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Migraines have a way of wreaking havoc on your entire life. They can ruin your social plans, diminish your productivity at work, interrupt your life, and make you miserable for a whole day or longer. This is why migraine sufferers are willing to try just about anything for relief. Enter Axon Relief, a CBD brand that specializes in CBD supplements for migraines specifically. We will take an in-depth look at the company and how their products may help in our full Axon Relief review below.

There are a few potential treatment options for migraines, including pharmaceutical drugs, dietary restrictions, relaxation techniques, and more. However, if you’re in search of something that focuses on overall wellness rather than an OTC or prescribed drug that merely dulls the pain and comes with potentially harmful and unwanted side effects, CBD oil from Axon Relief may be the answer.

CBD has the potential to be a safe, natural treatment option for migraines. Several studies have linked CBD to pain-relieving properties and also documented its safety. Axon Relief sells CBD oil and daily supplements that are backed by the latest clinical data from headache research.

Axon Relief Quick Summary

Quality 96%
Effectiveness 90%
Benefits 97%
Price 90%
Customer Service 90%

“Gives me almost instant relief from headaches. Within minutes of taking a few drops, I feel the pain melting away.”

Who Is Axon Relief?

Axon Relief specializes in prevention-focused CBD oil and supplements formulated specifically for those with migraines. The Axon team has been dedicated to researching migraine relief and migraine attacks since 1986. The founding partner, Dr. Bradley J. Katz, regularly publishes his research in top headache journals. He also presents his findings to national headache societies.

The same team is behind Axon Optics, that company that makes specially-tinted eyeglasses that help people manage migraines caused by light sensitivity. Axon relief only sells two products; CBD oil for migraines and a Migraine Supplement Drink Mix.

The Axon CBD is a clean, effective CBD oil that contains a stronger than average dose of CBD. It’s considered a high concentrate with over 33mg of CBD per mL. Other CBD oils can contain as little as 3mg CBD, making Axon CBD oil 11 times stronger than many other brands.


Axon Relief Highlights

Here are a few reasons we think you’ll love Axon Relief:

  • Clear Mission and Focus: Many other CBD brands simply sell CBD products that aren’t made to treat any specific condition. Axon Relief is different in that its products have been designed for a specific reason: to help manage migraines. The people behind the brand are headache and migraine experts, and therefore know what they’re doing when it comes to treating migraines.
  • Free Domestic Shipping: Customers can get free domestic shipping on all orders by using the code “AXONSHIP.”
  • Axon Blog: There is a blog section on the Axon Relief website, and it’s filled with several interesting articles, including using essential oils for migraines, how CBD may be useful for migraines, FAQS on CBD oil and migraines, and more.
  • High-Quality CBD:The Axon CBD is made in an FDA registered facility from USA raw materials and then tested in a third-party laboratory. The CBD oil contains no artificial flavors, colors, or THC.

Negative Thoughts on Axon Relief

Although we love that Axon Relief has a clear purpose, they have absolutely no variety to choose from. There is only one CBD oil, and it has no flavor (it’s all-natural). So if you’re not a fan of the natural taste of CBD, then you’re not going to enjoy Axon Relief.

Furthermore, because the Axon products are formulated to help with migraines, this probably isn’t the right brand for anyone who is looking to use CBD for any other reason.


“I have been using Axon for a month now to relieve chronic, persistent migraines as well as chronic pain. It’s working well so far and has a very nice flavor as a bonus.”

Axon Relief Products 

  • CBD Oil: The Axon CBD oil is marketed as being “stronger and cleaner.” The CBD extract is infused with only the purest hemp seed oil, meaning there’s nothing to interfere with the effectiveness. It comes in a 30mL bottle and has a total strength of 1,000mg. There are 30 servings per bottle.
  • Migraine Supplement Drink Mix: The Axon drink is a daily use supplement and the only migraine supplement drink mix to be formulated with ingredients that have been recommended by national headache associations to reduce migraine attacks. There are 30 servings in a container.

 Axon Relief Costs 

  • CBD Oil: The 30mL bottle of CBD oil retails for $49.99
  • Migraine Supplement Drink Mix: One container of the drink mix retails for $29.99


“I take Axon every night before bed, and it really helps to calm me down before I go to sleep. I also take a dropper if I feel a migraine coming on, and have noticed a definite decrease in the duration of my headaches.”

Final Thoughts on Axon Relief

Axon Relief is different from many other CBD brands that we’ve reviewed in that they focus purely on migraine relief. They only sell two products: CBD oil and a supplement drink mix – both are specifically designed to help those who experience migraines. Currently, although there is scientific research linking CBD to pain-relieving properties, there’s not much available on using CBD oil for migraines specifically. Therefore, we cannot speak as to the effectiveness of the Axon Relief products.

However, Axon appears to be a high-quality brand with a clear focus. Moreover, the founding partner is an expert in the field of headaches and migraines, and thus we feel confident in assuming that he knows what he’s doing when it comes to producing CBD oil and supplements for migraines.

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