Palmetto Harmony Review

Palmetto Harmony’s site is a purple paradise for their dedicated customer base. Offering products such as hemp oils and softgel capsules, the brand caters to almost any lifestyle on its online store. Additionally, they are highly regarded for their dedication to organic growing practices.

Today, we’ll explore exactly what impact Palmetto Harmony makes in the CBD industry and if their products are worth considering.

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Get 10% off all Palmetto Harmony products as a Shopping CBD reader. Use this code at checkout:
10% coupon code: REDDITCBD
Visit official site

About Palmetto Harmony: A Mother’s Story

Palmetto Harmony was founded in 2015 by one determined mother, Janel Ralph. She wanted to find a natural solution for her daughter’s deteriorating health and discovered CBD. The brand has developed a lot since those founding days. While researching, we quickly realized that the company has a strong sense of collective responsibility. They believe the key to helping people is by remaining transparent and accountable, offering customers a seed-to-table experience.


Does the Brand Lab-Test their Products?

When investigating Palmetto Harmony’s lab practices, we found that they use a third-party laboratory, CannaBusiness, to test their products. While this has become an industry standard, the company also checks that the labs are ISO-certified and in line with their ethos before partnering with them. The batch reports are easy to find on the site and offer customers a chance to see a full cannabinoid and terpene breakdown of Palmetto Harmony’s products.


High-Quality Customer Service

Palmetto Harmony is clearly proud of their excellent customer service, so much so that they’ve posted their TrustPilot reviews on the site’s front page. It’s extremely rare for brands to do this and even rarer to score a 4.8 out of 5 stars on a review site. Much of the positive acclaim comes down to shipping, friendly service, and product quality. In essence, everything.

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A Passion for Growing Organic

We always like to see clear information about a brand’s sourcing and manufacturing methods, and Palmetto Harmony doesn’t disappoint. They provide many details about their style of farming, including implementing organic growing strategies and regenerative farming. Palmetto Harmony is among the few CBD brands to be USDA-certified organic. However, we were surprised to find how passionate they are about soil health too. They are a huge advocate for the SOIL4CLIMATE movement.


A Closer Look at Palmetto Harmony’s Products

Palmetto Harmony has become a popular source of full-spectrum CBD oil over the last few years. This family-run company offers a nice variety of CBD products, including vape oil and topicals. Although strengths are limited, for instance, the hemp oil is only available in 600mg and 2000mg, both inexperienced and seasoned CBD users are catered for. Palmetto Harmony doesn’t strike us as a company that will sell a product simply because they can. Instead, it seems, they prefer to sell a select number of items, all meeting high quality standards.

a-closer-look-at-palmetto Harmony’s Products
We have been using these products for our son for about 3 weeks now... we’re so impressed and thankful for this brand.

Palmetto Harmony Review: Highlights

Here are some of the highlights of Palmetto Harmony.

  • “Seed to sale” operation. One of the main ways that Palmetto Harmony sets itself apart from the rest of the industry is by being a true “seed to sale” operation. From growing their own hemp to the extraction process, packaging, and shipping of products, they control every step in the manufacturing process.
  • Organic farming methods. The company’s growing methods are completely organic, and they are staunchly anti-chemical, using no dyes, flavors, or aromas. Moreover, no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides are used. They currently have one of only 20 licenses to grow industrial hemp in South Carolina.

  • Customer focus: If you need some help deciding which products may be best for your needs, you can have a free consultation with knowledgeable staff from the company. Simply call the helpful customer service number for assistance.
  • Full-spectrum, flower-only extraction. The company only uses the premium parts of the hemp plant to extract their full-spectrum hemp oil. This typically results in a higher CBD density final product and a more robust terpene and cannabinoid profile.
  • Supporter of SOIL4CLIMATE. Palmetto Harmony is more than just a brand; they are advocates for cleaner practices in the agricultural industry. Supporting movements like SOIL4CLIMATE shows us just how vital maintaining healthy and nutrient-rich soils is for the brand.

Negative Thoughts

As always, no brand is perfect. One thing that Palmetto Harmony could improve on is publicizing their extraction methods. There is a serious lack of information on this method, which seems odd considering they are so transparent about other processes. However, we did find information about the brand complying with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). This is a good sign; however, we are curious about whether Palmetto Harmony uses CO2 extraction, which is considered the industry’s gold standard.

Additionally, more transparent information about shipping and return policies would be helpful. Sticking all information in “Terms and Conditions” can be inconvenient for visitors to the site.

I’ve only used the vape oil but it’s fantastic. I feel so calm and relaxed after a few drags.

Where to Buy Palmetto Harmony

Eager customers can buy Palmetto Harmony’s products from their official site. Due to their increasing popularity, the products are also available at third-party sites like ukcbdoil and directcbdonline. However, we believe it’s always best to purchase from a brand directly. For customers in the South Carolina area, visiting Palmetto Harmony’s official health and beauty store is also an option. Here you can browse the products first-hand and chat with well-informed workers.


Best Palmetto Harmony Products: A Full-Spectrum Range

We wanted to take a more detailed look at some of Palmetto Harmony’s most popular products. Find out what we thought below.

