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It’s hard not to develop a CBD oil review site without mentioning Elixinol. These guys have been around even before the industry knew what CBD oil really was. The company was developed by Paul Benhaim, who is actually a major figure in the CBD industry. Elixinol is Australian based but they deliver worldwide. From what we understand, they have distribution centers located all over. They’ve even got one in Colorado.  As far as their CBD oil goes, it simply kicks ass. It is perfect for a number of medical conditions and their extraction process is supposed to be one of the best. It’s hard to imagine that they are not, especially with 20 years experience behind them.

Similar to most CBD companies they offer a wide range of products from oils, balms and capsules to even hemp seeds and protein powder. One of the major advantages of Elixinol is their superior sourcing. Paul has dedicated most of his life to finding some of the highest quality hemp seeds, scouring a wide range of locations including, England, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Korea, Thailand, India, China, Canada, USA, Australia, and New Zealand. Furthermore, due to their coverage, they only extract from the best!

We’ll go more into detail about their products below, but as far as customer satisfaction goes, we were impressed and we are constantly getting positive feedback about the company. In regards to cost, their tinctures range between $39-$249, depending on the amount of CBD you wish to purchase.

If you are looking to buy from a quality company that excels at developing CBD products then you should definitely look at Elixinol.

  • Official Site Address:
  • 10% Coupon Code: 10OFF591 (Tested Oct 01, 2018)

Quality 98%
Effectiveness 95%
Benefits 95%
Price 93%
Customer Service 91%

“Elixinol is an oil that helps the heart and the soul”

Who Is Elixinol

As we mentioned in the snapshot, Elixinol is a veteran in the CBD industry. The company has two major locations; Colorado and Australia, but we know for a fact they also have distribution centers in Europe, allowing them to cater their medicine to the European market.

Unlike some other companies in the CBD market, Elixinol was developed from the ground up. Already in 1991, the company started to develop hemp based products and their ‘9bar’ snack bar became one of the top sellers during that time. Since then, the company has expanded at an exponential rate and has become one of the best and reputable companies.
Elixinol was voted one of the top companies for 2017.

There are a lot of things going for Elixinol, but a major thing that stood out was their passion for the industry. The company is constantly in the news and hosting charity events to help those in need. It honestly seems as if Elixinol REALLY  wants to help.

Who Is Elixinol

Elixinol HighLights

With Elixinol the list of benefits really never ends, but these were the ones that stood out.

  • Superior sourcing – They don’t just grow hemp to extract and then sell, they literally source the hemp to obtain the best of the best. They have growing locations literally everywhere. Elixinol works with seed breeders and suppliers, growers, harvesters, cleaners, primary processors, manufacturers, laboratories and quality control personnel
  • Pharmaceutical-grade Testing: As you are probably aware, this industry isn’t yet regulated and therefore it is hard to monitor the quality of most products. Elixinol understands that and therefore before they ship, all products go through voluntary rigorous testing. They use advanced HPLC equipment to confirm the results, which allows them to detect microbiological contamination, heavy metals and pesticides,
  • Transparency: Elixinol is so adamant about providing a quality product, they provide their customers (upon request) a batch and lot number for each product. This allows them to trace and track the product and the source in the event of any recall on that specific batch. Furthermore then publish certificates of analysis of all their products on their products page.
  • Price: This is one of the major reasons why we love them. Their products are affordable. They are not cheap and cheerful, but for the amount of CBD you are getting it is definitely worth it.

Negative Thoughts

This wouldn’t be an objective review if we didn’t give you the cons of Elixinol. While the oil is good, it does not cure everything. It simply won’t work for extreme debilitating conditions. Furthermore, they could use some improvement in their customer service. It seems as if they’ve grown so fast that they can’t deal with the overload of questions. We think that if they would improve that aspect, then the company would be unstoppable.

Elixinol HighLights

“No other company invests so much in their CBD”

My Personal Experience

This time it was me who tested their product. I used it for a couple of months and had no major complaints. The product arrived on time and it didn’t taste to bad (I’ve tasted better). It did help my anxiety, related to my condition and helped to ease the pain but similar to most CBD products it didn’t cure my condition. Elixinol is an excellent and affordable option for those suffering from acute conditions. I would recommend.



