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HempWorx CBD Oil Review

HempWorx CBD is an interesting brand that has no issue with transparency in terms of how they operate as a business, and where they source their raw hemp plant material from. Also, one of the main things that stands out to me as that they’re one of the only companies I know of that offers specific dosing guidelines for a range of serious medical conditions. This is a bit odd, however, as they also make it clear that CBD is not approved by the FDA as a medicine, and thus none of their products are designed to “treat, cure, or prevent” any disease.

Regardless, HempWorx CBD oil is an up-and-coming brand that is one of a select few that operate wholly within the United States. They source their raw hemp material from organic Pilot Research farms in Kentucky, and use only state-of-the-art CO2 extraction techniques to pull the active CBD compound from raw plant material.

In this complete HempWorx CBD oil review, I’ll go over their range of products, how their prices compare to some of the most well-established brands in the industry, and what sort of effects I noticed personally on my stress and anxiety levels.

HempWorx CBD Quick Summary

Quality 92%
Effectiveness 93%
Benefits 90%
Price 90%
Customer Service 96%

“Great stuff. CBD treats work wonders for my Schnauzer's arthritis.”

Who Is HempWorx CBD?

HempWorx CBD is a brand with an interesting business model. Rather than employing the idea of self-sufficiency through their own advertising and marketing campaigns, they branch out to other retailers (both in store and online) in order to get their products out on the market.

This unique model really has nothing to do with the quality of their products, as they’re actually one of the few U.S. companies that works with Pilot Research Hemp Farms in Kentucky to source all of their raw plant material.

Kentucky industrial hemp is known to be some of the finest quality in the United States, and many believe that the natural soil content and climate within the region produces better CBD-rich strains than those found in Colorado and California.

Moreover, HempWorx ships to all 50 U.S. states (as well as most countries in the world), and in fact has one of the fastest shipping services I’ve experience with any CBD brand.

Later on in the HempWork review, I’ll point out exactly which products I used, and how they affected me personally.   

Who Is HempWorx CBD

HempWorx CBD Oil: Highlights

Here are the top 5 reasons why I like this company, and why I decided to do a complete HempWorx review of the brand itself and their range of products:

  • Sourced from Kentucky-grown hemp. HempWorx definitely isn’t the only CBD brand to have a commercial agreement with Kentucky hemp farms, but the ones who do generally manufacture some of the highest quality CBD products in the country.
  • Incredibly fast shipping. Since HempWorx does a lot of wholesale business with large-scale retail buyers, they have to have a huge amount of stock available at any given time. This is nice for average customers, as it typically means no backorders and same day shipping.
  • Wholesale pricing. Speaking of wholesale, HempWorx offers incredible bulk deals on their range of CBD oils for those who run retail storefronts, dispensaries, etc.
  • Pure CO2 extraction. Combined with the fact that HempWorx sources their raw hemp material from organic Kentucky farms, their use of low-temperature CO2 extraction all but guarantees a pure, potent end product.
  • Buy 3 Get 1 Free. For the thousands of people who buy a monthly supply of CBD at a time, this actually works out to be an incredible deal, and HempWorx is one of the only brands to offer such a big discount for non-wholesale buyers.
  • 100% Made in the USA. As with most things, it’s getting harder and harder to find a truly 100% USA company. Most CBD manufacturers outsource at least some component of their operation to the Asian market, but HempWorx has managed to stay fully American while keeping their prices more than competitive.

HempWorx CBD Oil: Negative Thoughts

HempWorx actually provides great, helpful information for new CBD oil users by providing a dosing guideline specific to the condition that they’re treating (they offer dosing advice for increasing appetite, lowering anxiety, treating chronic pain, epilepsy, Huntington’s disease, sleep disorders, etc).

In my opinion, however, they probably shouldn’t be doing this given the fact that: a) CBD is not an FDA-approved medication (except for the treatment of rare forms of epilepsy); and b) they are not professional healthcare providers.

They even have an FDA and Legal Disclosure directly below the dosing guidelines, declaring that “these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”

Also, you have to create an account with the company before you order anything from them online, which is a little bit annoying.

HempWorx CBD Oil: Highlights

“Stocked my entire online store using HempWorx Wholesale, and will be re-ordering soon. Super high-quality.”

