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The CBD market has been described as the next “Gold Rush” – and for a very good reason. Hemp-derived CBD has recently been made legal thanks to the Farm Bill of 2018, and this means that a whole new world of opportunity has been opened. With a team of world-class chemists, flavor connoisseurs, and mixologists, Savage CBD is a leading brand in the industry, offering a variety of great CBD products. In this Savage CBD review, we will tell you everything that you need to know about this fascinating company.

According to research, the CBD market is going to triple within the next four years. As a result, hundreds of new CBD companies are expected to pop up. This is why these CBD reviews are so important. In our thorough and unbiased reviews, we aim to help customers find reputable CBD sellers who deliver high quality and effective products. So how does Savage CBD compare to the market? Let’s take a closer look below.

Savage CBD Quick Summary

Quality 98%
Effectiveness 97%
Benefits 96%
Price 98%
Customer Service 95%

“Some of the best CBD products that I have tried. You can't go wrong with anything that savage sells.”

Who is Savage CBD?

Savage CBD is a California-based company who provide a range of full-spectrum CBD products for a large consumer base – from those who are experienced CBD users to newbies. As a company that originally started in the e-liquid industry, trading under the name “Savage E-Liquids,” the Savage CBD flavors are some of the best in the industry.

This is a company that is on a mission to help people who suffer from medical issues to obtain relief. By harnessing the power of safe hemp-derived CBD products, Savage CBD believes in helping those who suffer from ailments to restore balance in their lives and ultimately improve their quality of life. As per the website, Savage CBD believes in helping people to obtain happiness and freedom in their lives.

Aside from the above, there isn’t much information about the company on their website. They do, however, have pictures of the team on the “About” page. They appear to be a team of twelve, with Chris Wheeler as CEO and Matt Winters as CFO.

Chris Wheeler is a true rags-to-riches story, and his objective as an entrepreneur is to achieve financial freedom by the age of thirty-five. His latest plan has been to double down in the growing field of CBD products, many of which have led to the successes of Savage CBD. Thanks to his experience of owning and managing vape shops in Southern California, the company currently offers at least nine different liquids, including exotic flavors like Fiji Melons and Kiwi Dragon Berry.

Flavor appears to be one of the main differentiating factors of Savage CBD. Different flavors are offered by plenty of other companies in the CBD marketplace, but Savage CBD appears to focus on flavors that appeal to a large customer base for larger exposure to the benefits of CBD.

savage cbd review

Savage CBD Highlights

Savage CBD is a company that strives to help people by offering top quality, natural, and lab tested alternatives at affordable pricing. Whether you’re a CBD newbie or have been using it for years, you can count on Savage CBD to provide all-natural, hemp-derived CBD product that contains the purest ingredients.

Here are some of the highlights of Savage CBD:

  • Lab Testing: Each batch is carefully tested to ensure consistency, quality, authenticity, and taste, and lab results are available on the website for all customers to view.
  • Transparency: One of the biggest things that set this company apart from the rest is that they try to be as transparent as possible. During each month, Savage publishes articles, videos, and information on their CBD, quality management systems, their labs tests for heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, etc. Once a month they also pull one of each product at random and publish potency tests. They put in a lot of effort to be transparent and show customers their processes, quality systems, staff, products, and brand as a whole.
  • CO2 Extraction: They use the CO2 extraction method for sourcing their CBD. This is the best and most effective extraction method and ensures top-quality products. On their website, Savage goes into great detail about how their CBD is extracted and sourced.
  • Military Discount: Savage offers a military discount which is a great initiative. We haven’t seen this from many other CBD brands. They don’t state how much discount on the website, but military personnel can click the link to verify their eligibility, and they will then receive a discount code via email.
  • Social Media: Savage CBD has a great social media presence with over 5,000 Facebook likes, and more than 32,000 Instagram followers. They’re also on Twitter and Pinterest and have a Youtube channel. They keep their social media platforms relevant and post content regularly. They also host awesome competitions and giveaways – particularly on Instagram – where fans can win some cool CBD products.

Savage CBD Review: Negative Thoughts

One of the things that isn’t so great about Savage CBD is that they have a very strict return policy. The majority of CBD companies offer returns and full refunds within 30 days, even if a product has been opened. However, Savage doesn’t accept any returns on opened products.

If you read through their “Refund and cancellation” policy, you will see just how strict they are. They state that no refunds, exchanges, or returns will be approved without prior authorization from Savage Enterprises. They also state that once an order is placed, it cannot be canceled. It’s all a little harsh in our opinion.

savage cbd reviews

“Savage has the best CBD vape juice. I LOVE the flavor of Driven - it's very tasty and flavorful. It works to ease my anxiety which is really great considering I suffer a LOT from anxiety and also panic attacks.”