Elixinol offers a great variety of products but for the purpose of this review we will focus on their best sellers. If you want to learn more about their products, simply go to their official website.

  • CBD tincture: Elixinol’s tinctures come in all shapes and sizes: 300mg – 5000mg. The most common product is their 3600mg CBD oil which is packed with goodness and nutrition.
  • CBD Capsules: Not everyone likes the taste and therefore you can pick up the same formula in the form of CBD capsules. These bottles come in two sizes; 450mg and 900mg. In regards to the 900mg, there are 60 CBD capsules per bottle and each capsule contains 15mg of CBD and 375 mg of hemp oil.
  • CBD Liposomes: These are actually pretty cool and also quite unique to come across. The Liposome is a spray based CBD extract that contains 1 oz (30ml). 1.5 mg bioavailable CBD per serving, 60 servings. That is at least for the 100mg bottle. The other sizes obviously have more. Elixinol sells three of these goodies in 100mg, 300mg and a whopping 1000mg.
  • CBD Topical Balm: This is one of their pride and joys, the CBD hemp Balm and Lip Balm. Both a great for different uses, but don’t let the cream put you off. They are extremely effective. The CBD Hemp Balm is a whole-plant CBD extract, not an isolate and it is an entirely plant-based formula.


  • CBD Oil: $29-$249
  • CBD Capsules: $44.99-$79.99
  • CBD Liposomes: $34.99-$129.99
  • CBD Balms: $7.99-$29.99

“A great choice that you won't regret”

Final Verdict

Elixinol is a market leader and once you try them you’ll understand why. Elixinol is not only a CBD grower and manufacturer but also a major player in the CBD industry. They are constantly giving away freebies and also contributing to the community to show how CBD products can help the medical industry. In regards to their oil, it is top-notch . It comes in all shapes and sizes and caters to every pocket. Plus, if you use our 10% discount you’ll be saving quite a few bucks.

Official website link:
10% Coupon Code: 10OFFCBD1 (Tested Oct 01, 2018)

To your health and happiness.

Customer reviews
Suzi Verified Buyer 2018-10-15

Incredible CBD topical

I’ve had a problem with my little toe for years after experiencing a bug bite. I’ve used recommended Vick’s, oregano and nothing has helped like the Elixinol CBD topical. It is taking time and diligent use, but the toe is consistently improving . One of my clients had spider bites and the CBD topical cleared it up in few days. Love this product.
Diana Verified Buyer 2018-10-09

Love the capsules

I’ve had three back surgeries and been on all sorts of heavy narcotics. This was the only way to ween off the narcotics. I was having terrible withdrawal symptoms. A friend told me about CBD capsules. I ordered them from Elixinol and took one in the morning and again in the evening. Wow. It was amazing! LOVE THEM! They also relaxed me. I’m kind of highly strung and these took me down a level. Huge believer in CBD capsules.
Lizzy Verified Buyer 2018-10-04

Great for anxiety

We purchased the CBD tincture because we both suffer from anxiety and taking pills didn't make either of us feel better..all the side effects just weren’t worth it. With this product I’m able to make it through the day with very few anxiety problems now and I’m able to sleep better at night.
Tess Verified Buyer 2018-09-27

Great improvement in my sister

Bought the capsules for my sister who suffers IBS, enclosing spondylitis and disc disease. She is only taking one a day at moment as she has been given new medication from the doctor to try and doesn't want to mix up too many tablets. What I have noticed is that she is not as bloated as usual and at weekends seems to be more relaxed and she has more energy to do things with her kids.
Joanie Verified Buyer 2018-09-22

Excellent for pain

I have to admit that I was skeptical about using a topical balm, but after trying the Elixinol one I am truly amazed. It takes away the pain almost as soon as it’s applied. I have Fibromyalgia and until now haven’t found anything that worked.... thank you thank you!
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