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Many CBD companies come with a touching backstory, and Haleigh's Hope is one of them. It ropes in customers with the heart-wrenching tale of a young girl named Haleigh Cox, who has Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. It's a rare form of epilepsy that induces severe seizures. Haleigh also has Cerebral Palsy.

Today, we are reviewing the brand her family founded in their search for products that could help their daughter.

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About Haleigh's Hope: Trustworthiness & Industry Promise

Janea and Brian Cox welcomed Haleigh to the world in 2009, and she experienced her first seizure at eight months old. Like any parents, they were desperate to find something that could improve their daughter’s quality of life.

Many parents go through similar struggles, and some of them are turning to cannabis derivatives. Haleigh’s Hope aims to provide families with kid-friendly CBD products that are both legal and safe, as well as effective.


Quality, Credentials, & Lab Testing

Haleigh’s Hope is a reputable brand that has featured in numerous publications, including CNN, NBC, and National Geographic.

Part of what makes this brand special is that it’s more than a retailer. It also gives to the Flowering H.O.P.E Foundation, a non-profit that helps families access cannabis-based medication to those suffering from conditions like Crohn’s, Epilepsy, and MS. The two organizations are separate but work closely together.

Another significant benefit of Haleigh’s Hope is that all the hemp plants are USDA-certified organic. It’s excellent to see a full certification for these claims.

Haleigh’s Hope lab tests all products, and you can access the certificates both on the website and with your product’s batch code.


Return Policy & Quality Assurance

Haleigh’s Hope ships to all fifty states. There is usually a refunds and returns policy in place, with the brand accepting returns within 30 days if the safety seal is intact. All you need to do is contact the brand via email to receive a returns label.

However, at the time of writing, Haleigh’s Hope is not offering returns due to the pandemic. It’s a shame but an understandable move for this brand.


Product Manufacturing Process

This brand doesn’t have too much information about the manufacturing process on its website. However, the FAQs feature some of the essential parts.

Haleigh’s Hope sources hemp from organic facilities in Colorado, overseeing the process from seed to sale. It supports regenerative farming practices, too. The extraction process is not stated, which is a bit of a downside. Most brands are clear about the method they use, especially if they use CO2 extraction.

With few products on offer, Haleigh’s Hope then infuses the extract into an oil product and sells it to loyal customers.


Additional Product Information (Ingredients, Cannabinoid Profiles, etc.)

Haleigh’s Hope specializes in full-spectrum products, believing that the best benefits stem from these tinctures. Each one has a particular ratio of CBD to THC, of course adhering to the limits set out in the Farm Bill every time. The ratios start at 10:1 and go up to 20:1.

The products are very basic, with just a few ingredients. Each one contains the high-quality hemp extract blended into either coconut oil or safflower oil.

Conversely to many other brands, these tinctures come with a separate oral syringe, making dosing really easy.

I use Haleigh's Hope every day to help with my anxiety disorder and fibromyalgia. It provides quick daytime relief every time.

Haleigh's Hope Review: Highlights

Here are some of the best bits about the Haleigh’s Hope brand:

  • USDA certified: Having organic ingredients is a massive plus for Haleigh's Hope. Not only that, but the products are also manufactured in GMP-certified facilities. The result is a high-quality extract with excellent baseline ingredients.
  • Amazing customer support: Fans of this brand adore its customer service. The team responds promptly to emails and phone calls, which is always a great sign. Plus, there's a Facebook group that is really supportive and helpful for those who are unsure.

  • Lab tests: Any brand that conducts lab tests is immediately a cut above the rest. Haleigh's Hope publishes lab reports on the site and allows customers to search for the batch they receive.
  • Unique cannabinoid blend: Compared to other brands, Haleigh's Hope is offering something unique. It provides a combination of CBD and THC with a little bit of CBC, and this is not a typical formula.
  • Free consultation: Haleigh's Hope offers a free consultation if you call (888) 328-0175, which is handy for those who feel stuck before purchasing.

Negative Thoughts

Not everything about this brand is perfect. It has very little information about the brand on the website, with most of the emphasis placed on testimonials. Touching stories are all well and good, but we would like to know the extraction process.

The current lack of a returns process is also frustrating, even though the circumstances are understandable.

The final critique is the website, which could be a little more visually appealing.

Haleigh's Hope was the first tincture I tried that actually worked for me. It has done what I needed it to do and hasn't caused any side effects.

