Green Roads CBD Review

Green Roads is an award-winning CBD company that prides itself on offering premium CBD products. Based in Florida, they offer everything from oils to indulgent bath bombs. However, they are most renowned for their broad edible range, featuring the famed CBD Froggies.

Their product range is certainly impressive, but have they maintained the premium quality they are known for? Let's take a look...

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Get 10% off all Green Roads CBD products as a Shopping CBD reader. Use this code at checkout:
10% coupon code: 10OFFCBD1
Visit official site

About Green Roads: Trustworthiness & Industry Prominence

Green Roads has come a long way since their humble beginnings in 2013. Co-founded by Laura Fuentes and Arby Barroso, the company is now considered an enduring – if not prestigious – CBD company.

The brand combines extensive pharmaceutical experience and passion to produce products for over 10,000 retail stores across the US. In addition, the myriad of positive reviews found on the site is telling in itself.


Quality, Credentials, & Lab Testing

Green Roads implements third-party testing with a reputable and well-regarded lab. Kaycha Labs is an ISO-certified (International Organization for Standardization) lab that tests both raw materials and the final manufactured product.

Visitors to the Green Roads site can easily find these lab results; either use the product batch number or search through product category lists to find the complete analysis. Kaycha Labs ensures that the brand’s product contains no more than 0.3%, and they also test for things like pesticides, mycotoxins, and microbials.


Return Policy & Quality Assurance

Using a range of couriers – including FedEx, UPS, and USPS – Green Roads offers super flexible shipping services. While the company only ships within the US, customers can receive free shipping when they spend $50 or more.

Green Roads offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, as well as an option to exchange CBD products.

Get 10% off all Green Roads CBD products as a Shopping CBD reader. Use this code at checkout:
10% coupon code: 10OFFCBD1

Product Manufacturing Process

Rather than manage their own farms, Green Roads has made strong relationships with various US-based farms, meaning they support the domestic US agriculture industry — a win-win for both the brand and their customer base.

Green Roads are also relatively open about their manufacturing standards. They use Co2 extraction methods to pull a rich blend of cannabinoids, terpenes, and more from their hemp.


Additional Product Information

Variety is always welcome to consumers, and in this regard, Green Roads excels. They produce both full and broad-spectrum products, so whether you want THC in your products or not, the option is available.

In fact, there’s no denying that Green Roads’ product list is huge. Visitors can find important information on each product description, including ingredients, strength, function, key facts, and almost anything else you can imagine.

“Love Green Roads and will continue to order their products!” - Jenna B.

Green Roads Review: Highlights

How have Green Roads become such a formidable force in the CBD industry? Our list of highlights shows where exactly the brand has excelled.

  • A Successful Enterprise: According to the Brightfield Research Group, Green Roads are ranked as the largest privately-owned CBD company in the US. It’s impossible to earn this kind of title without producing a stellar range of products.
  • Award-Winning Brand: Green Roads’ popularity simply comes down to product quality. Winning the Cannabis Awards’ ‘Best CBD Product’ for 2018 and 2019 is evidence of this.

  • Pharmaceutical Expertise: Green Roads claim that pharmacy experience is the heart and soul of their company. With over 25+ years working as a licensed compound pharmacist, Laura Fuentes has helped take the brand from strength to strength.
  • Great Entry-Level Product Selection: CBD is often considered an expensive purchase. However, Green Roads has tried to make their products as accessible and affordable as possible. For instance, their CBD Daily Dose (single) costs just $2.99 - a perfect entry product for those wanting to try CBD for the first time.
  • A "People-First" Ethos: The brand shouts loud about how people are always their top priority. Apparently, this is what inspires them to make safe, versatile, and convenient products that are affordable and actually work well.

Negative Thoughts

Critiquing Green Roads is no easy task. Their website is clean and user-friendly. They even have reliable educational information on their site about CBD 101 topics, with informative blog posts and articles.

However, at times this mass of information can feel overwhelming. Some pages on the site are bursting with pop-ups, photos, and so on. It seems the brand tries to compensate for this by providing articles specifically for beginners of CBD.

“Great product, great service, just a really good experience with a quality company.” - Warren Lieff

Information on Where to Buy Green Roads Products

The official Green Roads site is the best place to source their products. Customers can typically find shipping and discount deals on the site to help manage costs too. It’s worth noting again that the official site only ships to customers within the US.


