We admire CBDistillery as a brand for making what seems to be a very honest effort to bring safe, reliable, and affordable CBD-infused products to people of all income levels in the U.S. While it’s true that even the best, most expensive CBD oils are a far cry in terms of cost from most pharmaceutical prescription drugs, it’s also true that quality CBD is not exactly cheap (unless you consider upwards of $200 for a month-long supply “cheap”).

However, this is where CBDistillery comes in. While they’re certainly not the cheapest brand we’ve ever seen, in terms of a quality-to-price ratio they have no doubt got to be one of the best values in the business. Their company motto is “With every slab [of CBD extract] we break, we have the opportunity to spread the #CBDMOVEMENT,” and we genuinely believe that they are one of the few who honestly care about their customers well-being, and also about cannabis legalization as a whole and informing the general public about its very real benefits.

CBDistillery Quick Summary

Quality 90%
Effectiveness 90%
Benefits 92%
Price 98%
Customer Service 98%

“Love the variety packs -- I've been getting the 2-pack vape cartridges with the CBD oil for the past 8 months and it's all I need.”

Who Is CBDistillery?

Like many of the best CBD oil brands in the business, CBDistillery was started in Denver, Colorado; the literal and figurative epicenter of all things cannabis. In addition to selling A LOT of CBD oil and (obviously) turning a financial profit, one of the driving forces behind the company since day one has been the will to provide “research, education, and testimonials” for people all over the country.

This is truly a godsend in this day and age, because in many areas of the U.S. there’s no question that CBD oil and cannabis in general are still fighting a severely uphill battle in terms of overcoming decades-long societal stigmas. That is why it’s so important for brands like CBDistillery to honestly and adamantly “fight the good fight”  – in other words, not only to brand and market a product that they know will make money in the booming cannabis industry, but to genuinely inform the public about its wide range of uses, and how (and why) it works in the human body. As a true advocate for cannabis and CBD, CBDistillery is a one of a kind organization, and that’s why we love them.

Who Is CBDistillery?

CBDistillery Highlights

Like most of the top brands on the market, CBDistillery has made a name for themselves by offering legal, convenient online sales and shipping to all 50 states in the U.S. In addition to their advocacy work for CBD public knowledge, here are several reasons why this brand has come to be one of our favorites:

  • Member of the National Hemp Association (NHA). In a (largely) unregulated cannabis industry where there are minimal rules and not a lot of companies make an effort to become certified or affiliated with standardization groups, it really says a lot for a brand to go out of their way to become registered with something like the National Hemp Association, which advocates for standards in both CBD products and the raw hemp material. 
  • Provides lab results from ProVerde Laboratories on every product page. Again, since virtually all CBD oil companies are testing with third party labs nowadays, it’s nothing special in itself that CBDistillery has an affiliation wit ProVerde Labs for content purity and potency. However, the fact that they go out of their way to post the report for every product they sell online, is something that’s appreciated and worth taking notice of.
  • Offers both CBD isolates and full-spectrum tinctures. CBDistillery is one of the few brands that actually offers a high-quality CBD isolate in addition to their full-spectrum oils. While it’s true that studies have shown full-spectrum cannabinoids to be more effective than isolates by themselves, isolates still serve a very important purpose in self-medication. For one, they can be used to accurately measure out an exact quantity of CBD if, for example, you’re making a homemade edible or infused oil. Also, unlike oral CBD oils, isolate crystals can be used in vaporizers like a dab – super potent CBD therapy, and none of the raw hemp taste that some people don’t like in the oils.
  • They have some of the most “unique” CBD products in the industry and are always looking to progress as a company. There is just no way we could leave this simple fact out, and in our opinion, CBDistillery deserves some credit for being one of the most progressive and innovative brands in the industry. By “progressive and innovative,” we’re referring to the fact that they are THE ONLY company we know of to offer CBD suppositories.

That’s right – CBD capsules that you administer anally. While it sounds absolutely crazy, it’s true that the rectum is one of the most “absorptive” areas of the body, given its large supply of capillary beds. Moreover, when you administer a drug rectally, it completely bypasses what’s known as first-pass metabolism  (the phenomenon where orally-administered drugs lose some of their potency through the liver and digestive system). While we tend to agree with the fact that you’d have to be pretty “adventurous” to try a suppository, there’s no denying the fact that they would probably be super potent and effective.

  • They have CBD vape-specific products. Again, we love the fact that CBDistillery makes it very clear that their oral CBD oils are NOT made for inhalation through a vaporizer. Believe it or not, some brands out there actually claim that their CBD tinctures can be used as both sublingual drops and as vape juices. While perhaps “possible” in a physical sense, this is not at all recommended as all CBD oils should be winterized (have their wax cuticle removed) before they can be used in a vape pen or other vaping device. Fortunately, CBDistillery offers a complete range of sublingual oils, as well as high-CBD vape-specific juices and e-liquids.  

