Without fear of being too blunt, PureKana CBD oil is one of our hands-down favorites. The company has been around for a few years, and has been featured by the likes of High Times magazine and Marijuana Break. It is our opinion that they have one of the best oils out there – for me and my wife, their formula is perfect for anxiety, pain, and sleep aid.

Believe it or not, when we first tried PureKana CBD oil they were only selling standard oral tinctures. In the last two years however, the company has grown at an exponential rate and they now they offer a wide range of CBD products including:

  • Gummies
  • Topical ointments
  • Capsules
  • Pet Products
  • Pure Picks (CBD Toothpicks)
  • Vape Pens
  • CBD Bath Bombs

The company itself is a relatively small business, and after getting to know the founder Jeff, we must say that the guy’s a superstar. It seems as if he truly cares about his customers’ health and well-being, and it is clear that he spends tireless amounts of time and energy on maintaining best practice in the industry. Without a doubt, the purity and safety of all his products are a top priority.

That said, one of the things that attracted us to try PureKana the most was the flavors of their CBD oils; they offer a regular (Natural) flavor, but also have Mint and Vanilla as well – a rarity among an industry where most products taste like glorified dirt.

Another major plus about PureKana CBD is the brand’s extraction process. They use advanced full-spectrum CO2 techniques, and all of their seeds are cold-pressed and guaranteed to not contain any pesticides, herbicides, or other unpleasant chemicals.

As far as price goes, we set PureKana at the “mid-range” level. Their bottles range between $54-$139, depending on the amount of CBD you are looking for. If you are looking for a great CBD to start off with then we would definitely recommend PureKana.

  • Official Site Address: www.purekana.com
  • 5% Coupon Code: 5OFFCBD1 (tested August, 2019)

PureKana Quick Summary

Quality 95%
Effectiveness 94%
Benefits 93%
Price 94%
Customer Service 98%

“The taste of this oil is fantastic. 30 minutes after taking my first dose I already felt less anxious”

Who Is PureKana

PureKana is a California based company that ships its products throughout the whole of the US, Canada, the U.K., and many countries around the globe. If you’re wanting to know if they’ll ship to your country, just shoot them an email and ask.

In terms of their presence in the market, PureKana CBD oil has been around for a couple of years and has quickly earned a solid reputation. We even heard that they have a solid customer base in the U.K., which says a lot about the company’s quality, purity, and effectiveness.

Of course, one of the major advantages of PureKana CBD oil is its formula. These guys have created a CBD tincture that is non-GMO, as well as free from pesticides, solvents, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. Furthermore, all PureKana products are third-party tested to make sure that the hemp extract inside the bottle is completely safe.

We also know for a fact that the owner of the company uses his own product for treating anxiety, showing us that he believes in the stuff and doesn’t just sell it — a rarity among any industry, not just the CBD oil industry.

PureKana CBD

PureKana CBD Review: Highlights

We could list hundreds of different benefits after conducting our PureKana CBD review, but these were the 5 that stood out the most:

  • The product is absolutely amazing. And don’t just take our word for it, search the internet for ‘PureKana reviews’ and you’ll more or less find only good things about them. We’ve been using their 300mg CBD mg, and the only bad thing we can say about the oil is that we wish it would come in a larger quantity for the same price.
  • PureKana uses an improved CO2 extraction process. From what we understand, their seeds are American grown. Also, according to their lab results PureKana manages to extract a pure 99% CBD oil while incorporating some of the key elements of a full-spectrum oil.
  • Strength and available potencies. While the 300 mg might be great for anxiety and acute pain, their 1,000 mg is simply out of this world. Their CBD oil has been known for help with a wide range of medical challenges including pain, inflammation, diabetes, arthritis, insomnia, and stress.
  • The oil is super smooth. This might sound a bit weird, but some of the CBD oils on the market simply taste as bad as they look. PureKana CBD oil looks good and tastes great (in all three different flavors). The PureKana oil is exceptionally smooth, and seems to have a great shelving life if stored properly.
  • Very reasonable pricing. In regards to cost, PureKana CBD oil is mid-range – even the 1,000 mg CBD oil won’t set you back compared to other CBD oils on the current market.

Negative Thoughts

Ultimately, folks would probably suggest that this wasn’t an unbiased review if we didn’t write up a few negative things from our PureKana CBD review. While there aren’t many bad things to say about the company (in fact none that we experienced), what we can say is that the oil will not work for everyone. If you are looking to cure cancer, are looking to treat an overly-debilitating condition, or are even looking to “get high,” this is not the oil for you. No form of CBD should be considered a “cure” for anything, and of course, the lack of THC makes any hemp-based product ineffective in terms of producing a high.

PureKana CBD Oil


“A high grade CBD oil. Excellent”

My Personal Experience with PureKana CBD Oil

Both my wife and I use PureKana. It helped her social anxiety remarkably, and helped to reduce the pain that I experience on a day-to-day basis. I especially love the brand’s customer care, as they are always available to answer any questions I have by email. I’ve ordered probably 15 times from PureKana, and the products always arrives a few days later. If you haven’t tried PureKana CBD oil, then you should – you’ll be quite surprised at how effective it really is.