Best Green Roads Products: Summary of Costs & Product Selection

Green Roads’ selection of CBD products is hugely varied, meaning there's truly something for every lifestyle.

Green Roads Oils

Green Roads stocks both broad-spectrum and full-spectrum oils. You can purchase these in several different potencies: 300mg, 750mg, and 1500mg. Some of the broad-spectrum come in different flavors as well, including Apple Kiwi and Mint Breeze. As well as a ‘daily dose’ product for ultimate convenience, they also stock a range of Sweet Sleep oils.
[Costs range from $2.99 to $149.99]

Green Roads Topicals

Green Roads offers a range of roll-ons, muscle and joint creams, and other topical products. You can buy these products in various strengths that start from 50mg and run all the way up to 750mg. In addition to their traditional range, the company offers their 'Indulgence Line' of products, which are personal favorites of ours.
[Costs range from $11.99 to $69.99]

Green Roads Capsules

On the Green Roads site customers can find a variety of Traditional, Sleep, and Relax capsules and softgels. Available in 25mg potencies, these capsules offer ultimate convenience and ease-of-use.
[Costs range from $12.99 to $49.99]

Green Roads Edibles

The Relax Bears gummies packets are an excellent choice for busy individuals that want something fun and flavorful. You can find these in either 50mg (Relax Bears On the Go) or 300mg. They also sell 180mg CBD dark chocolate bars, coffee, sleep gummies, and CBD froggies.
[Costs range from $3.29 to $49.99]

Green Roads Pet Products

In addition to their normal range of products, customers will also find a range of CBD oils for pets on the Green Roads website. Their small, medium and large varieties are specifically catered towards dogs, but they do also sell cat CBD oil. These products are broad-spectrum, meaning they're entirely void of THC.
[Costs range from $19.99 to $59.99]

“Am absolutely sold on Green Roads. Made a huge difference in my daily activity level.” - Cathy LaComb

Green Roads Review: Summary & Final Thoughts

Green Roads presents their products with extensive third-party testing and accessible results, giving visitors full transparency. They also work directly with American hemp farms, which offers good insight into what the company stands for in terms of quality manufacturing practices.

While their site may be a little “busy” in places, Green Roads offers a variety of product types, strengths, and flavor profiles. They also cater to and support customers that are new to using CBD products, which is always a plus.

To check out the brand’s complete range of products, be sure to visit the official Green Roads online store now.

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Thanks for reading, and here’s to your health and happiness!
Customer Reviews
Natasha Verified user
well administered

I’ve never come across a brand as premium as Green Roads among all the CBD oils that I’ve tried so far. However, at last I feel that I can now stop my search for new CBD brands as this one has suited me well in all ways. I am satisfied with the health benefits it provides me. I am also satisfied with the company’s overall mechanism of delivering the products.

Alton Boyce Verified user
Quitting smoke

I could never be more thankful to any CBD brand than GreenRoads. I have quit smoking completely with the help of greenroads. I felt it lowered my urge to smoke and at the same time it detoxified my body. Both of these were much needed as I was now developing a huge dependency upon weed. It feels amazing to be clean and healthy once again.

Margaret Douglas Verified user
Holistic Brand

I’m sure most of you would be using CBD brands that are good in some respects but lag in the other. Actually this is true for most CBD manufacturers and thus a case with most consumers. Some brands have great logistics but cannot make good quality. Some brands have great prices but the packaging is not good and so on and so forth. I too was facing a problem of the sort with my previous brand being very good in customer service but pathetic in the efficiency of the oil. When I switched to greenroads it was like a dream come true. The brand sells oil in a very immaculate manner and that too quality stuff.

Sharon Verified user

My daughter introduced me to Greenroads. Me and my wife also tried taking a few drops one night when we were really stressed out. We had heard of the anti-anxiety effects so we went for it that night and slept peacefully. Since the first try we order a bottle for each family member

Byron Terry Verified user
You can fly with GreenRoads!

GreenRoads is an extra ordinary CBD brand in getting you absolutely close to that weed high without still crossing the line. Just the verge you know. You can expect it to do all the good things to your mind and body, without harming the inside chemistry of neither the nervous system nor any other one for that matter.

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