii, Kansas, Missouri, Idaho, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Mississippi.

The Reliva gummies are fantastic. I use them for anxiety and feel so much calmer after getting a dose.

Reliva CBD Review: Highlights

Here are a few of the reasons we love Reliva CBD:

  • Team of experienced industry leaders: Reliva’s team includes seasoned professionals every step of the way. The team consists of expert hemp growers, an FDA regulatory attorney, and even an herbalist doctor that reviews all aspects of the company and its products. Founding members Kevin Young, Lita Young, Miguel Martin, and Nicholas Messer used their collective experience across various sectors and applied these principles to the current Reliva product selection.
  • Free Shipping: Reliva CBD offers free shipping on all orders throughout the U.S., with no minimum spending requirement. Most other brands require customers to spend a certain amount before providing free shipping.

  • Third-Party Lab Reports: All Reliva products are third-party lab tested by an ISO-certified laboratory for safety and consistency. Also, Reliva’s test results are some of the most detailed we’ve seen. Certificates of Analysis (COAs) are available for customers to view on the company website; simply type in the product batch number or name, and the test results will be displayed. This kind of transparency is exactly what is needed in the unregulated CBD market.
  • Education: Reliva CBD has an “Education” tab on its website with several go-to-guides that offer all kinds of CBD informational resources. Topics include basic uses of CBD, how CBD affects users, and the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil. If you don’t see the topic you’re looking for, you can contact Reliva with your question(s) and they will let you know the answer.
  • Autoship: Reliva offers a monthly subscription program wherein subscribers receive 15% off on all purchases. As a subscriber, your order(s) will be shipped automatically once a month, and your card will be billed for the order with the 15% discount applied automatically. You can pause your order or cancel your subscription at any time.

Negative Thoughts

Reliva’s website is missing some important information, like details regarding the manufacturing process. For instance, although the company claims to use an industry-leading extraction method, they don’t specify the actual method used. Additionally, there doesn’t seem to be a return policy, even though it’s mentioned on the Terms of Use tab.

Furthermore, the company doesn’t have much variety when it comes to flavor. The CBD tinctures are only available in a mint flavor – so if you don’t like mint, you’re pretty much out of luck.

I am currently using the 250 mg CBD tincture for wrist pain and so far am very happy with the results. I recommend it to anyone with mild to moderate pain.

Where to Buy Reliva CBD Products

Reliva products are currently sold in over 20,000 retail stores. There’s a Find a Retailer tab on the company website, so customers can see exactly where to find Reliva products in-store.

Alternatively, you can order directly from the Reliva website. Buying Reliva CBD products online allows customers to have all the necessary information in order to make an informed buying decision. Currently, Reliva CBD is only available to purchase in the United States, and the company offers free shipping throughout the country. However, not all products are available in all states, as we’ve already mentioned.


Best Reliva CBD Products: Product Selection & Costs

All of Reliva CBD’s products are made with CBD isolate, which means they don’t contain any THC. See the full product line below.

Reliva CBD Tinctures

Reliva CBD tinctures come in four potency options: 250mg, 500mg, 750mg, and 1,000mg. Each option comes in a 30ml bottle, and all have a mint flavor. Furthermore, they come with a squeeze dropper bulb to release liquid under the tongue. Reliva also sells an oral spray, which comes in a potency of 300mg CBD.
[Cost Range from $11.99 to $44.99]

Reliva CBD Topicals

Reliva has a “CBD for Body” line, which consists of CBD Cream (300mg), CBD Cream Sachet (30mg), CBD Lip Balm (30mg), and a CBD Stick (250mg).
[Cost Range from $1.99 to $19.99]

Reliva CBD Edibles

The brand's edibles lineup consists of gummies, a CBD shot, and a CBD drink mix. The gummies are available in 20mg (2-count), 100mg (10-count), and 300mg (30-count) and come in a mixed fruit flavor. The CBD drinks come in unflavored, Citrus, and Grape flavors, each with a CBD content of 25mg, and the CBD shot has a potency of 50mg (berry flavor).
[Cost Range from $2.99 to $35.99]

Reliva CBD Pets

Reliva also sells a salmon-flavored CBD pet tincture with a potency of 150mg. Probably not strong enough for large dogs (unless you give them multiple doses), but should be a good option for small to medium-sized dogs.

Love the soothing sensation of the CBD cream. It’s my go to product after an intense workout.

Reliva CBD Review: Final Thoughts

Reliva CBD has already had a lot of success in the retail space, but the company is still up-and-coming in the online market. That said, the brand is slowly making a name for itself with a team of individuals that are committed to improving the quality of life for people everywhere.

Reliva’s network of hemp cultivators and industry experts are what ultimately sets the brand apart from the competition. There are improvements to be made, especially when it comes to transparency, but all in all we can’t fault the overall quality of Reliva CBD’s product line.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to your health and happiness!
Customer Reviews
Robert Miles Verified user
One by one

Reliva was a random choice but it was not the only one. I picked up six CBD brands and ordered free samples from each of these six. Then I tried each one of these one by one. Usually a sample from a single brand would last about a week. I used to gap it by a week of no consumption before I moved on to the next brand. It took me about 3 months to try all the 6 brands. In the end I found Reliva to be the most effective in uplifting my mood. So I am using it now. I am using the gummies and the berry recovery shot by the way.

Bernadette Albertson Verified user
Recover with Berry

The berry recovery shot is actually relaxing. No other natural remedy is able to give me relief from pain so quickly. This one is fast acting. However, for day to day use, I purchase the regular tincture from Reliva. I’ve heard that CBD has got some good anti-ageing properties. This is why I use it as I am sure there are no negatives. So whatever positives are, is good 🙂

Patricia Hill Verified user
Trusting over time

All CBD brands must have a THC less than 0.3% to be legal in the state. While most brands promise and label this, they are actually not. I failed my drug tests twice before I took over to Provocan. And the third was a pass. I trust this brand and besides the quality, they are great at servicing their customers competently. In fact the team is so good, I sometimes even consult them for other medical issues that are minor but still need guidance. Just like NuggMD that guides for states even where it does not serve, Provocan helps in medical matters even when those fall out of the purview of CBD.

Heather Schwab Verified user
Some great self care

Whenever it gets stressful or I want to start a week with some deep self care, I run a bath with the tincture from Reliva CBD in my bath mix. It is intoxicatingly refreshing and it keeps me in complete senses at the same time. I love the aroma that my body carries after a bath in this oil mix. It is a very fresh and rejuvenated kind of feeling, hard to express in words precisely.

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