Hempura CBD

Hempura is a relatively small CBD company that operates out of London and ships to both UK and international addresses. They haven’t been around terribly long, having only jumped onto the scene back in February 2017, but they quickly became one of our favorite UK-based suppliers (along with Provacan) after our team was able to pick up some sample products in London and try them out.

The great thing about this company is that they offer certified products, so we were sure about the quality. They also provide free rapid shipping across the UK on same day orders. For any customers wishing to know more about CBD, they even provide a CBD guide free of charge.

Believe it or not, Hempura is actually one of the most transparent CBD companies we’ve ever come across, as they’re the only firm we know of that offers traceable batch numbers with individual lab reports on each and every products. Find out more about this great little brand in our complete Hempura CBD review.

Official Site: hempura.co.uk
15% Coupon Code: CBD15LIFE

Hempura CBD Quick Summary

Quality 95%
Effectiveness 95%
Benefits 97%
Price 98%
Customer Service 98%

“Not easy finding a good tincture dropper in Watford. This is the best CBD oil to buy in the UK - mark my words.”

Hempura CBD: Who is this UK-based Company?

Hempura CBD operates out of a London manufacturing facility, and is able to offer legal free shipping to UK addresses. International shipping is also available, though rates will vary depending on the final destination.

One of the things we were initially blown away by in terms of this company’s operating style is their attention to detail. They not only utilize some of the industry’s most advanced supercritical CO2 equipment for the initial stage CBD extraction, but they also process and refine every one of their products for safety and purity using advanced techniques like decarboxylation (which activates the natural hemp compounds), filtration, and winterization, which removes the dangerous wax cuticle layer.

This is a brand that truly knows their stuff when it comes to hemp (they use only the finest-quality industrial hemp from organic European farms), CBD, and all things cannabis, and along with Provacan, we fully expect them to become a household name in the U.K. CBD market within the next year or two.

Hempura CBD Review

Hempura CBD Review: Highlights

As we’ve said, the main thing that initially drew us to Hempura UK was their knowledge and openness when it came to company transparency. Here are a few things that, in our opinion, make this firm stand out amongst the others in the U.K. CBD market.

  • Affordable prices. Hempura truly offers some of the highest-quality CBD in the UK, thus you would expect that their prices would be very expensive. In reality, they’re one of the most affordable firms around, with their introductory 2.5% full-spectrum tincture starting at just £19.99.
  • Registered with the CTA. Few CBD companies in the UK are registered with the Cannabis Trade Association, otherwise known as the CTA. Basically, the CTA establishes good practice in the industry by ensuring legal labeling, and making sure that a seller’s products are safe, reliable, and that they “are what they say they are.”
  • Batch numbers for lab report tracing. As we’ve said before Hempura is the only brand we know of that offers batch numbers for every product produced. This allows you to quickly and easily trace the number back to the appropriate lab verification report to confirm the content and purity of the item you’re buying.
  • No isolates. To be honest, CBD isolates are really only appropriate for individuals who are concerned about testing positive for THC on a marijuana drug test. Most experts agree that full-spectrum products are much more useful in terms of therapeutic effects, and Hempura offers both full and broad-spectrum oils – no CBD isolates at all.
  • World-class vape liquids. Again, Hempura is another one of the only UK-based brands that offers quality CBD vape products, and their liquids undergo winterization which is supposed to remove the waxy outer cuticle layer of the plant for safer vaping.

Negative Thoughts on Hempura CBD

Really, the only negative thing I can think of in this Hempura CBD review is the fact that the brand doesn’t have many online customer reviews to go off of. In the world of digital information, it’s no secret that quality feedback and loads of positive reviews are crucial to establishing a brand’s long-term success.

However, as we said earlier it is surely only a matter of time before Hempura becomes a reputable and well-established name in the U.K. CBD market.


Negative Thoughts on Hempura CBD

“Finally - a quality, reliable UK CBD firm that offers safe AND affordable products. Will definitely be buying again.”

My Personal Experience with Hempura CBD

Funny enough, we actually ended up trying out some of Hempura CBD’s tinctures and vape oil at a retail store on the London high street during a recent tour of England and Wales. Personally I only used the vape oil, and in my opinion it was nearly as good as the Hemp Bombs label, which makes some of the most highest-quality CBD vape juice in the US.

In terms of therapy I didn’t have much to gauge the effects by, but I will say that the balanced citrus flavor was an excellent combination between masking the raw hemp flavor, and not tasting too artificial or overpowering. 

Hempura CBD Review: Products

To date, Hempura currently only sells four products: CBD oils, CBD capsules, CBD edibles, and CBD vape liquids. I’ve always considered this a good sign though, as it generally speaks to a brand’s overall quality when they only focus on a select few products (rather than trying to master every product under the sun in a million different flavors).