Palmetto Harmony Hemp Oils

Palmetto Harmony offers two different strengths of full-spectrum cannabis oil; 600mg and 2,000mg. The CBD oil is derived from organic whole-plant cannabis extract and also contains a full terpene profile. Additionally, customers can purchase either natural or orange flavors, making consumption a little tastier.
[Costs range from $79.99 to $999.99]

Palmetto Harmony Topicals

The company’s topical range has grown over the last few years, and they now offer balms, rubs, lotions, and body oils. We think it’s great that Palmetto Harmony offers a highly customizable selection of topical products. For instance, customers can choose between menthol, lavender extra strength, calm, and many other varieties. Strengths are available in 200mg, 300mg, 500mg, and 600mg.
[Costs range from $19.99 to $34.99]

Palmetto Harmony Vape products

The company sells two vape oils; 15ml (150ml) and 30ml (300ml). Palmetto Harmony also sells a ceramic coil pre-filled vape pen that comes filled with their proprietary oil blend. The pen is reusable and rechargeable, which is useful for routine users. It also has built-in firing protection and low voltage protection features.
[Costs range from $19.99 to $49.99]

Palmetto Harmony Capsules

The Palmetto Harmony capsules are sold in a bottle of either 30 or 60 counts. The capsules are packed with antioxidants and omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids and, of course, CBD. They also sell suppositories which are ideal for quick absorption.
[Costs range from $19.99 to $89.99]

Palmetto Harmony Pet Products

Palmetto Harmony sells two types of hemp oil for pets; 15ml (300mg) and 30ml (600mg). Both oils are designed to support mobility and overall wellness for pets. The brand doesn’t specify which pets can consume this oil, but it does offer guidance on dosage.
[Cost is $79.99]

Palmetto Harmony Skincare Products

The company’s skincare range is largely made up of cream products. From anti-wrinkle to mango hydrating cream, these products offer a splash of luxury in an otherwise standard selection. Customers can also purchase lavender night cream and bar soap. All the creams contain 300mg, while the bar contains 50mg. Again, the brand outdoes itself when it comes to customization.
[Costs range from $19.99 to $84.99]

I recently purchased the Aura Vape and it’s amazing! It’s so calming and helps tremendously with my pain.

Palmetto Harmony Review: Final Thoughts

Palmetto Harmony often talks about accountability when describing their service; this means they take full responsibility for every product they sell. Cultivating, extracting, manufacturing, and packaging themselves, means the brand has complete control over every process in the business. We find it hugely refreshing to see a company so confident and transparent about their products.

The story behind this company is incredible and really speaks to its reputability. It’s difficult not to resonate with the story, mission, and incredible selection of products offered by Palmetto Harmony.

Get 10% off all Palmetto Harmony products as a Shopping CBD reader. Use this code at checkout:
10% coupon code: REDDITCBD
Thanks for reading, and here’s to your health and happiness!
Customer Reviews
Dinwiddie Verified user
A supportive therapy

Palmetto Harmony is perhaps the safest company till date. Many of us give CBD to our kids for reasons like ptsd, hyper activity, social anxiety, winter flu and what not. Many take CBD during pregnancy too. I think of Palmetto Harmony to be the safest option.

Leon Doll Verified user
I gave it to him

Palmetto Harmony was a mistake actually at first. My son was guiding me over the phone as to which CBD brand I must try. There was some miscommunication, he spoke out some other brand name and I heard Palmetto. I ordered at once. When the parcel arrived, he was at home that day and he was surprised to see something else. However, we received it and decided to give it a go. In the meantime we ordered the brand that he had suggested. But once I tried Palmetto, I reordered Palmetto itself. I gave the other brand to him only when it arrived later. I find Palemtto to be the best.

Cathy Winans Verified user
Overwhelming labels

I was looking forward to trying CBD, to see if it can ease out symptoms of pain and chronic stress. However, I checked the labels of a few brands and they were completely overwhelming for a non-science background person like me. Some were hemp derived CBD products while some were marijuana-derived products. Some were isolates, some were broad spectrum, while some were limited spectrum. And there were many more such variations that I know nothing about. I picked up Palmetto Harmony anyhow ultimately when I was completely confused and could make no more sense. I think this was the best decision of m life, I am much more comfortable in terms of pain management now.

Joyce Williams Verified user
My first go

Organic farming methods, flower extraction methods and third party testing are some great advantages of going in with palmetto harmony. I felt these would not make a difference, but once I tried, I really found that such things actually make a significant improvement to the final product. As a weed specialist, I had spent many years in various labs and companies. But as a CBD user, this was my first go. Palmetto has completely satisfied me.

Helen Dixon Verified user
Much Better Than The Previous

I was using another CBd brand before I tried Palmetto Harmony. My doctor was not aware of this that I was using some CBD altogether. He prescribed Palmetto Harmony one day for my mental depression along with some pills. I remained quiet when he was writing the prescription, but I felt that it must be perhaps the best CBD if a doctor recommends it. So since that day, Palmetto Harmony is it. And it is much better than my previous one.

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