Warfighter Hemp CBD Review

Hemp by-products, including CBD oil and other CBD products, are health supplements that can be found in a variety of forms. With the federal legalization of CBD in the U.S. due to the 2018 Farm Bill, you can now find the compound blended into a wide array of flavored oils, capsules, balms, lotions, creams, powders, and other health and wellness products.

Hemp-derived CBD products are helping many people to find more natural and holistic alternatives to prescription medications, which are having a big impact on the current opioid pandemic. Warfighter Hemp CBD is a company that realized that CBD could help veterans who rely on opioids to manage conditions like PTSD and chronic pain in a more natural way.

When shopping for CBD products, it’s important to know what strength CBD you require and to buy from companies that provide full transparency on their quality and purity. Warfighter Hemp CBD is one such company, and the review below highlights all the company has to offer.

Warfighter Hemp CBD Quick Summary

Quality 97%
Effectiveness 97%
Benefits 95%
Price 92%
Customer Service 97%

“The 600 mg CBD is my favorite CBD product. It relaxes my body and mind and helps me to get a good night’s rest.”

Who Is Warfighter Hemp CBD?

Warfighter Hemp is a Colorado-based company that manufactures CBD products from locally sourced, 100% organic industrial hemp. Their mission is to provide veterans with a non-intoxicating, non-addictive way to potentially improve their overall quality of life.

Shockingly, 24% of veterans have been prescribed painkillers, and the overdose rate is 21%. Warfighter Hemp wants to help veterans get off painkillers by managing their pain and reducing their anxiety in a more natural and holistic way, in the form of CBD.

The company was founded by Steve Danyluk, a retired lieutenant colonel from the United States Marine Corps. After seeing firsthand the state of the nation’s veterans from the overuse of opioids, he figured there had to be alternative options to help his fellow veterans with their high rates of physical and mental pain.

This led to the creation of Warfighter Hemp CBD and its mission to improve the lives of veterans. And this is a company that puts its money where its mouth is, by giving 10% of its profits back to those charities that support veterans.

The Warfighter Hemp product range includes tinctures, capsules, and topical lotions, as well as bath bombs, sunscreen, patches, and even a honey product. Although veterans are the main focus of the company, the products are suitable for people from all walks of life who may be in need of CBD.

Who Is Warfighter Hemp CBD?

Warfighter Hemp CBD Highlights

Here are a few of the things we love about Warfighter Hemp CBD

  • Organically Grown Hemp: The Warfighter hemp is grown at the company’s farm in Eaton, Colorado. They partnered with 4th generation Colorado farmers to grow their hemp on USDA organic land. This is important because it means that hemp isn’t only helping veterans; it’s providing opportunities for American farm families too.
  • Certificates of Analysis: All the Warfighter Hemp CBD products are tested by a third-party lab, and these results are published on the company’s website. These reports verify the quality and potency of every product.
  • Giving Back: This is a company that is very much about giving back to the community. 10% of the sales proceeds are donated to veteran charities to provide the necessary tools, guidance, and therapies to help veterans to live their lives and independently as possible.
  • Social Media Presence: Warfighter Hemp is present and active on Facebook and Instagram, and has over 5,000 followers on each platform. They update these accounts regularly and use them as a way to keep followers educated and informed.

Warfighter Hemp CBD Negative Thoughts

When scrolling through the Warfighter Hemp website, we noticed that at least three products were listed as being “out of stock.” These included the 150 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, 150 mg Zero THC Hemp Oil, and 300 mg CBD Hemp Capsules. Being out of stock is never a good reflection on any company, and it’s especially bad when it’s the case with more than one product. Warfighter Hemp definitely needs to improve their stock supply and demand flow.

Warfighter Hemp CBD Negative Thoughts

“The capsules are incredible. They help with mild back pain that I still suffer from, which was caused by an injury I suffered a few years ago.”

Warfighter Hemp CBD Products

  • Tincture: Warfighter has a full-spectrum and zero THC range of tinctures. Each range is available in strengths of between 150 mg and 4,500 mg, while the full-spectrum oil also comes in a 6,000 mg potency.
  • Topicals: The topical range includes body lotions & hand sanitizers, bath bombs, and sunscreen. The lotion is full-spectrum and comes in strengths of 1,000 mg and 1,500 mg.
  • Capsules: The capsules are available in three varieties; 300 mg (Zero THC), 300 mg vegan (full-spectrum), and 1,500 mg gel capsules.

Warfighter Hemp CBD Costs

  • Tincture: The tinctures retail for between $29.99 and $299.99 depending on the strength.
  • Topicals: The 1,000 mg lotion costs $59.99 and the 1,500 mg option costs $74.99. A single bath bomb costs $5.99, and the sunscreen retails for $19.99.
  • Capsules: The 300 mg capsules cost $49.99 and the 1,500 mg option costs $79.99

“I use the capsules for stress and anxiety, and they work really well. I take them a few times a week, usually when I’m feeling very stressed out.”

Final Thoughts on Warfighter Hemp CBD

Warfighter Hemp CBD is made up of veterans and non-veterans who are committed to providing an alternative to the reality many veterans are faced with every day – a concoction of prescription painkillers and zombie dope. The company’s mission is to improve veteran’s way of life in all kinds of ways, by offering an array of high-quality CBD products.

We love that the company donates a portion of its profits to charities. This means that when you purchase from Warfighter Hemp, you’re not only helping yourself with high-quality CBD products; you’re also supporting the health and well-being of veterans across America. You will also be joining the thousands of customers, ambassadors, and representatives around the globe that use the Warfighter Hemp CBD products.

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