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Provacan is a well-established CBD brand that produces world-renowned hemp-based cannabidiol oils. In this complete Provacan CBD review, we’ll discuss the brand itself, their complete range of products, as well as exploring their relationship with the biotech company CiiTECH.
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Get 15% off all Provacan products as a Shopping CBD reader. Use this code at checkout:
15% Coupon Code: 15PROV
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About Provacan: Trustworthiness & Industry Prominence

Provacan is the flagship CBD range from CiiTECH and was established in 2016. CiiTECH is a UK-registered cannabis biotech company with deep collaborations and partnerships in Israel, the epicenter of cannabis research and development. In fact, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is CiiTECH’s “Gold Label Scientific Partner.” From CBD oils to balms, Provacan’s product range encompasses a range of products to suit almost any lifestyle.


Quality, Credentials, & Lab Testing

All of Provacan’s CBD products are thoroughly tested by third-party company Fera Science. This acclaimed laboratory is UK-based and is also ISO 17025 accredited, giving us confidence in their quality of work. Better yet, visitors to the Provacan site have full access to these reports, which can be found on the individual product descriptions. Additionally, visitors can contact the company directly and enquire about lab testing.


Return Policy & Quality Assurance

The Provacan label is set up to operate out of the UK, and they currently sell and ship to all UK addresses using Royal Mail. In addition, the company ships to some EU addresses, shipping costs are calculated at checkout. Provacan offers a 30-day return policy; however, products must remain unopened.

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15% Coupon Code: 15PROV

Product Manufacturing Process

The CiiTECH product development team collaborates with leading researchers and scientists to produce innovative CBD delivery systems. This process begins by sourcing CBD-rich hemp plants from European farms. Once harvested, small batches are prepared for manufacturing, which involves advanced closed-loop CO2 machinery. Using both low temperature and pressure means that the essential cannabinoids, terpenes, and other phytonutrients aren’t lost in the process. That’s why many believe that Provacan offers some of the best CBD formulations on the market.


Additional Product Information

Much of Provacan’s success as a company can be attributed to their attention-to-detail. This is clear from their vape e-liquid formulations. Finding a safe, high-quality CBD vape oil is incredibly difficult to do as most products are liquified with harsh thinning agents. Fortunately, the company recognized this problem and developed a premium-quality CBD vape oil that contains neither propylene glycol nor vegetable glycerin.

On the Provacan site, visitors can find a full range of full-spectrum products, as well as isolates, ensuring that every preference is catered to.

Have tried at least half a dozen other CBD oils, but Provacan is night and day different. Absolutely incredible.

Provacan Review: Highlights

Here’s a short list of some of the things that truly set Provacan apart from the competition.

  • First fully compliant full-spectrum CBD oil in the UK. Provacan’s CBD is sourced from certified organic hemp plants that are grown in line with the highest agricultural directives in Europe – so you know it’s premium-quality. Moreover, they use full-spectrum formulas to ensure users also get the benefits of additional hemp compounds, like CBG and CBDv.
  • Wide range of products. You are spoiled for choice when shopping for CBD products at Provacan. They sell everything from oils, gummies, capsules, and topicals to e-liquids, edibles, vape products, and isolates.

  • Research-inspired products based on CiiTECH science. CiiTECH produces and distributes Provacan CBD products, which are compliant with UK Healthcare standards. This is significant because CiiTECH helps fund and sponsor clinical cannabis research, so we know they are at the forefront of the industry in developing top-quality products.
  • Rich terpene profile. Provacan is also one of the few CBD oil companies that make it a point to include rich terpene profiles in their full-spectrum products, thereby taking advantage of the “entourage effect” and boosting the therapeutic effects of the active cannabidiol.
  • Therapeutic potency. Provacan’s 2,500mg CBD Paste, one of their most potent products, boasts an incredibly potent 50% CBD level. It’s one of the highest milligram content CBD pastes on the market currently.

Negative Thoughts

Honestly, we’re hard-pressed to find anything negative to say about this brand. But one downside is that Provacan currently does not ship to the USA. Since they are based in the UK/Israel, their range of CBD products is currently only available for UK and EU residents. Hopefully, they will expand their market in due course.

I am a big fan of this balm it feels and smell so good and is also a very reasonable price.

Where to Buy Provacan Products

Provan’s array of products can be bought directly from their official online store. The website makes finding products convenient, and the checkout process is quick and efficient. Additionally, you can find Provacan products from various other online retailers such as thehempshop and handpickedcbd.


Best Provacan Products: Product Selection & Costs

Provan’s CBD product list is vast, giving users plenty of opportunities to experiment with their CBD intake. Take a look at some of their most popular items below.

