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The CBD industry is still new and highly unregulated. Today, there are an estimated 3,500 CBD brands selling products. Each of them would like you to believe that their products are the best on the market. In reality, there are plenty of reputable brands and also some not so respectable ones.

CBD is everywhere, and it can be overwhelming and confusing for those who are just beginning their CBD journey. Here at Shopping CBD, we strive to help consumers find the right brand for their needs by providing in-depth brand reviews of some of the most respected companies in the industry.

Bare in mind that every individual responds differently to CBD. So, as you try out new products, it’s important to keep a note of any positive or negative reactions. What works for one person may not necessarily work for you. But hopefully, our reviews will lead you towards a brand that is best suited to your needs.

Today, we are looking at a company known as Nanocraft CBD.

Nanocraft CBD Quick Summary

Quality 98%
Effectiveness 97%
Benefits 98%
Price 97%
Customer Service 97%

“I use the oil drops every night and definitely wake up feeling fewer aches and pains.”

Who Is Nanocraft CBD?

Nanocraft CBD was founded by two friends, with a mission to create unique, health-promoting CBD products while also giving back. Todd Erwin and Stefan McKellar want Nanocraft to be an industry leader by bringing top-quality, hemp-derived CBD to the sports, health, and fitness markets.

The company’s commitment to providing quality CBD products to the fitness and sports market is just as important as their devotion to the causes they support through the NanoCraft Kids program. Nanocraft is also dedicated to educating consumers on the incredible health benefits of hemp-derived CBD.

What sets Nanocraft CBD apart from most other CBD companies is nano-technology. All of the products are manufactured using nano-technology, which means that key ingredients are encapsulated in nanoemulsions or nanospheres. This makes the ingredients very small and more bioavailable to the body, which means that you receive the benefits in a more concentrated form.

The Nanocraft headquarters are in La Jolla, California. The company strategy was built on three key pillars: Scientifically formulated, highest-quality, and performance-driven.

The company claims to use only the highest-quality ingredients, and all products are scientifically engineered with an athlete’s performance needs in mind. The pain salve sticks are designed to relieve sore muscles and shorten the recovery time.

The Nanocraft website is focused on sports and fitness consumers and is full of educational information that explains how CBD can help users reach their fitness goals. The products are designed around athletes from all walks of life to help with performance, endurance, and recovery. All products are THC-free and broad-spectrum.

Who Is Nanocraft CBD?

Who Is Nanocraft CBD?

Nanocraft CBD Highlights

Here are a few of the things that stand out about Nanocraft CBD

  • Nano-Technology: With the company’s emerging nano-technology practices, it’s quickly dominating the CBD market in the sports and health fitness worlds. Nano-technology is a unique and innovative delivery system that is believed to have higher bioavailability in the digestive tract.
  • cGMP Certified Laboratory: All of the Nanocraft CBD products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art cGMP laboratory under the watchful eye of the Chief Scientific Officer – a plant biologist and chemist who has devoted his last 20 years to nutrition technology.
  • Great Range of Products: The Nanocraft product range includes CBD oil drops, topical salves, softgels, powders, and waters. The oil drops come in daytime and nighttime formulas, as well as a range of high-potency options. This is quite an extensive product range for a new CBD company.
  • Charitable Efforts: Nanocraft has a strong emphasis on helping children in need through donations taken from company profits. For every product sold, the company donates $1 to the Mauli Ola Foundation and Child Hunger Sucks Organization as part of their Nanocraft Kids initiative program.

Nanocraft CBD: Negative Thoughts

Nanocraft could improve on their transparency with regards to the quality-control testing used on the products they sell. The company gives limited information about where the hemp is sourced from, and what state it’s in before it’s used to make products. Although it affirms that all products are grown in a non-GMO, pesticide-free, and solventless cGMP laboratory, it doesn’t say where it actually gets the hemp from.

Being fully transparent ensures customers know exactly what they’re buying. This information is considered an industry standard, so not listing the source of the hemp is certainly a downside.

Nanocraft does provide certificates of quality assurance for each and every batch of hemp extract. However, the certificates are signed by members of the company instead of by an unbiased third party.

Nanocraft CBD: Negative Thoughts

“The muscle and joint stick are incredible for my knee problems. I rub it on whenever needed, and it gives instant relief.”

Nanocraft CBD Products

  • Softgels: Nanocraft sells four varieties of softgels: Normal Broad-Spectrum CBD, Immune Boost + CBD oil, Broad-spectrum CBD + Curcumin, and Broad-spectrum CBD with Melatonin. The Immune Boost option contains 40 mg of CBD per serving, while the other three options contain 25 mg of CBD per serving. Each bottle comes with 30 softgels, except the Immune Boost, which comes in counts of 32 or 60.
  • Drops: The Nanocraft oil drops come in different formulas and strengths, with the daytime formula containing coffee and energizing B12, and the nighttime formula contains melatonin, soothing lavender, and passionflower. Strengths range between 300 mg and 3,000 mg. The 1,000 mg, 2,000 mg, and 3,000 mg strengths form part of their “Gold Series.”
  • Topicals: Nanocraft offers a range of topical products, including Muscle & Joint Stick, Cooling Sports Cream, Cooling Roll-on gel, All-Purpose Skin Stick, and CBD Lip Balm. The Muscle & Joint Stick is available in strengths of 250 mg and 500 mg and is great for aches and pains caused by sports and exercise-related problems.
  • Powders: The CBD powders come in two varieties; CBD Superfood Green Powder and CBD Post Workout Recovery Powder. Both have strengths of 500 mg and contain 30 servings per container – 25 mg of CBD per serving.
  • Waters: There are two types of water: Black Cherry and Cucumber Kiwi. Each bottle of water contains 10 mg of CBD.

Nanocraft CBD Costs

  • Softgels: The 32 count of Immune Boost costs $44.99, while the 60 count retails for $84.99. The Normal Broad-Spectrum costs $79.99, and the other two varieties cost $84.99.
  • Drops: Prices range between $59.99 and $199.99 depending on the formula and strength.
  • Topicals: The topical prices range between $6.99 and $59.99 – the CBD lip balm being the cheapest product.
  • Powders: Each of the powders cost $69.99.
  • Waters: Each 12-pack of water retails for $49.99

Nanocraft CBD Costs

“My favorite brand of CBD. The oil is great for my anxiety and helps me to get on with the day and necessary tasks.”

Final Thoughts on Nanocraft CBD

If you’re an athlete, health nut, or gym fanatic looking for high-quality CBD products that are specifically geared towards enhancing your workouts and recovery time – Nanocraft may be the perfect brand for you. It offers a selection of unique and innovative products geared towards a demographic that isn’t normally represented in the cannabis industry.

This is a company that is clearly concerned with innovation and keeping up with the latest CBD trends. It has incorporated nanotechnology into products to help improve the digestion and absorption of the CBD in products. Also, the company has employed the help of a Chief Science Officer with a background in plant biology and chemistry.

All of this, together with the fact that Nanocraft is a charitable company that donates portions of its profits to help sick and hungry children, makes buying from this company an excellent decision.

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