PureKana Review

PureKana Review: Products

PureKana offers a wide range of products, ramping up in terms of both quality and effectiveness in order to maintain their reputation as one of the industry’s leading brands.

  • CBD Oil | PureKana’s CBD oil comes in Mint, Vanilla, and Natural flavors, and is available in five potencies: 300 mg, 600 mg, 1,000 mg, 2,500 mg and a whopping 5,000 mg . In regards to serving size, according to the instructions on the bottle you’re supposed to take ½ of the dropper (or roughly 15-20 drops).
  • CBD Capsules | If you don’t like CBD oil, try CBD capsules. The PureKana range contains 30 x 25 mg CBD softgels per bottle, with each one containing a full-spectrum blend of cannabinoids and hemp extract.
  • CBD Topicals | PureKana’s topical CBD ointment is a unique way to get your CBD intake for the day. Simply rub it and let it do its magic. Each tub contains 2 oz of cream, and has a total of 600 mg of CBD.
  • CBD Gummies | Each PureKana CBD gummy contains 25 mg of active extract, and there are around 20 gummies in the whole bottle (adds up to 500 mg of CBD for the entire bottle).
  • CBD Pure Picks | A relatively new addition to the PureKana lineup, these are essentially CBD-infused tooth picks that you chew/suck on. The active CBD absorbs into your gums, glands, and oral capillaries, and the effects can be felt literally for hours. (One of our favorites for taking to work).
  • Pet CBD Oil | PureKana surely hasn’t forgotten about the fluffy members of your family, with their full range of CBD dog treats usable for anything from a toy chihuahua to an Irish wolfhound.
  • CBD Bath Bombs | Bath Bombs may not have the popular status that CBD oils or CBD gummies do, but trust us – they are effective as can be. My wife absolutely LOVES the combination of therapy that they provide, and she claims that taking a “CBD bath” in addition to a single dose of the oil tincture results in the best sleep that a human can have.
  • CBD Vape Pens | Another new addition to the PureKana product line, these CBD-infused vape pens are a recommended option for those who to prefer to inhale their cannabis-based therapy.

PureKana Costs

  • CBD Oil | $54 (300 mg) up to $149-$390 (5,000 mg)
  • CBD Capsules | $83 per bottle (30 capsules at 25 mg each)
  • CBD Topical Lotion | $80 for a 3.4 oz bottle
  • CBD Gummies | $40 (20 gummies at 25 mg each)
  • CBD Pure Picks | $29 (10 “dental toothpicks” at 25 mg each)
  • CBD for Dogs | Range from $29.99 to $34.99 depending on size and potency
  • CBD Bath Bombs | $12.99 each (a single ‘bomb’ contains 50 mg CBD)
  • CBD Vape Pens | $45 (125 servings at ~1.85 mg CBD/serving)

“Worth every penny”

PureKana CBD Oil Review: Our Final Verdict

Trust us, we’ve seen (and tested) our fair share of CBD oils, and in all truthfulness, PureKana continues to take us by surprise. They leave an amazing first impression, and as their products really do work, it’s hard not to come back for more. If this is the first time you’ve heard about PureKana CBD, then both my wife and I would definitely recommend checking them out. They’re a great introductory option if you’ve never taken CBD before, or if you’ve already tried some other brand(s) and experienced limited results, they’ll almost certainly provide a step up in terms of quality and effectiveness.

Official website link: www.purekana.com
5% Coupon Code: 5OFFCBD1 (Tested August, 2019)

Thanks for reading, and here’s to your health and happiness!

Customer reviews
Timothy LaneyVerified Buyer 2019-09-16

Breaking the monotony

Pure Kana has one thing good to it. It has its oils in various kinds of bottles, I mean in various shapes and sizes. I usually order a different one each time, to save myself of the monotony of a single shape and size, as all CBD has almost the same effect on my body. But yes, the dose usually requires an adjustment.

Olive MiltonVerified Buyer 2019-09-09

For Dark Circles

Can you find a better CBD oil than Pure Kana? Can’t say “No” with a 100% guarantee, but chances are quite dim. I am using this to get rid of the dark spots under my eyes, as of now it hasn’t helped, but maybe it needs a very long time. Let’s see.

JerberVerified Buyer 2019-09-07

No more Pain

I had back pain for many years my back doc says steroid shot is the only thing he can do. I asked my general MD about CBD oil he says Pure Kana works for him. I am taking it now 2 drops twice and my back pain is 75% gone and I’m able to do things I couldn’t do before.

True DavidsonVerified Buyer 2019-08-30

Nice one

Donna GrimmVerified Buyer 2019-08-30

Good as a Dietary Supplement

Purekana definitely has no comparison at all. I mean this is one of those premium brands, that if you like the taste, then you would never switch. It is not only good medicinally, but also great as a dietary supplement. I am much in favor of using Purekana, if you really want some good quality of CBD.

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