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PureKana is one of our favorites. The company is relatively new, compared to other CBD oil companies, but don’t let that put you off. They have one of the best oils out there and their formula is perfect for conditions such as anxiety and pain. When we first tried PureKana’s oil they were only selling their CBD oils, but in the last year the company has grown at an exponential rate and they now they offer a wide range of CBD products including CBD gummies and ointments. The company itself is a small owned family business and the founder Jeff is a superstar. It seems as if they truly care about your health. What attracted us to try PureKana was the flavors of their CBD oils. They offer the regular flavor, but also have mint and Vanilla. We were also told that they will be adding more throughout 2018.

Another major plus about this brand is their extraction process. They use an advanced full-spectrum extraction process which combines CO2. All their seeds are cold-pressed and they guarantee that you won’t find any pesticides, herbicides  or other unpleasant chemicals. As far as price goes, we set them at mid-range. Their bottles range between $48-$139, depending on the amount of CBD you are looking for. If you are looking for a great CBD to start off with then we would definitely recommend PureKana.

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  • 5% Coupon Code: 5OFFCBD1 (tested 04/20/2018)

PureKana Quick Summary

Quality 95%
Effectiveness 94%
Benefits 93%
Price 94%
Customer Service 98%

“The taste of this oil is fantastic. 30 minutes after taking my first dose I already felt less anxious”

Who Is PureKana

PureKana is a California based company that ships its products throughout the whole of the U.S and globally.

The company has been around for a couple of years and have earned a great reputation. We even heard that they have customers from over in the U.K. That says a lot about a company if they’ve got a worldwide customer base. One of the major advantages of PureKana is their formula. They’ve created a CBD oil that is non-GMO and PureKana no pesticides, solvents, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. All their products are third-party tested to make sure that the Hemp inside the bottle is completely safe and legal.

We also know for a fact that the owner of the company actually uses his own product for treating anxiety, showing us that he believes in his product and doesn’t just sell it.


PureKana HighLights

We could list hundreds of different benefits about PureKana, but these were the 5 that stood out.

  • The product is absolutely amazing. And don’t just take our word for it, search the Internet for PureKana reviews and you’ll find only good things about them. We’ve been using their 300mg CBD mg and the only bad thing we can say about the oil is that we wish it would come in a larger quantity for the same price.
  • PureKana doesn’t use just any extraction process, they’ve improved the CO2 process. From what we understand their seeds our American grown and then shipped to Europe for cultivation. They are then shipped back for homemade extraction. According to their lab results, PureKana manages to extract a pure 99% CBD oil while incorporating some of the key elements of a full spectrum oil.
  • While the 300mg might be great for Anxiety and acute pain, their 1000mg is simply out of this world. Their CBD oil is known for helping to treat a wide range of medical conditions including pain, inflammation, diabetes, arthritis, insomnia, and stress relief.
  • The oil is super smooth. This might sound a bit weird, but some of the CBD oils on the market simply taste as bad as they look. PureKana looks good and tastes great due to their different flavors. The PureKana oil is exceptionally smooth and seems to have a great shelving life.
  • In regards to cost, this CBD oil is mid-range and even the 1000mg CBD oil won’t set you back compared to other CBD oils.

Negative Thoughts

This wouldn’t be an unbiased review if we didn’t also show the negative things. While there aren’t many bad things to say about PureKana, at least none that we experienced, what we can say is that this oil might not work for everyone. If you are looking to cure cancer or are looking to treat a debilitating condition such as schizophrenia, this is not the oil for you. The lack of THC simply makes it ineffective for those type of conditions.

purekana oil

“A high grade CBD oil. Excellent”

My Personal Experience

Both my wife and I use PureKana. It remarkably helped her social anxiety and helped to reduce the pain that I experience on a day to day basis. I especially love their customer care and they are always available to answer any questions I have by email. I’ve ordered already 8 times from PureKana and the oil always arrives a few days later. If you haven’t tried PureKana, then you should. You’ll be quite surprised at how effective it really is.



PureKana offers a wide range of products but for the purpose of this review we will focus on their 3 most popular.

