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With the current state of the cannabis industry, and the rapid growth occurring each year, comes various growing pains and even rogue vendors. It can be a minefield trying to navigate the many different CBD companies that exist on the internet. We aim to simplify this search by providing readers with trustworthy and well-researched reviews. Today, we are doing a Haleigh’s Hope CBD review.

Haleigh’s Hope is a unique company within the cannabis industry. The company was named after Haleigh Cox, born on July 19, 2009, in Georgia. The little girl was diagnosed with Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, a mitochondrial disorder, and Cerebral Palsy during infancy.

Desperate to find treatment for their daughter, Haleigh’s parents explored the use of medical cannabis. This resulted in the development of a cannabis strain that was used to create CBD oil that Haleigh used. The results were life-changing. We will tell you everything there is to know as part of this review.

Haleigh’s Hope Quick Summary

Quality 94%
Effectiveness 95%
Benefits 95%
Price 97%
Customer Service 96%

“Haleigh’s Hope was the first effective CBD tincture that I tried after a few duds. It helps wonderfully for my anxiety and doesn’t have any side effects.”

Who Is Haleigh’s Hope CBD?

In 2009, Janea and Brian Cox gave birth to Haleigh, who was later diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and a rare form of epilepsy. She experienced her first seizure at 8-months, and the frequency and severity of the seizures increased rapidly as the little girl got older.

After a critical emergency in 2014, Haleigh’s parents became willing to investigate their treatment options in a new area of therapy that has shown promise in other patients who have epilepsy: Medical cannabis.

Since cannabis in all forms was illegal in the family’s home state of Georgia, Janea traveled to Colorado – the heart of the medical marijuana industry – in search of hope.

She connected with Jason Cranford in Colorado, and this was the beginning of Haleighs Hope. Jason is an expert botanist who’s been active in the cannabis industry since 2009. He’s a passionate advocate for marijuana and its healing properties.

Jason is the founder and executive director of the Flowering Hope Foundation. The organization  works closely with patients who have serious medical conditions that have shown promise with the treatment of medical cannabis. Working directly with these patients, Jason started to realize that different conditions were more responsive to certain ratios of CBD:THC.

He had already been working on a high CBD, low THC cannabis strain for other medical conditions. Through a period of trial and error, they found the perfect balance for Haleigh. Based on a cannabis strain developed with a 24:1 balance of CBD and THC, Haleigh’s Hope was formed.

Within a few weeks of treatment, Haleigh’s seizures reduced from over 200 per day to less than four. Her mother, Janea, is now one of the loudest advocates in the medical cannabis industry, calling for laws that advance the accessibility of medicine developed from cannabis.

Haleigh’s Hope is named in honor of Haleigh Cox, and the company works closely with the Flowering Hope Foundation to offer excellent customer support and patient consultations, as the company continues to develop specific strains of medical-grade CBD oils with targeted CBD:THC ratios.

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Haleigh’s Hope CBD Highlights

Here are some of the highlights of Haleigh’s Hope CBD oil:

  • High-Quality Products: Made from 100% USDA Organic Certified, verified non-GMO ingredients, Haleigh’s Hope is a high-quality, whole-plant hemp extract that contains naturally occurring cannabinoids. The company received its certification of compliance with the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). This certification recognizes the highest level of quality manufacturing that a maker of beverages, foods, dietary supplements, cosmetics, or pharmaceutical ingredients can receive.
  • Customer Support: Haleigh’s Hope is known for offering great customer service. If you need any help or have any questions, you can either call or email the company directly. There’s also a customer support tab on the company website that may help with some technical issues that you may be having with the website, your account, or shipping.
  • USDA Organic Certification: Haleigh’s Hope was the first vertically integrated hemp-based product that contains CBD to be issued with this certification.
  • Haleigh’s Hope Act: Haleigh Cox, in conjunction with Haleigh’s Hope, has a state law named in their honor, called “The Haleigh’s Hope Act.” The law allows registered patients and their caregivers to legally possess up to 20 ounces of low-THC oil with their doctor’s recommendation.
  • Free Consultation: The company offers free consultations. The number to call is (888) 328-0175, and you can also find more information on the website.

Haleigh’s Hope CBD: Negative Thoughts

We are not all that impressed with Haleigh’s Hope website. It’s quite bland, not very aesthetically pleasing, and the layout isn’t great. Quite honestly, it has a very amateur look and feel to it.

