Mary’s Medicinals Review

Mary’s Medicinals is riding on the new wave of cannabis acceptance that is forming in many US states. Having won a variety of awards, they are particularly well-known for their potent transdermal cannabinoid patches.

However, is their claim of being ‘industry leaders’ overstated?

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About Mary’s Medicinals: Trustworthiness & Industry Prominence

Mary’s Medicinals CBD has been around since 2013. Boasting almost 30k followers on Instagram, the brand has not shied away from the social media spotlight. This isn’t surprising, considering they’ve won ‘Best Medical Advancement’ from The Cannabist for two years running now.

As well as their numerous accolades, the Mary’s Medicinals is also at the forefront of cannabis innovation. Not only were they the first to market the useful benefits of CBN and THCa, but they discovered innovative techniques to isolate CBD also.


Quality, Credentials, & Lab Testing

Mary’s Medicinals claim to conduct both in-house lab-testing and third-party lab testing. In addition, analysis is conducted at all stages of growing and manufacturing. This includes raw materials, extracts, and the finished product.

However, they do not make this information readily available to visitors to the site. Instead, they advise customers to contact them directly for the full analysis. Since the brand doesn’t sell any products online, it’s not a huge inconvenience.


Return Policy & Quality Assurance

Mary Medicinals provides little-to-no information about either shipping or returns policies. But again, this is to be expected as customers don’t have the option of purchasing online. For information regarding returns and exchanges for items bought in licensed dispensaries, contact either the dispensary or the brand directly.


Product Manufacturing Process

In terms of manufacturing, Mary’s Medicinals doesn’t provide customers with much information. However, the brand does make it clear that extracting a full range of cannabinoids and terpenes is always a priority.

Important terpenes such as CBN are not only preserved but celebrated in a range of their products.

In addition, Mary’s Medicinals is partnered with industry giant WeedMD. Jacques Panis, Mary’s Medicinals’ CEO, claims the company “brings unparalleled expertise in cultivation and extraction”. In other words, watch this space.


Additional Product Information

Mary’s Medicinals specialize in careful cannabinoid extraction. Rather than label every product as full-spectrum, the brand has taken an interest in specific compounds. This is reflected in their product selection. Besides CBD-centered products, customers can find CBN, THC, THCa, and a host of other cannabinoid varieties.

Equally, their product types are well-thought-out. For instance, the transdermal patches are thought to promote maximum efficacy and bioavailability. Visitors to the site can find information on how to use each product and the ingredients of each product.

“LOVE Mary’s Muscle Freeze to combat aches from heavy load of triathlon or marathon training.” - Kelsey B.

Mary’s Medicinals Review: Highlights

It’s hard to ignore Mary’s Medicinals’ plethora of awards; we certainly haven’t. Find out more in our brand highlights.

  • Innovative Testing: Mary’s was the first cannabis product manufacturer in Colorado to get in-house Ultra-High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC) testing equipment, as well as the staff to support it.
  • Award-Winning Brand: Aside from the “Best Medical Advancement” award, Mary’s Medicinals also won the “2014 Invention of the Year Award,” “2017 Most Valuable Brand Award,” and the “2016 Edibles List Award – Best Transdermal,” along with a string of other awards.

  • News & Events: Mary’s has a “News & Events” tab on their website where you can find multiple articles on their products, latest developments, partnerships, and more. It’s a great way to keep the public informed and up to date with the brand.
  • Community Outreach: Mary’s Medicinals have a steadfast commitment to the community. Currently, they work with many organizations, including the American Cannabis Nurses Association, United Patients Group, and more.
  • Dedication to Education: As more people begin to explore medical cannabis and its benefits, there’s an increasing need for accurate, objective, and current information. Mary’s works with many organizations and experts to educate the community on the latest in cannabis medicine.

Negative Thoughts

There’s no denying that not being able to purchase products online is inconvenient; instead, the Mary’s Medicinals site has become a window shop. However, given the illegality of THC, there might be little the brand can do about it. Instead, customers can purchase through licensed dispensaries in states where cannabis is legal or Mary’s Nutritionals site.

Another issue with the site is that product information is not always available. Details like flavor and strength are often missing in product descriptions. While browsing, this can be confusing and frustrating.

“This CBN gel pen product is absolutely the best I’ve tried for relaxing sound sleep. Thank you!” - JR Green.

Where to Buy Mary’s Medicinals Products

It’s worth noting that none of Mary’s Medicinals products can be bought online. This is due to THC being illegal in many states across the US. Instead, the brand directs customers to licensed dispensaries where you can purchase the products. Use the handy “Store Locator” on their site to find your closest dispensary.