  • Hempura CBD Oils: The Hempura CBD oil is available in either full-spectrum (contains trace amounts of THC) or broad-spectrum (no THC), each of which is available in three different potencies: 2.5% (1.25 mg CBD per drop), 5% (2.5 mg CBD per drop), and 10% (5 mg CBD per drop)
  • Hempura CBD Pills/Capsules: The full-spectrum capsules come in packs of 30, contain less than 0.05% THC, are rich in terpenes, and contain approximately 10 mg CBD per capsule
  • CBD Chocolates (Edibles): Make no mistake; if our Hempura review told us one thing, it’s that this brand makes one amazing CBD chocolate edible. They come in packs of little white chocolate capsules (20 chocolates per pack), and are available in three different strengths: 10, 25, and 50 mg per chocolate.
  • CBD Vape Liquids: Hempura CBD vape liquids are broad-spectrum (meaning they are 100% THC-free), citrus flavored, and come in 10 mL bottles that are available in two different potencies: 2.5% (1.25 mg per drop) and 5% (2.5 mg per drop) CBD.

Be sure to check the company website for Hempura review that have been left by other customers.

Hempura CBD Review: Costs

  • Hempura CBD Oils: £19.99 (2.5% CBD), £36.99 (5% CBD), and £64.99 (10% CBD)
  • Hempura CBD Pills/Capsules: £19.99 (30 capsules per box; 10 mg CBD per capsule)
  • CBD Chocolates (Edibles): £19.99 (10 mg CBD per chocolate), £36.99 (25 mg CBD per chocolate), and £64.99 (50 mg CBD per chocolate)
  • CBD Vape Liquids: £19.99 (2.5% / 10 mL vape liquid), £36.99 (5% / 10 mL vape liquid)

Hempura CBD Hemp

“Been using the 5% CBD tincture every day for going on two months now -- great results, love it. Well done Hempura.”

Final Verdict on UK-based Hempura CBD

Overall, we would absolutely recommend Hempura CBD for UK residents that are looking for a reliable, safe, top-shelf item while not wanting to pay an arm and a leg. These products test out for both content and purity, and you can be assured that each and every CBD item has been responsibly sourced given the firm’s affilaition with the UK Cannabis Trade Association.

Moreover, if our Hempura CBD review told us one thing, it’s that the U.S. is not the only country who’s manufacturing top-shelf hemp extracts; these infusions are truly of the utmost quality, and it’s surely only a matter of time before the Hempura name becomes well-known across the United Kingdom.  

Official Site: hempura.co.uk
15% Coupon Code: CBD15LIFE

Customer Reviews
Robert Parr Verified user
Of the ones I know

Hempura is better than the rest. I say it so because of all the patients that I have known who use Hempura as their brand have never mentioned any ill-effect. But if I talk to other ones who use brands other than this one, such patients sometimes mention nausea and headaches due to CBD. Of course I have got no experience with all the brands. But with the 20 or 30 that I know of through my patients, Hempura is a promising one.

Kathyrn Jackson Verified user
Flushy and swollen

During menstruation, I used to feel swollen and a bit flushy down there. It was so discomforting, I usually spent lying almost all the time the first two days rather than being able to sit normally. Now sprinkling a little Hempura on my tampoon has resolved this problem. I am not knowing how this works inside the body, but it is effective and I am okay.

Carlos Mikula Verified user
For my feet problem

My feet used to stink a lot and I could not wear a shoe for more than six to seven months. I had to change my pair always due to the smell that used to get infused into the shoe as well and then caused me embarrassment everywhere I went. I had tried many antifungals and many fragrances in powders too. But nothing helped up-to satisfaction. Then I thought of trying Hempura one day. i was already taking it for stress, was quite satisfied and so thought it could work maybe on my feet problem too. I started applying a thin layer in between my toes and on the surface, and within a week a felt improvement. Now I apply it twice a week, every three to four days and it keeps the smell at bay.

Wayne Hinkle Verified user
As long as I live

Hempura is a very small company compared to the big sharks of commercial CBD. This made me go for their brand. I feel smaller companies always tend to care more for quality and safety. Not sure of you guys agree with me, but this is how I think. And Hempura has never disappointed me. In fact I am a happy customer and I am going to be buying from them as long as I live.

Floyd Graham Verified user
Changing every year

Hempura has been the only brand that has suited me after Charotte’s web. I used to go for CW always for about an year. Then I thought of changing my brand. It was a few I tried but did not like them for one or the other reasons. Hempura has been then a final choice that is above average and I liked it pretty well. Will change next year again.

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