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Green Roads is another major player in the CBD oil industry and has been helping people deal with a variety of medical conditions for quite a few years. The company is based in Florida and is extremely well-known for their unique extraction process. One that delivers a full-spectrum CBD oil. We first came across GreenRoads when traveling throughout Florida on a road trip. They are practically sold in every dispensary. Apart from selling CBD oils, Green Roads sells a wide range of CBD goodies including CBD froggies, gummies, and even CBD for Pets. The company itself is fueled by one goal; to offer users a safe, effecitve to precrption painkillers and other over-the-counter drugs that contain dangerous chemicals.

Another major plus about this brand their variety of CBD infused products. The Green Roads site offers a huge range of products all based on their full-spectrum extraction which contains CBN,CBD, CBG and terpenes. Similar to all the brands on this site, you won’t find any solvents, pesticides, metals or any unnatural substances.

So, how much will Greed Roads CBD hurt your pocket? Their bottles range between $27-$209, depending on the amount of CBD you need for your medical condition. If you are looking for some pure CBD, then definitely need to check out Green Roads. If you just want some snacks to boost your immune system then you should explore their new max strength froggies.

Find out more in our Green Roads CBD review below.

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Green Roads Quick Summary

Quality 93%
Effectiveness 94%
Benefits 92%
Price 95%
Customer Service 89%

“We started to take Green Roads because we heard how wonderful it is for pain”

Who Is Green Roads

GreenRoads is a Florida based business that ships and whole sales to over 5,000 clients. According to their website, they’ve sold to over 1M clients worldwide. That’s pretty impressive!

Established in 2012, the company has gained an outstanding reputation due to their unique extraction process and rigorous testing. The company’s products are formulated and monitored by a compounding licensed pharmacist in an IS06 clean room to ensure the highest-quality finished products.  All their products go through rigorous third-party testing, to ensure the accuracy and quality of the ingredients.

One important thing you should know about Green Roads is that unlike other brands that claim to cure everything, Green Roads are genuinely honest. They are extremely transparent with their clients and state the exact conditions each of their CBD products can treat. They also showcase their lab results on their site.

GreenRoads CBD

Green Roads HighLights

We could list dozens of benefits about GreenRoads CBD, but these were the ones that stood out.

  • Green Roads uses a pharmaceutical grade 99% pure CBD and rich, broad spectrum Cannabidiol oil that is packed with the nutrients from the hemp plant.
  • There is no other way to put it, but Green Roads sell an affordable product. Their oils are extremely fit for most people’s pocket and they are constantly coming out with discounts and bundles to lower the price.
  • Green Roads knows how to make CBD oil. After doing some research on the company, we found out that they have over 20 years of experience. Some of their licensed compounding pharmacists have been extracting CBD using a variety of techniques for ages. It seems as if Green Roads have brought together some of the best minds in the industry to serve us with an elite product.
  • One of the main things we love about Green Roads is their constant flexibility to suit the end customer’s needs. If you surf around their site, you’ll constantly see promotions pop up. It seems as if they know what you are searching for and know exactly how to time it to provide you with the best possible deal. The site’s purchasing process is super easy and you can pick up a bottle of quality CBD in less than a few minutes.
  • They deliver to all 50 states!

Negative Thoughts

Similar to all the brands on this site, they all have their pluses and minuses. One of the downfalls of Green Roads is their shipping. Products take a while to arrive. If you can wait more than a week to receive your product, then you are going to get some pretty awesome CBD, but if your condition is more time sensitive, then you might want to shop around. Another alternative is to plan ahead.

GreenRoads CBD review


“Full Spectrum CBD oil including CBD, CBG, CBN + TERPENES”

My Personal Experience

As part of my Green Roads CBD oil review, the CBD was mostly used by my wife and she had an extremely positive experience. It is great for migraines and for acute pain. Delivery is slow but once you get it and taste their product, you are going to be getting some awesome medicine in a bottle. We’ve ordered from Green Roads 4 times in the past and each delivery has arrived, no problem. If you are looking for a great alternative to Pharma meds and a low cost CBD product that can deliver results then it is definitely worth check out Green Roads.

Greenroads CBD oils


Green Roads offers a wide range of products but for the purpose of this review we will focus on their most popular products. If you want to learn more about their products, simply visit their website. Here’s our Green Roads CBD oil review.

  • Green Roads CBD Oil: CBD oil Green Roads products comes in a variety of sizes and potencies: 100mg, 250mg, 350mg, 550mg, 1000mg and 1500mg. In regards to how much you are supposed to take. According to the instructions on the bottle, you’re supposed to take their dosage twice daily. That’s if you want to achieve maximum results.
  • Green Roads CBD Terpenes: If you don’t like the natural taste of the oil, you can try their CBD Terpenes. The Green Roads range come in all different flavors including ;Bluberry, Pineapple, Sour Diesel, Original, Strawberry. Each one is 100mg.
  • Green Roads CBD Daily Dose: As we mentioned, Green Roads are pretty state-of-the-art and are constantly coming up with new CBD products. Their recent line is CBD daily dose, designed to fit into your busy schedule. Each syringe has approximately 50mg of Broad Spectrum CBD oil.
  • Green Roads CBD Gummies and Froggies: Inside the Green Roads gummies packets you’ll find around 100mg of goodness, depending on what you order. They come in bite size candy looking shapes and recommended to consume twice a day.


  • CBD Oil: $27-$209
  • CBD Terpenes: $37.99 per bottle
  • CBD Ointment: $75 per tub.
  • CBD Gummies: $19-$49

You find Green Roads reviews left by customers on the company website.

“Reviewed by over 804 people like you and me”

Final Verdict

CBD Green Roads is by far one of the best CBD brands we’ve seen so far. They are not only a CBD manufacturer, but an entrepreneur in the CBD industry. They are always coming up with new brilliant products and over the past 4 months of use we’ve actually felt as if their formula is constantly improving. They make a great CBD product at an affordable price, plus, if you use our 10% discount you’ll be saving quite a lot.

  • 10% Coupon Code: 10OFFCBD1 (Tested March, 2020)

To your health and happiness.

Customer reviews
SharonVerified Buyer 2020-04-01


My daughter introduced me to Greenroads. Me and my wife also tried taking a few drops one night when we were really stressed out. We had heard of the anti-anxiety effects so we went for it that night and slept peacefully. Since the first try we order a bottle for each family member

Byron TerryVerified Buyer 2020-03-21

You can fly with GreenRoads!

GreenRoads is an extra ordinary CBD brand in getting you absolutely close to that weed high without still crossing the line. Just the verge you know. You can expect it to do all the good things to your mind and body, without harming the inside chemistry of neither the nervous system nor any other one for that matter.

Samuel WetzelVerified Buyer 2020-03-14

Too effective to be ignored

I am too deep into healthy eating, nutrition and weight loss these days. So I am always researching and finding new ways and alternative therapies to achieve my targets. In fact, now I know so much about this line that I can easily share some suggestions. GreenRoads is a must have if you are looking for great oil. It works in all my regimes in this respect. It is just too effective to be ignored.

Michael StarkeyVerified Buyer 2020-03-11

Worth a try

GreenRoads is the one brand that all CBD users all across America and Europe trust. I have traveled a lot and everywhere I go, I’ve found people speak good about Greenroads. And if you ask someone about their opinion about CBD, their answer will most likely be Greenroads. Worth the try if you are on the lookout of a CBD.

F. P.Verified Buyer 2020-03-08

Great Post

I truly appreciate this post. I have been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thank you again!

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