HempWorx CBD Review: My Personal Experience

If you’ve read some of my other posts, you’ll know that I suffer from anxiety and sporadic panic attacks, and often times these episodes cause me a great deal of struggle when trying to get a healthy night’s sleep.

My condition fortunately isn’t chronic (the anxiety comes and goes with varying levels of intensity), but I will still say that on average I use CBD at least three times per week to try and lower my stress, or to try and treat a full-on panic episode.

In my HempWorx review, I actually found that their 750 strength CBD oil was pretty effective for a 6-rated panic attack (I “rank” all of my panic episodes on a scale of 1-10), as it definitely eased my symptoms and helped me relax without having to resort to my Xanax prescription.

Also, I took it a few times as a preventative measure before work if I was feeling particularly anxious in the morning, and in every instance I was able to get through the day perfectly fine.

I will say that I was fortunate enough to be able to buy from an in-store distributor, but if you are going to order online, be advised that you’ll have to register a personal account with HempWorx.  

HempWorx CBD Products

The HempWorx CBD product lineup consists of the standard HempWorx CBD oil drops (their most popular product), three different types of topical HempWorx CBD cream, and a range of pet-specific HempWorx CBD oils and treats for dogs.

  • HempWorx CBD Oil Herbal Drops. The oil drops come in two different potencies (500 and 750), each of which is available in either Natural or Peppermint flavor. The HempWorx “500” offers 10 mg of CBD per dose, while the 750 offers 15 mg per dose (a single dose is defined as one dropper full).
  • HempWorx CBD Topical Cream. The HempWorks topical CBD creams come in three different varieties: Relief, Renew, and Revive. The “Relief” is an icy muscle rub designed for pain and joint soreness, while the “Renew” is a beautifying anti-aging cream and the “Revive” is an anti-aging CBD cream with infused collagen.
  • HempWorx CBD Oil for Pets. The HempWorx CBD pet line includes a 250 pet-specific CBD oil, as well as beef flavored CBD dog treats that have 2.5 mg of CBD each (can be used for both small and large dogs).

HempWorx CBD: Costs

  • HempWorx CBD Oil Herbal Drops. HempWorx CBD Oil 500 ($69) // HempWorx CBD Oil 500 ($89)
  • HempWorx CBD Topical Cream. HempWorx “Relief” Icy CBD Pain Rub ($69) // HempWorx “Renew” Anti-Aging CBD Cream ($69) // HempWorx “Revive” Anti-Aging CBD Cream w/ Collagen ($69)
  • HempWorx CBD Oil for Pets. HempWorx 250 CBD oil for pets ($69) // HempWorx CBD Pet Treats ($69) (2.5 mg each, 33 treats per bag)

HempWorx CBD Products

“Great prices, super fast shipping, works well for my chronic back pain. No complaints whatsoever.”

Final Verdict on HempWorx CBD Oil

Overall, based on my personal HempWorx CBD oil review I would probably recommend HempWorx for people who have been (or plan on) using CBD as a routine daily treatment. Their 750 CBD oil was pretty effective for may anxiety and panic attacks, and it definitely helped me get to sleep in the evenings where I was having more intense episodes than normal.

Being that they offer a buy 3 get 1 free deal, you really acn save yourself tons of money on a monthly basis compared to buying individual bottles with no price reduction.

Also, HempWorx is probably one of your highest-quality options if you’re a retailer wanting to stock your shelves (or your online store) with CBD products, as they offer over 50% off for wholesale orders.

Customer reviews
Sarrah ParkerVerified Buyer 2019-11-10


HempWorx is by far the most impressive brand that I have tried. Trust me… I’ve tried so many that if I begin to name them I won’t have any characters left. anyways, great brand and good delivery times!

Jonny ViceVerified Buyer 2019-11-09


Wow HempWorx keep up the good work!

UmaVerified Buyer 2019-11-05


I love HempWorx they have great stuff!

Amado BallmanVerified Buyer 2019-11-05


I figure CBD oil is a non-psychoactive, non-dangerous cannabinoid found in industrial hemp and cannabis. I believe it’s safe to say that CBD is here to last.

Mae SalazarVerified Buyer 2019-10-30


Hempworx is a good cbd formulation. I use both their tinctures and the oils. Have tried a few different products from their label and all have been good so far. I have developed a lot of faith in CBD since I started using the one from Hempworx, although I earlier was always a bit hesitant on this thing.

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