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The UK’s CBD industry has exploded over the last few years. An increasing number of people across the UK are looking to use CBD as a daily supplement, hoping to experience some of the benefits that we have all heard so much about in the media.

People are becoming increasingly health-conscious, looking for ways to switch out old fashioned supplements packed with artificial ingredients for natural, feel-good products. CBD offers the perfect solution. It’s 100% natural, and it provides many of the same benefits that other supplements do.

Walking down a stereotypical British high street, it is now common to see numerous CBD stores, with large signs in the window, to let you know that they sell CBD. Health food stores and pharmacies have also started selling their own selections of CBD supplements, making CBD more accessible than ever before in the UK.

Lloyds Pharmacy is just one of the many pharmacies that have started offering their customers CBD supplements. Lloyds Pharmacy has made CBD feel like a realistic option for many and not something that they have to purchase from an unknown brand online.

Let’s take a closer look at Lloyds Pharmacy’s range of CBD products and find out whether they are worth a trip to your local store the next time you are in town.

Lloyds Pharmacy Quick Summary

Quality 98%
Effectiveness 95%
Benefits 92%
Price 97%
Customer Service 91%

“Lloyd's Pharmacy has always prided itself on being a forward-thinking company and one that is able to change in order to keep up with the needs of society.”

Who Are Lloyds Pharmacy?

Lloyds Pharmacy first appeared on the British high street back in the 1970s and has remained ever since. It has managed to go on to become one of the UK’s largest pharmacies, a place where people can go for trustworthy medical advice and more.

Lloyds Pharmacy currently has over 1,500 stores across the country, making its CBD products accessible to everyone regardless of location. Lloyds Pharmacy has always prided itself on being a forward-thinking company and one that is able to change in order to keep up with the needs of society.

With CBD becoming an increasingly popular supplement, Lloyds Pharmacy saw a gap in the market; there were very few places where people in the UK could purchase CBD in person and from a brand that they already knew and trusted.

Starting with Irish brand Celtic Wind Crops, Lloyds Pharmacy launched its first range of CBD products, including CBD oil and CBD capsules. Since the launch of Celtic Wind, Lloyds has gone on to expand its CBD line with three more brands, offering customers even more choice.

Lloyds Pharmacy chose Celtic Wind as it was already an established brand in Ireland that had a very similar ethos to their own. Celtic Wind only uses high-quality organic products, managing the entire process from seed to bottle to ensure that its exceptional standards remain consistent throughout.

Ever-expanding and looking to the future, Lloyds Pharmacy has gone on to add Vitality CBD, Healthspan CBD, and Westlab CBD to its collection of CBD products. Just like Celtic Wind, all three of these brands believe in only using organic, natural ingredients delivering the very best CBD to their customers.

Lloyds Pharmacy’s decision to expand its CBD range has given UK customers more choice than ever before, with CBD products that they can trust. New additions include popular products such as CBD oral drops, CBD topicals, and CBD bath salts.

Let’s delve deeper into Lloyds Pharmacy’s four CBD brands and find out what they have to offer.

lloyds pharmacy lloyds pharmacy

Lloyd’s Pharmacy Highlights

  • Well-Known and Trusted Brand: Lloyds Pharmacy is a famous and trusted UK company that has had a permanent place on British high streets across the country for decades. When shopping with Lloyds Pharmacy, you know exactly what to expect, giving you the confidence to try CBD. The brand also has physical shops, meaning that you can speak to members of staff for advice as to which products are best suited to your needs.
  • All Natural Ingredients: Lloyds Pharmacy believes in using natural ingredients so that you experience CBD at its very best. Lloyds Pharmacy’s all-natural approach means that you never have to worry about subjecting your body to artificial chemicals and toxins.
  • Reasonable Pricing: Lloyds Pharmacy aims to make its CBD products as affordable as possible so that everyone is able to access CBD.

Lloyds Pharmacy: Negative Thoughts

  • No Lab Reports: Despite the frequent practices of other brands, there aren’t really any lab reports available for the Lloyds Pharmacy brand.
  • Small Selection: Despite the inherent quality of the products, there isn’t really much variety available.

lloyds pharmacy

“CBD capsules are made using 100% natural ingredients, packed natural terpenes, vitamins, and omega 3, 6, and 9. Just like their CBD oils capsules are made using EU certified hemp.”

