There are so many CBD brands on the market these days; it can be very difficult to determine which would be best for you and your needs. On the one hand, it’s great that new CBD consumers have so much choice, but on the other hand, it makes it really difficult to narrow down. Today, we will be doing an OK CBD review to give you more insight into one of the top CBD brands in the UK.

Recently, there’s been a big turnaround in the UK’s cannabis industry. In the past, public opinion was strongly against cannabis, and you could only find CBD online. Shops didn’t want to stock CBD because of its association with cannabis and the grey legal area it falls into.

But, thanks to a new law passed on medical cannabis, public opinion began to change quickly. CBD oil was already available, but it wasn’t common or popular. An increasing number of people have become intrigued by CBD, and the industry in the UK is now huge. So now, let’s take a closer look at OK CBD.

OK CBD Quick Summary

Quality 95%
Effectiveness 96%
Benefits 96%
Price 99%
Customer Service 98%

“Within two days of using this CBD oil, my neck seemed to be different, in a very good way. The pain almost disappeared, and the muscles were much looser.”

Who is OK CBD?

OK CBD is the sister company of OK Vape, which is a highly reputable supplier of vaping products, that was established more than six years ago. As stated on the website, the company has an impressive number of years of experience in supplying high-quality products to some of the major retailers in the UK, including Morrisons, Asda, Argos, and Sainsbury’s, as well as to customers online.

Aside from this information, there is not much else about the company on its website. While many CBD companies provide a backstory and give some insight into who founded the brand, OK CBD lacks this. There’s very limited information provided on the website, and if you do a google search, you won’t find much else about this brand.

It is also stated on the website that the range of CBD oil tongue drops was developed after conducting thorough research and testing. The company has a strong belief that no other brand can compete with them on the quality, taste, and performance of their products. It also has a strong focus on customer service and strives to provide customers with the best service possible.

OK CBD supplies high-quality CBD oil in four flavors and three strengths, and claims to have the highest quality CBD oil made in the UK. We haven’t found any reason to dispute this claim, and it certainly seems to be a brand committed to providing the best possible products to its customers.

ok cbd oils

OK CBD Highlights

Based on customer reviews that we’ve found online, consumers seem to be very much impressed and happy with the services and products provided by OK CBD.

Here are some of the highlights of this brand.

  • Free Shipping on Orders Over £14: OK CBD offers free shipping when customers spend more than £14. This is a great incentive and is certainly beneficial not only for regular CBD users but also newbies or those who only purchase CBD occasionally. £14 really isn’t much to spend on CBD products.
  • Low Cost: OK CBD is extremely well-priced in comparison to the rest of the industry. The CBD oil prices range from £7 to £25, which is some of the best priced CBD oil that we’ve come across.
  • High-Quality Products: OK CBD oil comes from certified, regulated farms and is extracted from full-spectrum, CBD-rich hemp sourced from the very best places in the USA. Furthermore, the company’s UK manufacturing facility tests at every stage of the process and is certified to ISO-7 standards to further ensure quality. Also, all products are vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and made from natural ingredients.
  • Ideal for Beginners: Given that the OK CBD oils are such low-strength CBD products, they are perfect for CBD beginners who are looking for a starting dose.
  • Loyalty Rewards: OK CBD has a loyalty program in place, whereby customers will be rewarded with loyalty points every time they place an order. Extra points are also rewarded for leaving product reviews and recommending the brand to friends. Points can then be used towards future purchases. 100 points are equal to £1. This is a great initiative, and it’s a fantastic way to give discounts to loyal customers.

OK CBD: Negative Thoughts

While we love the fact that OK CBD is very much customer oriented and focused on providing high-quality products, we are rather disappointed that they have such a small range of products on offer. They only sell sublingual CBD oils, which is not very impressive in today’s CBD market.

Furthermore, the strength of these products only ranges from 50 mg to 400 mg. While we think it’s great that they offer low-dose products for newbies, it would be wonderful if they could have an option for more experienced users as well. We would like to see this brand add a few more products to their collection, like gummies and capsules.


ok cbd oil review

“Been taking 200 mg CBD oil for one month, and really think it's working for my back pain and insomnia. Great product - very happy with the results.”