Provacan CBD Oils

Provacan currently offers their proprietary CBD oil formula in four different strengths (300mg, 600mg, 1200mg, and 2,400mg), all of which come in 10ml dropper bottles. They are full-spectrum formulas with a boosted terpene profile for an enhanced entourage effect. The brand also has a 2,500mg CBD Paste, which contains 50% CBD and 14% additional phytocannabinoids.
[Cost ranges from £24.99 to £129.99]

Provacan Edibles

The gummies come in a mixed fruit flavor and are available in two strengths (100mg and 500mg). Each gummy contains 10mg of CBD – the 100mg product comes with 30 gummies, while the 500mg option has 50 gummies. The edibles range also includes a line of lozenges; Orange, Honey & Lemon, Blackcurrant, and Peppermint. They’re all sugar-free and come in a tin containing 25 lozenges.
[Cost ranges from £19.99 to £49.99]

Provacan Capsules

Provacan’s capsules contain the same proprietary CBD formula as found in their tinctures but in a very convenient form. They are available in three strengths; 180mg, 720mg, and 2,880mg. Each option contains 30 capsules in a container.
[Cost ranges from £19.99 to £149.99]

Provacan Topicals

The Provacan topical range is huge; the most popular products include a CBD Balm, Massage Oil, Bath Salts, Age Control Eye Cream, and more. Provacan do a great job at producing traditional CBD body topicals, as well as a skincare line, giving customers every opportunity to purchase a convenient product. Their topicals can be bought in strengths ranging from 10mg of CBD to 900mg.
[Cost ranges from £9.99 to £74.99]

Provacan CBD E-liquid and Vape Pens

Provacan offers possibly the best CBD vape oil in the UK. It’s available in three different potencies (30mg, 300mg, and 600mg), and you can either vape it by itself or add it to your favorite nicotine e-cig juice for natural therapeutic effects. Additionally, customers can buy Provacan’s vape pen and tailored VapePods. The pods are available in Day Terpene CBD VapePod (55% or 72%) and Night Terpene CBD VapePod (55% or 72%).
[Cost ranges from £8.99 to £99.99]

CBD Isolate

For customers who want to consume a THC-free product, Provacan’s isolates are available. These can be bought in either 1,000mg or 5,000mg of CBD. Bear in mind that these products are potent and so, are ideal for experienced CBD users.
[Cost ranges from £24.99 to £89.99]

Best CBD oil I've tried, hands down. Fast-acting, and incredibly long-lasting.

Provacan Review: Final Thoughts

All in all, if you have been looking for the best CBD oil in the UK or Europe and have been scouring the web trying to find a reputable, high-quality brand that sells online, CiiTECH’s Provacan label is a great choice.

Given their primary goal of advancing cannabis research, the company hasn’t made much of an effort yet to market or promote themselves to the general population, but their quality speaks for itself. The company has access to some of the highest-quality legal hemp strains on the planet (not to mention the scientists and extraction equipment to know how to use it). The fact that they’ve developed the first fully compliant CBD oil available in the UK should be groundbreaking news for anyone interested in finding the best CBD oil online.

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Thanks for reading, and here’s to your health and happiness!
Customer Reviews
Julia Verified user
Not a crappy brand

I use Provocan in the form of CBD tinctures. There are a lot of crappy brands out there that are of no use at all. I too kept on using a lot of such useless oils until I finally came across Provacan one day.

Michael Yarbrough Verified user
A lot to learn

I regard Provocan to be the best company in terms of customer wow or buyer delight. Besides selling quality oil, they really know how to excel on other sales factors too. I run a pharma company myself and many a times I look for processes in Provocan to improve my own systems. I have used their oil too a few times, it is great to taste and very slow releasing so the effect lasts long.

Ryan Johnston Verified user
Did not cause discomfort

My last CBD brand has more side effects on me than the benefits it manifested. So I quit it after a couple of uses, but I also got to know that CBD can be beneficial for our systems. It was because of this that I went in for Provocan CBD. It was a lot of research I did into various CBD brands actually and then I purchased Provocan. But I think I did a good research. This one did not cause me any discomfort at all.

Shirley Robinson Verified user
I hope this lasts!

Provocan CBD is all you need if you are looking for some easy solution to pain, to fits, to stress, to overload at office, to whatever negative comes to your mind! Yes, I am not kidding. I started using it recently and I see it can combat almost anything negative temporarily and upto some extent. I hope this lasts in the long run too, not just a one time effect.

Junior Verified user
Best Manufacturers

Provocan is a CBD oil that I consider a bit better than all the rest. It is actually a bit different. Not sure what composition or what CBD extract do they actually infuse into their oils and tinctures, but I find them the best manufacturers of CBD. Also, whenever I have any query related to CBD and my health, they always answer readily.

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