Information on Where to Buy Haleigh's Hope Products

The Haleigh’s Hope products are available directly from the brand’s official website. Some dispensaries also carry these products, as well as third-party retailers.

Unless a physical location near you sells these products, it’s best to order from the official site. There have been some frauds in the past, springing up due to this brand’s popularity.

To avoid being caught out, order from the brand itself.


Best Haleigh's Hope Products: Summary of Costs & Product Selection

Haleigh's Hope has a minimal product selection. It's clear that this brand emphasizes doing good deeds rather than seeking to make a huge profit. And so, instead of an overwhelmingly large product selection, there are just two choices.

Haleigh's Hope CBD Oils

The Haleigh's Hope CBD oil comes in a few strengths, each a ratio of CBD to THC. The options are 10:1, 15:1, and 20:1. Each one comes in a 1oz bottle with an oral syringe, allowing for easy measuring. The brand provides both coconut oil and safflower options, providing for those who have allergies. The oils are certified organic and have Kosher certifications. Both are excellent options, as coconut oil is even appropriate for those on keto and paleo diets.
Cost: $30 - $150

Haleigh's Hope Nasal Spray

The nasal spray was a more recent addition to the website. It makes administering CBD during a seizure incredibly easy, which is why this product has been helpful for so many families. It's a highly rated product. This is a unique product that offers parents and carers with an alternative option, showing that Haleigh's Hope really cares. The bottle offers 5mg of CBD per spray, with 300 sprays in the bottle.
Cost: $150

We have used the Haleigh's Hope nasal spray for our daughter, who has epilepsy. It has worked excellently and reduced her seizures so far; we would highly recommend.

Haleigh's Hope Review: Summary & Final Thoughts

All in all, Haleigh’s Hope is a great brand. The product selection is much smaller than other brands, but this is to be expected from a brand that’s not in it for commercial profit. Founded by parents who want to help their child, it’s not surprising that this brand is putting patients first.

That said, it is unlikely to be the best option for those looking for a regular, daily CBD product. If you are looking for an easy-to-use, fun product, then look elsewhere.

You can purchase the Haleigh’s Hope products from the website. Thanks to the brand’s excellent customer service and attention to detail, you are unlikely to be disappointed.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to your health and happiness!
Customer Reviews
Brenda Martin Verified user
Especially in America

The idea of CBD is floating around everywhere it appears. I think this concept is even more popular in America than anywhere else in the world. I shifted from the Europe to Texas recently and CBD was something I could not escape over here. Getting to a good brand was tough, took me about 4 months to discover Haleighs Hope.

Eugene Petersen Verified user
To counter weed

I am someone whom my doctor classified to be an increased hunger guy or a munchie. Upon investigation he concluded that it is my weed consumption that is causing so. Now I did not want to quit or even reduce my daily intake of weed as that gives me relaxation and happiness. But I was putting on weight constantly. Then I started chewing the munchies from Haleigh’s High and I also took on to their CBD oil. That counters some of the negatives of weed, like excessive hunger and helps me keep in a better control of my body.

Carolyn Sessions Verified user
Back to as I was

After Charlotte’s Web, Haleighs Hope has been the only brand that has been equally effective. I was using CW hemp for seizures and fits. It had been almost an year. However, I felt that I have started to develop some tolerance towards Charlotte’s. I was not sure of this tolerance was towards Charlotte or towards CBD in general, so I tried different other brands to figure it out. I am glad that Haleighs Hope is now working efficiently for my disease and I am much better once again as I was with CW.

Jon Lewis Verified user
No cough

Most CBD brands that I had taken so far had thrown me into bouts of cough and throat irritation. I still thought one would suit me someday, and kept on trying more and more. Haleigh’s hope has been a commendable choice to overcome this problem. As far as effect is considered, I rate it average. At par with others. But this symptom of coughing does not bother me with Haleigh’s Hope.

Sarah Caruso Verified user
Life saving medicine.

Haleigh’s Hope has saved my daughters life. Prior to starting Haleigh’s Hope my daughter was having around 20-30 seizures a day. The doctors gave her a life expectancy of 5 years. She is 11 today! After a week on Haleigh’s Hope our seizures reduced drastically. Today we are seizure free! If you are looking for a clean, safe and effective product look no more Haleigh’s Hope is for you!

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