There also isn’t much information available about the company on the website. Even under the “About Us” tab, there is no information about Haleigh’s Hope. We can only hope that the company does a bit of a website revamp in the near future.

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“I use this CBD as part of my daily regimen to treat my anxiety disorder, RA, and fibromyalgia. It relieves pain without making me drowsy. Love it.”

Haleigh’s Hope CBD Products

You won’t find any fancy topicals, edibles, or dog treats at Haleigh’s Hope. The company’s focus is on CBD tinctures produced from special strains of cannabis. The oils aren’t categorized into any particular groups on the website, but there seem to be two different groups.

  • Organic Safflower: There are four varieties of Safflower oils: 10:1, 15:1, 20:1, and 30:1 ratios of CBD:THC. Each comes in either a 30 ml or 60 ml bottle with a serving size of 1 ml. These oils are a botanical blend that contains Safflower. There is also an extra-strength option of the 20:1 oil.
  • MCT Coconut: These oils are very similar, except that they are a botanical blend with MCT coconut, instead of Safflower. They are also available in four varieties: 10:1, 15:1, 20:1, and 30:1. The 20:1 oil is also available in an extra-strength option.

Haleigh’s Hope CBD: Costs

  • Organic Safflower: All of the regular strength 30 ml oils cost $75, and 60 ml cost $150. The extra strength 20:1, 30 ml oils are sold for $150, and 60 ml bottles go for $300.
  • MCT Coconut: The pricing of the MCT Coconut oils is exactly the same as Safflower oils: $75 for a 30 ml bottle and $150 for a 60 ml bottle. The extra strength of 20:1 oil is also the same.

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“We are using Haleigh’s Hope CBD for our daughter, who has epilepsy. Her seizures have reduced dramatically since starting with the treatment a few months ago. So far the results are fantastic.”

Final Thoughts on Haleigh’s Hope CBD

It’s important to note that Haleigh’s Hope offers very specific types of CBD products. If you’re looking to relieve mild pain, treat mild anxiety or depression, or looking for generalized calming effects, then this probably isn’t the brand for you.

However, if you or someone you love suffers from epilepsy or seizures, or are looking for a specific CBD:THC ratio, then Haleigh’s Hope could certainly be the brand for you. They are industry leaders in developing very specific strains of cannabis, and precise, pharmaceutical grade, ratios of cannabinoids.

Haleigh’s Hope has several specific formulations of CBD oil on offer, and the company has a strong reputation for producing extremely high-quality products.

Customer Reviews
Brenda Martin Verified user
Especially in America

The idea of CBD is floating around everywhere it appears. I think this concept is even more popular in America than anywhere else in the world. I shifted from the Europe to Texas recently and CBD was something I could not escape over here. Getting to a good brand was tough, took me about 4 months to discover Haleighs Hope.

Eugene Petersen Verified user
To counter weed

I am someone whom my doctor classified to be an increased hunger guy or a munchie. Upon investigation he concluded that it is my weed consumption that is causing so. Now I did not want to quit or even reduce my daily intake of weed as that gives me relaxation and happiness. But I was putting on weight constantly. Then I started chewing the munchies from Haleigh’s High and I also took on to their CBD oil. That counters some of the negatives of weed, like excessive hunger and helps me keep in a better control of my body.

Carolyn Sessions Verified user
Back to as I was

After Charlotte’s Web, Haleighs Hope has been the only brand that has been equally effective. I was using CW hemp for seizures and fits. It had been almost an year. However, I felt that I have started to develop some tolerance towards Charlotte’s. I was not sure of this tolerance was towards Charlotte or towards CBD in general, so I tried different other brands to figure it out. I am glad that Haleighs Hope is now working efficiently for my disease and I am much better once again as I was with CW.

Jon Lewis Verified user
No cough

Most CBD brands that I had taken so far had thrown me into bouts of cough and throat irritation. I still thought one would suit me someday, and kept on trying more and more. Haleigh’s hope has been a commendable choice to overcome this problem. As far as effect is considered, I rate it average. At par with others. But this symptom of coughing does not bother me with Haleigh’s Hope.

Sarah Caruso Verified user
Life saving medicine.

Haleigh’s Hope has saved my daughters life. Prior to starting Haleigh’s Hope my daughter was having around 20-30 seizures a day. The doctors gave her a life expectancy of 5 years. She is 11 today! After a week on Haleigh’s Hope our seizures reduced drastically. Today we are seizure free! If you are looking for a clean, safe and effective product look no more Haleigh’s Hope is for you!

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