My Personal Experience

For my experience, I really enjoyed trying the variety of different Lloyds Pharmacy products, especially as a longtime customer of Lloyds.

Despite the confusing name of “hemp drops,” I found the CBD oil sufficiently strong enough to help me out, plus I really loved its super neutral, inoffensive flavor. Instead of regular full-spectrum, they advertise “multi-complex” oil, meaning it comes packed with all kinds of useful cannabinoids (not counting THC), so I know I’m getting the full effect.

Let’s take a closer, more precise look at the exact products and figure out which ones are worth buying.

Lloyds Pharmacy Celtic Wind CBD Oil

Celtic Wind CBD oil has been designed with modern 21-century customers in mind, ensuring that it is quick and simple to use while still providing the very best results. Each bottle of Celtic Wind oil comes with a built-in dropper that has been carefully designed for minimal mess and maximum convenience.

For fast-acting results that only take up seconds of your time, Celtic Wind oils can be placed under your tongue and left to absorb naturally into your bloodstream.

Celtic Wind CBD oils are available in both pure CBD form and as multi-complex oil. Celtic Wind’s regular CBD oil is packed with CBD, while all of the other naturally occurring cannabinoids have been removed, providing a pure CBD experience.

Multi complex oil, on the other hand, is packed with all of the cannabinoids that are found within hemp plants, including CBG, CBD-A, and CBC. The different cannabinoids within the multi-complex oil are thought to work together for more effective results.

The CBD oils come in a natural flavor that tastes great and does not leave a lingering taste in your mouth after use. The neutral flavor profile of Celtic Wind’s CBD oils means that they can be used in smoothies, as well as other recipes, for a super discreet way to take CBD.

Multi complex oils do have a slightly stronger taste but are still an excellent option for those who want to avoid that distinctive, overpowering taste that some CBD oils have.

Celtic Wind’s CBD oils come in three different strength options, allowing you to decide how much CBD is right for your body, helping you to achieve the effects that you actually want. Celtic Wind’s regular CBD oil is available with a 5% CBD content, while the multi-complex oil comes in both 3% and 10% options.

Lloyds Pharmacy Celtic Wind CBD Capsules

Celtic Wind CBD capsules provide all of the same great benefits as the CBD oils, only in small, convenient capsules that you can take quickly and discreetly. CBD capsules are made using 100% natural ingredients, packed with natural terpenes, vitamins, and omega 3, 6, and 9. Just like the CBD oil, they are made using EU certified hemp.

CBD capsules are the perfect way to include CBD into your busy lifestyle, making it easier than ever to take CBD while away from home. With CBD capsules, you no longer have to carry a bottle of oil around with you, you do not have to worry about measuring out a precise dosage with each use, and you never have to worry about making a mess.

Celtic Wind guarantees that each one of its capsules contains precisely 20mg of CBD, ensuring that you take the right amount of CBD each day. Capsules come in secure tubs containing 60 pills so that you can easily take your CBD with you wherever you go.

lloyds pharmacy

Lloyds Pharmacy Vitality CBD

Lloyds Pharmacy chose Vitality CBD for many of the same reasons that it decided to work with Celtic Wind. Vitality CBD is committed to delivering high-quality CBD products that are made from organic, sustainably grown hemp plants.

Vitality CBD offers customers a number of different ways to use CBD, ensuring that there is an option to suit everyone’s needs. The Vitality CBD range includes a variety of different CBD drops, sprays, and creams.

The CBD oral drops work in much the same way as a CBD oil, designed to be dropped onto your tongue and absorbed into your bloodstream. Drops like these are perfect for anyone who wants to have complete control over how much CBD they put into their body at any one time, with the freedom to measure out as much or as little as you wish.

Vitality offers its CBD drops in three different strength options, as well as a range of delicious flavors, including berry, lemon, and a natural herbal flavor.

The Vitality CBD sprays contain all of the same feel-good natural ingredients as the oral drops, only in a spray bottle for super quick and easy use. CBD oral sprays come in the same mouthwatering flavor options and strengths as Vitality’s oral drops.