Negative Thoughts

To be clear, I certainly wouldn’t say that CBDistillery has the absolute best CBD oils on the face of the earth – I have certainly tried other brands out there that are more potent. However, what you’ve got to understand is you’re making a slight compromise in terms of the overall price-to-quality ratio; as I’ve said, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a CBD tincture that’s “as good” for the same price. If you’re suffering from severe pain or otherwise are trying to treat a serious condition, I would recommend biting the bullet and spending double the money (or more) on a more medical-grade product. However, if your aim is to use CBD for things like mild headaches, day-to-day stress, and general aches and pains (or if you want to just try CBD out to see if it even works for you), the CBDistillery would probably be a good place to start.


CBDistillery isolate

CBDistillery isolate

“I've been using CBD-infused products for the past 4 years and CBDistillery has got so many products to choose from. I still haven't tried them all, but I will!”

My Personal Experience with CBDistillery

To be honest, I’ve only ever tried the 500mg CBD oil and the Pure CBD Isolate Slab. Both of them, however, I was more than pleased with. I will say that the oil was maybe not as potent as some others I’ve had over the years, but again, in my opinion CBDistillery represents one of the best values in the industry at just $35 for a 15mL bottle.

The Pure CBD Isolate Slab, however, offered more than enough potency to wipe out a couple sporadic migraines that I had. I used a banger-style dab rig for the isolate slab, which CBDistillery claims is 99% pure CBD (and they actually do have a lab report to back that up). In terms of potency, it was honestly one of the best CBD hits I’ve had. As a dab, I imagine it would work to relieve pain, anxiety, and maybe even help with sleeping issues. From what I understand, however, most people use the isolate to add to food and smoothies in an effort to avoid the bitter taste of the raw hemp oil.  


As we’ve mentioned, one of the reasons we really like CBDistillery is because they’ve made a conscious effort to offer unique CBD-based products that other companies simply don’t have. Here’s a general rundown of all of the products they’ve currently got for sale on their site:

  • CBDistillery CBD Hemp Oil: These are the standard full-spectrum oils that you use under your tongue. Unlike the CBD isolates, they contain whole-plant hemp extracts including terpenes, flavonoids, and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids (they may contain 0.3% THC or less). They are available in two different sizes (15mL and 30mL), with the 15mL option coming in four different potencies (150mg, 250mg, 500mg, 1,000mg) and the larger 30mL bottles available in two high-strength potencies (2,500mg or 5,000mg). These are NOT to be used in a vaporizer.
  • CBD Isolates: The CBDistillery isolates are 99% pure hemp extracts with no other compounds – just the pure CBD powder (aka crystals) by itself. They can be used for dabbing, vaping in a concentrate vaporizer, adding to food or drinks (typically tea or coffee), or even sprinkling over high-THC marijuana buds and smoking to decrease the potency of the high and increase therapeutic effects.
  • CBD Capsules: The capsules come as either an isolate or a full-spectrum, and are available in bottles of 30 or 60 (most people who use CBD capsules do so because they simply don’t like the taste of raw hemp oil). The isolates come in two different potencies (either 25mg or 30mg CBD per capsule), while the full-spectrum capsules come in a 30mg/capsule potency and are available in bottles of either 30 or 60.
  • Topical CBD Creams: CBDistillery has two different topical cream products, both of which come in 1 oz tubs and have 500mg total CBD content. The CBDol is a topical pain-relieving salve (good for joint and muscle pain), while the CBDefine is more of an all-around cream that’s apparently good for reducing inflammation. Honestly, I’m not really quite sure what the difference between these two products is, as I have not tried them.
  • CBD Vape Pens (and other vape products): CBDistillery has tons of different flavors of pre-filled vape cartridges (disposable vape pens) for around $30. They also have bottles of CBD e-juice that you can use to refill your portable concentrate vaporizer or e-cigarette device. Also, they have variety 4-packs where you can mix-n-match different flavors if you’re keen to try more than one. These are pretty potent CBD e-liquids, at 1,000mg per ½ oz bottle (the disposable vape pens are 200mg each). The only downside is they usually last less than a week if you’re using it every day. Most people say that Grape is their favorite flavor.
  • CBD Pet Products: They have a 150mg, 15mL CBD oil for dogs, or a “Man’s Best Friend CBD Oil Variety Pack” that contains a stronger 1,000mg CBD Pet tincture, the 150mg oil, and a cute little bandana for your furry sidekick. I can’t speak personally for the pet products, but I have heard the 1,000mg Pet tincture works very well, even for larger-sized dogs (though the website says they can be used for smaller dogs and even cats as well).
  • CBD Wax (for vaping or dabbing): 1 gram of 80% potency CBD wax, mostly recommended for use in a dab rig. I haven’t tried it yet, but if it’s anywhere near as good as the 99% Isolate Slab, I’m sure it would have great effects for a variety of different applications.
  • CBD Suppositories: Let us know if you work up the courage to try these! It may seem weird, but as a matter of fact suppositories (administering medication anally) are supposed to offer some of the fastest absorption rates and highest bioavailability for medication administration in the human body. CBDistillery claims they are super fast-acting and great for “crippling nausea and intense stomach pains.”
  • Variety Packs: If you’re unsure on a single product and/or are maybe wanting to try a few different things out, CBDistillery offers variety packs for both its disposable vape pens and its 99% pure isolate crystals. A good option if you’re getting into dabbing and wanting to see which texture (wax, crystals, slab, powder etc) you prefer the most.