Savage CBD Products

Savage CBD has a wide range of CBD products available. We will divide them into their respective categories to give you an overview below:

  • Vapable CBD: There’s a full range of vape juices and cartridges available. The vape juice consists of six options; Driven, Hustle, Passion, Serene, Tranquil, and Vape Shot. They are each sold in a 30 ml bottle and are available in strengths of 250 mg, 500 mg, and 1000 mg. This is except for the vape shot, which only comes in 1000mg. Vape cartridges includes an isolate version, as well as a full-spectrum option. The isolate is sold in a strength of 250 mg, and the full-spectrum cartridge is 500mg.
  • Edibles: Savage sells one edible product, and it’s gummies. Each packet includes 6x 50mg of CBD gummies. The ingredients consist of natural and artificial flavors, gelatin, water, citric acid, corn syrup, and pectin.
  • Tinctures: Savage keeps it simple with their tinctures. There are two options; Lemon Lime and Pink Grapefruit. Each is available in strengths of 1000 mg, 1500 mg, and 2000 mg. Other ingredients consist of Hemp seed oil, MCT oil, essential oils, and terpenes.
  • Full-Spectrum Lotion: Savage offers one of the smoothest and most moisturizing CBD lotions available on the market. It features beautiful soft notes of lavender with undertones of citrus for a nice calming effect, and has a strength of 300 mg CBD.
  • Pet CBD: Savage sells CBD spray that has been designed specifically for pets. The spray makes it easy to apply the CBD on any food or beverage. It’s available in a 60 ml bottle and has a strength of 500 mg.

Savage CBD: Costs

The Savage CBD products are really reasonably priced. Considering that these products are high-quality and very effective, we’re satisfied with the fact that the price is very much in line with the rest of the market. Here’s an overview of product prices:

  • Vapable CBD: The 250 mg bottles of vape juice cost $39.99, the 500 mg bottles sell for $54.99, and the 1000 mg vape juice will cost you $79.99. The full-spectrum vape cartridge is sold for $59.99 and the isolate cartridge goes for $38.99.
  • Edibles: Each pack of 6 CBD gummies sells for $29.99
  • Tinctures: The 1000 mg CBD tinctures go for $109.99, you can get the 1500 mg bottle for $129.99, and the 2000 mg bottle sells for $179.99.
  • Full-spectrum lotion: You can purchase a bottle of lotion for $59.99
  • Pet CBD: The CBD pet spray is sold for $59.99

savage cbd products

“I didn't think vaping CBD would work that well! Thanks so much for this wonderful CBD Vape Juice. Quality CBD right here.”

Final Thoughts on Savage CBD

The mission of Savage CBD is to help those who are suffering from medical conditions to get the relief they need, by offering top-quality, lab-tested, natural alternatives, that are available at affordable prices. By all accounts, they seem to hit that mark well. They certainly are one of the leaders in the industry.

Customer reviews
Shirley CampbellVerified Buyer 2019-10-28

Great dietary supplements

I think CBDs are good for our health. I tried the one from savage and it was a good tincture. I used to take about 5 to 6 drops daily, empty stomach every morning. It helped me a lot and then I quit after about 6 months as I was trying it just for fun. But what I felt was that one can go for CBDs anytime they want, these are like great dietary supplements.

Lizbeth MeredithVerified Buyer 2019-10-19

Great organic invention

I have been using savage CBD from quite some time now, and it has been great. It helps me sleep better and also helps me focus better on my office work. I think CBD is a great organic invention by mankind.

Natalie WestVerified Buyer 2019-10-03

Do not hesitate

I started this CBD with their lotions, and now I use the oils and tinctures as well. I keep everything stocked, and use it as and when required. I must say that CBD is a great help to mankind, and we must not hesitate to use it whenever required.

Susan SloanVerified Buyer 2019-09-17

Recovers back lost energy

Savage CBD is the one tried for the epilepsy of my mother. And I must say it is useful in recovery from an such episode. We give her once she is revived back into her senses and then it helps to recover the lost energy from her body. Probably some cure would come up one day.

Christina LayVerified Buyer 2019-08-31

Use it for once

The full spectrum lotion from CBD plus has replaced the regular moisturizer that I used to have earlier. It is too good, very smooth, and very oily, yet dry at the same time. I think you have to use it to get to know of the aroma and the texture.

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