For those who prefer to use CBD in a topical form, Vitality has both a CBD cream and a CBD muscle balm. Both options contain 300mg of CBD and have been designed to leave your skin feeling smooth and healthy. CBD topicals are a great option for anyone who wants to target external health concerns or who is simply looking for a way to keep their skin looking and feeling youthful.

Lloyds Pharmacy Costs

Vitality CBD             

  • Vitality CBD Oral Drops 300mg (30ml) – £24.99
  • Vitality CBD Oral Drops 600mg (30ml) – £34.99
  • Vitality CBD Oral Drops 1200mg (30ml) – £74.99
  • Vitality CBD Oral Spray 300mg (30ml) – £24.99
  • Vitality CBD Oral Spray 600mg (30ml) – £34.99
  • Vitality CBD Oral Spray 120mmg (30ml) – £74.99
  • Vitality CBD Skin Cream 300mg (50ml) – £29.99
  • Vitality CBD Muscle Balm 300mg (50ml) – £29.99

Celtic Wind CBD

  • Celtic Wind CBD Powder (40g) – £64.99
  • Celtic Wind Crops CBD Capsules (60 counts) – £74.99
  • Celtic Wind Crops CBD Multi Complex Oil 3% (10ml) – £23.99
  • Celtic Wind Crops CBD Multi Complex Oil 10% (10ml) – £57.99
  • Celtic Wind Crops CBD Multi Complex Oil 10% (20ml) – £104.99
  • Celtic Wind Crops Oil 5% (30ml) – £79.99
  • Celtic Wind Crops Oil 5% (10ml) – £29.99

Healthspan CBD

  • Healthspan CBD Oil 192mg (30 count) – £18.99
  • Healthspan CBD Oil Oral Drops 250mg (10ml) – £15.99

Westlab CBD           

  • Westlab Mindful Bathing Salts (1kg) – £2.66

“Drops are perfect for anyone who wants to have complete control over how much CBD they put into their body and any one time, with the freedom to measure out as much or as little as you wish.”

Final Verdict on Lloyds Pharmacy

It is great to see a well-known company, such as Lloyds Pharmacy, taking a step into the future – especially when it is one that makes CBD more accessible to those who do not feel comfortable with shopping online.

Lloyds Pharmacy’s decision to start selling their own range of CBD products helps to remove some of the stigma that still surrounds the industry, showing that CBD can be purchased and used in just the same way that other supplements can.

Lloyds Pharmacy has clearly put a great deal of time and care into deciding which brands to work with. All four of the brands that Lloyds Pharmacy stocks offer high-quality CBD products and are committed to providing sustainable, organic CBD.

Why not head to your local Lloyd’s Pharmacy to check out some of their CBD products for yourself?

Customer Reviews
Francine Baughman Verified user
To ward off tension

My daughter was born with a cleft lip. Even after her repair surgery that resolved this problem, she is now facing speech challenges. Her speech is not as clear and as legible as other kids her age. I am constantly depressed although my doctor assures it would go away with time as she grows up. Lloyd’s pharmacy is a great CBD that I use to ward away my tension. I feel more motivated and more optimistic once I take my daily dose of Lloyd’s each morning.

Jacqueline Bayliss Verified user
impressed and happy

I was already using Llyods Pharmacy for many of my needs and I trusted them completely. When I heard they started stocking CBD products too, I wanted to try immediately. And what I’ve noticed is a complete transformation in my stamina and physical energy since the first week I started taking this CBD. Much impressed and much happy!

Nichole Lawrence Verified user
Fortune favored me

They got a cool money back guarantee and that is why I opted Lloyds pharmacy. If I talk honestly, with so many CBd brands it becomes very difficult to boil down to one no matter how extensively you research. And for me, this was an impossible task. I just picked up a chit with five names that offered premium CBD oils and money back too. Llyody’s was the text and I purchased from them. Fortune favored me that day as Lloyd’s has been better than what I expected from any CBD.

Edwin Page Verified user
Never imagined

I know it is not a skin care range, it is more of a medicinal or herbal rescue in pain and stress. However, I tried it on my skin recently and it works wonders. I have always had very rough and untoned kind of skin texture. In-growns on my elbows and knees are a frequent problem too. But with Lloyd’s pharmacy CBD oil, the condition is much better. I am so happy, I can’t tell you. I had never imagined the whole of my life, that my skin could improve some day. The glow is getting on me guys!

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