OK CBD Products

As already mentioned, OK CBD only sells sublingual CBD oil. Here’s an overview:

  • CBD Oil: The CBD oil is sold in four different flavors: Vanilla, orange, spearmint, and summer berry. They each come in three different strengths; 50 mg, 100 mg, and 400 mg. You simply place a few drops under your tongue and hold it there for between 30 to 60 seconds before swallowing it.
  • CBD Oil Multipacks: The CBD oil is also sold in multipacks of either three or four bottles containing one of each flavor. The 3-packs consist of the orange, spearmint, and summer berry flavors (no vanilla).
  • CBD Monthly Subscriptions: OK CBD has a monthly subscription option, which is a great way for consumers to buy products. This is the first time we’ve seen a brand offer this.

OK CBD: Costs

  • CBD Oil: The 50 mg CBD oil retails for £7, 200 mg will cost you £19, and 400 mg retails for £25.
  • CBD Oil Multipacks: The 3-pack of 50 mg oil retails for £16, while the 3-pack oil of 200 mg is £50 and the 3-pack of 400 mg is £65. The 4-pack of 200 mg CBD oil retails for £65, and the 4-pack of 400 mg CBD oil is sold for £85.
  • CBD Monthly Subscription: There’s a monthly subscription option for either 1, 2, 3 or 4 bottles of CBD oil per month. The starting price for one bottle is £17.10; two bottles start at £34.20, three bottles from £45, and four bottles from £58.50.

“I have only been using this CBD oil for a short time, but it has already helped me immensely, particularly with my insomnia. I’m able to relax more, which helps with my sleep.”

Final Thoughts on OK CBD

Although not explicitly stated by OK CBD, its products seem to be targeted to newbies or those looking for low-dosage CBD oils. If you’re new to CBD, then this definitely seems to be the best brand for you. The brand sells a small range of low-strength CBD oils that come in four exciting flavors.

There are some people who prefer to use unflavored CBD oils. If you’re one of these people, then you will want to look for a different brand. Also, more experienced users will want to look for much stronger potencies of CBD.

However, this certainly seems to be a high-quality and reputable brand for newbies.

Customer Reviews
Priscilla Suda Verified user
Driving all of us

I have gone in for the 4 bottles per month monthly subscription. Both me and my husband and both of my parents- in-law, all four of us are taking this for our own reasons. My mum-in-law likes to have it for pain relief while my father-in-law enjoys CBD for vaping. My husband takes it as a stress buster and I take it to keep my physical stamina high. After all managing a household of 4 adults and 3 kids is a full time task in itself. OK is actually driving all of us very well in our own ways!

Della Verified user
After 6 months

If you know me as a person, I do not throw in kind words too often. Only a few things like the CBD oil from OK are the things that have impressed me so much that I like to talk about them quite a lot. I tried Ok for the CBD’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and I feel my heart health is in a better state now. Will get it checked medically in a hospital once I complete 6 months with OK CBD.

Marshall Colvin Verified user
The monthly subscription service

I have a monthly subscription from OK CBD for all my CBD needs. I know very well that it does not expire in about 10 to 12 months. But still I order monthly because I have felt a considerable difference in the effect if we use the fresh form of the oil. Now this can be psychological or actual, I do not have any reports or studies to back up my claim. However, whatever it is, it is good and not at all difficult with their monthly subscription service.

Heather Cobb Verified user
In ways of efficacy

Choosing a single CBD product is very tough, as there are so many options in the market. But as an experienced user I can tell you that it is tough only in the beginning. Once you try a few brands, you will yourself be able to tell the difference and pick out one of them. OK CBD is one cogent one. It is easy to order it online, from the comfort of your home and it stands out of the crowd in ways of efficacy and usefulness.

John Arredondo Verified user
That is what life is

Sometimes mild, once a time moments happen in childhood that leave you scarred for a lifetime emotionally. If we go by statistics, almost 40 percent of us go through such happenings in our early lives. These can be anything from a bed fall at night, to a sexual abuse. From a deprivation from some commodity you dream of to some chronic illness. OK CBD is a great rescuer in such situations. It is a CBD that is better for the mind than the body. So keeps you sparkled and zealous no matter what one has gone through. After all that is what life is. I am much in favor of this CBD brand.

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