In addition, Mary’s Medicinals has a sister brand, ‘Mary Nutritionals’. On this site, you can buy a plethora of CBD products that include oils and creams.


Best Mary’s Medicinals Products: Product Selection & Costs

Mary’s Medicinals’ product range focuses on quality over quantity. Product prices are currently not advertised on the site.

Mary’s Medicinals’Transdermal Patches and Pens

The transdermal patch can be applied to any venous area of the skin. The patch is available in six cannabinoid profiles; CBN, CBD, Sativa, Indica, THCa, and 1:1 CBD: THC. The Transdermal Gel Pen is available in CBN, CBD, Sativa, and Indica.

Mary’s Medicinals’ Additional Topicals

Mary’s Medicinals Muscle Freeze produces an immediate soothing and cooling effect. It has the potential to reduce inflammation and offer pain relief. It’s an easy roll-on dispenser. In addition, the brand sells two creams that contain humectant ingredients such as mango butter and beeswax.

Mary’s Medicinals’ Vapes

The kit includes an adjustable voltage battery that shows draw time and battery life. It’s available in a THC blend, 3:1 THC: CBD, or 1:1 CBD: CBN. The 500 mg Pyrex glass cartridges contain only terpenes and cannabinoids – no additive, fillers, cutting agents, etc.

Mary’s Medicinals’ Capsules

The capsules are 100% plant-based, and when accurately dosed, you will get 5 mg per capsule. They’re available in both CBD and CBN. CBN is great for sleeping issues, while CBD may be used for anxiety.

Mary’s Medicinals’ Oils

This remedy oil range features CBN: CBD oil, CBD: THC oil, and many other cannabinoid varieties. Many of the oils come in delicious flavors that include citrus-vanilla and lemon-lime. Strengths range depending on the oil, although this information is not also available on the site.

“I love the transdermal pen and the muscle freeze.” - Linda I O’Connor.

Mary’s Medicinals Review: Final Thoughts

Medical marijuana has been legalized in more states over the last few years. And Mary’s Medicinals is taking full advantage by offering high-quality cannabis products for the masses. An increasing number of people are looking for natural, alternative treatment options, and Mary’s Medicinals seems like a winning brand.

They no doubt offer top-shelf products that are worth taking note of, and if you live in a state where cannabis is legal, we highly recommend you give them a try. And of course, if you don’t live in a legalized state, you can shop the brand’s sister company, Mary’s Nutritionals.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to your health and happiness!
Customer Reviews
Burdine Verified user

Underpromise and Overdeliver is what the brand survives through. I have used them for many days now and I have also spoken to a friend who works at Mary’s Medicinals Headquarters. He is so sure of the quality and standardization guidelines these people follow

Laura Cunningham Verified user
On the rocks

Mary’s Medicinals is a great one in terms of efficacy. I must admit that I do not like the taste, so I use the capsules. I still hate the burps that I get after taking the capsules. I think this is a side effect and the burps last for about half an hour every time I take a capsule. However, the effect is just outstanding. It relieves me of all the worries and problems and restores energy and life in my body. I feel electrified and charged up. On the rocks is what I call it, and on the rocks is what I call marys medicinals now!

Angela Johnson Verified user
It had to be

A funny thing happened with me. Kind of a misunderstanding. I was guided by my colleague to buy Mary’s Nutritionals, but I purchased Marys Medicinals in confusion. Now even after the parcel was delivered, I started using it. Never did it come tp my attention that I had ordered some other brand as the name sounded similar. I was happy and satisfied with the oil, thanked my colleague for a great recommendation. He visited me yesterday and noticed the brand was different. Lol! Anyways, I now like Mary Medicinals. It is good to my standards and I shall keep on buying it.

Stacy Atwater Verified user
Customer service professional

With tears of relief in my eyes I can’t say enough about how thankful I am for Mary’s CBD RUB for severe pain. I’ve tried everthing and ok do mean everything including a life threatening addiction to oxy’s. Nothing came close to Mary’s Rub. I need a new hip. I’m bone on bone. It at one point was crippling. I’ve used it for two days and you would only believe the difference if you saw it for yourself. So from the bottom of my heart Mary I thank you for saving my life. And I mean that literally.

Violet Moss Verified user
Not beyond a point

A lot of CBD companies are producing Muscle Freeze products. But believe me, mary’s medicinals is the best. At least the best among the choices that I have tried so far. I am very much in favor of CBD products and alternative medicines. I feel these compounds are no THC or very low THC so not psychoactive at all. At the same time these help a lot in combating day to day problems related to health and psyche. I always consult my doctor if the problem goes out of control, but to that point I stick to Mary’s Medicinals.

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