  • CBDistillery CBD Hemp Oil: Sublingual CBD oil tinctures range in price from $20 for the lowest potency (150mg) 15mL bottle, to $240 for the highest potency (5,000mg) 30mL bottle.
  • CBD Isolates: Prices range from $15 to $378 depending on size (the 99% CBD isolate powder is available in ½ gram, 1 gram, 3.5 grams, 7 grams, or 14 grams.  
  • CBD Capsules: Ranges from $50 for the 25mg, 30-count bottle to $115 for the 30mg, 60-count bottle
  • Topical CBD Creams: $50 for both the CBDefine and CBDol 500mg topical ointments (1 oz)
  • CBD Vape Pens (and other vape products): $25-$33 for the 200mg disposable vape pens, $85 for a 4-pack variety, and $50 for a 1,000mg CBD e-liquid for refillable vaporizers (available in four different flavors)
  • CBD Pet Products: $20 for the 150mg CBD Pet Oil tincture, or $80 for the Man’s Best Friend Variety pack
  • CBD Wax (for vaping or dabbing): $50 for 1 gram of 80% CBD wax (mostly used for vaping or dabbing)
  • CBD Suppositories: $20 for three suppositories (each one contains 50mg of CBD – a pretty potent dose)
  • Variety Packs: $60 for a disposable CBD vape pen 3-pack, $85 for a 4-pack, $99.97 for two vape pens and a bottle of 1,000mg CBD oil (probably the best value on the whole site), $144-$175 for a 4-pack of the CBD isolate powders/crystals.


CBDistillery Oil

CBDistillery Oil

“Used the 1,000mg oil for my lower back pain and it worked well. Will try the vaporizer cartridges next.”

2020 CBDistillery Review: Our Final Verdict

Again, we probably wouldn’t recommend CBDistillery CBD oil if you’re trying to find relief from a serious or severe condition, or if you’re on the hunt for the absolute most potent tincture on the market. Rather, we would recommend trying them out if you’ve got relatively mild or sporadic symptoms of pain, soreness, anxiety, or sleep issues, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg.

That being said, of course, always bear in mind the fact that CBD is not an FDA-approved medication, and it is not guaranteed to work for everyone. In fact, due to individual chemical makeup, some people make experience no effects at all when using CBD-based products. CBDistillery is a wonderful option if you’re into vaping, and also, if you’re a U.K. resident be advised that they offer a range of products through the Hemp Botanics online store.

Customer reviews
Matthew PriceVerified Buyer 2019-12-30

Best in salves

Salves and isolates are what I prefer when it comes to CBDs. And while most companies produce some good quality oils and tinctures, very few specialize in salves and isolates. I agree these are costlier, but believe me, these are much more potent. Especially for vaping. And multipurpose too. I prefer these two compounds from CBDistillery.

William SmithVerified Buyer 2019-12-11

Comes up slowly

The brand is good but the effect comes up slowly. The only drawback I guess. It was not until six months when I started experiencing the positive health benefits of CBDistillery. But I kept on taking it daily, very religiously, as a friend was already taking it and she was sure it would work on all of us. Perhaps a tough call for people who try out randomly. It will work in the end guys, don’t quit!

Clyde MaynardVerified Buyer 2019-11-23

Not bad at all

I have preferred Isolates over oils or tinctures since I started CBD. It was with CBDditillery. The isolates from them are so superior, I never look for more brands, or even for more products from this very brand. Have always stuck to this same choice since the beginning. Not a bad choice at all.

Jonathon HeberlingVerified Buyer 2019-11-02

The logistic system

CBDistillery is cool in terms of logistics and delivery speeds. To me, if I order something online, I always want to have it very quickly. Cbdistillery is not bad in terms of oil quality, in fact it is very good, but the prime reason for me is their logistic system. I am using the tincture from this brand of CBDs and I think it is quite good.

D.MVerified Buyer 2019-10-26

CBD 1,000

The best in the market. Hands down.

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