  • CBD Oil: PureKana’s CBD oil comes in Mint, Vanilla and Natural Flavors in three potencies: 300mg, 600mg, and 1000mg. In regards to how much you are supposed to take. According to the instructions on the bottle, you’re supposed to take ½ of the dropper or roughly 15-20 drops of the CBD.
  • CBD Capsules: If you don’t like oil, you can try their CBD Capsules? The PureKana range contains 30 x 25mg CBD capsules per bottle, and each one has only minimal amounts of THC (less than 0.03%).
  • Topicals: PureKana’s topical ointment is a unique way to get your CBD intake for the day. Simply rub it and let it do its magic. Each tub contains 2oz of cream and has a total of 600mg of CBD.
  • CBD Gummies: Each gummy contains 25mg, and there are around 20 in the bottle. So that adds up to 500mg for the whole CBD per bottle.


  • CBD Oil: $49-$54 per 300mg up to $149-$154 per 1000mg
  • CBD Capsules: $83 per bottle sale price.
  • CBD Ointment: $75 per tub.
  • CBD Gummies: $33


“Worth every penny”

Final Verdict

We’ve seen our fair share of CBD oils, but PureKana managed to take us by surprise. They leave an amazing first impression and as their products REALLY work, it’s hard not to come back for more. If this is the first time you’ve heard about PureKana, then I would definitely recommend trying them out. Plus with the 5% coupon, you are getting their CBD oils at a bargain price.

Official website link:
5% Coupon Code: 5OFFCBD1 (Tested 04/20/2018)

To your health and happiness.

Customer reviews
Emily Verified Buyer

Great product

The CBD gummies are tasty and help me to sleep through the night with no tossing and turning. I take one gummy a couple of hours before bedtime and it kicks in like a charm.

Charles Verified Buyer

Love this product

I was able to get off prescription medication for pain management, thanks to the PureKana topicals. It’s great quality and the effect kicks in almost immediately.

Brit Verified Buyer

Best CBD oil on the market - that I’ve tried

I have tried several different brands of CBD oil and none compare to PureKana. I use it for pain relief and stress. I take it a few times a week, depending on the situation, and it really calms my nerves and eases body pain.

Paul Verified Buyer

Incredible for pain relief

I suffered from severe shoulder pain after falling last year. I had physio treatment but the pain kept recurring. I have now been using PureKana topicals for the past two years and I am pain free.

Melissa Verified Buyer

CBD oil for pain and sleep

I am in severe pain when I wake up in the morning. I take 20 drops of CBD oil under the tongue and within half an hour I am pain free and able to walk long distances. I now take a dose before bed and I sleep like a baby.

Dave Verified Buyer

Effective for treatment of anxiety

I use the CBD oil and take it under the tongue. It hasn’t completely cured my anxiety but it has helped me a great deal. I no longer use any other medication, just the oil.

Sophie Verified Buyer

High quality gummies

The PureKana gummies have helped in boosting my immune system, without any side effects. I have tried CBD gummies from a few markets before and never thought I was getting the real thing. You can easily tell the difference between the PureKana gummies which are of a very high quality.

Matt Verified Buyer

Pain relief from topicals

I’m relatively active but have suffered from extreme muscle soreness for a while. Thankfully I discovered the Pure Kana Topicals which have helped a great deal in easing my pain.

Sandy Verified Buyer

Improved sleep

I’ve been using PureKana’s CBD oil for the past year. I used to have many problems falling asleep and when I did sleep, it would be a very light sleep. It still takes me a while to get to sleep, but I find that I sleep much better and wake up fully refreshed.

Adriane Verified Buyer

Good for insomnia

After suffering from insomnia for years, one of my friends recently suggested that I try CBD for treatment. I was hesitant at first but thankfully I came across the PureKana oil which has helped me a lot. While my insomnia is not completely cured and is a constant battle, the oil has definitely helped me.

JD Verified Buyer

Tastes delicious

I’m very happy with the results that I’ve had after using the Purekana CBD oil. Much to my surprise, it tastes delicious and helped to calm me down only 30 minutes after taking it.

Helen Verified Buyer

I use capsules everyday

I don’t enjoy vaping or smoking so I am a big fan of the PureKana CBD capsules. It’s very effective for treating my anxiety and has helped to reduce the stress I feel on a daily basis. I love the fact that its a pill that I can take, as I would any other vitamin.