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Kiki Health has been around for a considerable time, selling dietary supplements and organic beauty products. The company philosophy is to support the growing demand for pure, plant-based, conscious products for both well-being and beauty. In recent times, this has led them to release a CBD range, which we’ll take a look at today.

Kiki Health also manages numerous sister companies, including Norstar BioMagnetics and E3Live.

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About Kiki Health: More than Herbal Supplements

Kiki Health is a British company born out of a desire to promote optimum well-being and health. The company’s objective is to source dietary and beauty-boosting products of the highest quality and integrity from all around the world. Their website is packed full of supplements, including vitamins, mushroom powders, probiotics, and more. However, we were surprised to find that their CBD products aren’t sold on their official site, only through third-party companies.


How Are the Products Lab Tested?

Interestingly, information about Kiki Health’s CBD range can only be found on a public-PDF document rather than on their site. This “promotional pack” feels a little odd; nonetheless, we did find lab reports included. These tests break down the cannabinoid content of each product. The company also claims to test for contaminants such as coliforms, enterobacteria, heavy metals by using a gas chromatograph. More high-tech testing is done using Liquid Chromatography with Mass Spectrometric detection (LC/MS/MS). While it all sounds very impressive, we couldn’t find published results of any containment testing.


Is Kiki Health Trustworthy?

We found it difficult to gauge Kiki Health’s reputation in the industry. They don’t have a Trustpilot page or any customer reviews on their site, which is odd. Despite this, Kiki Health products are sold in numerous highly-regarded online stores such as Planet Organic and Cult Beauty.


The Full Growing Process

In terms of sourcing, Kiki Health claims to be partnered with a specialist cannabis group in the Netherlands. However, they don’t mention any names. The brand uses industrial hemp grown from EU-certified seeds, which are grown in both Holland and Germany. Once the hemp is grown, it’s then tested while still planted; the outer crops (typically 25-30 acres) are normally destroyed to ensure total purity. Their extraction facility then lab tests every barrel of remaining plant material twice. Additionally, the company grows its hemp organically, free of pesticides and herbicides. We like that Kiki Health talks in detail about their farming process; it’s a great example of transparency.


Kiki Health’s Product Range

As well as farming, it seems Kiki Health keeps the manufacturing process on a tight leash. Their facilities all have HACCP certification, ensuring no contamination from biological, chemical, or other substances. Kiki Health’s oils are made with just two ingredients; hemp extract and cold-pressed hemp seed carrier oil. The company believes in the synergistic benefit of using various cannabinoids and terpenes in their products, so all the oils are full-spectrum.

I love it - a great addition to my daily health regime. I find that it relaxes me and leaves me feeling more refreshed.

Kiki Health Review: Highlights

Here are some of the things about Kiki Health that stand out:

  • Sold in renowned online stores. High-profile stores like Planet Organic stock Kiki Health’s CBD products. Well-known for their stringent policy on quality, Planet Organic may reassure some that these CBD products are high quality.
  • Established brand. Kiki Health is already an established brand and is popular in the world of health and wellness. This longevity increases our trust in the brand.

  • High-quality products. The company believes in adding only the purest ingredients with the highest potency available. All ingredients are ethically processed and meticulously chosen to maximize and preserve the powerful and beneficial elements.
  • Encourages “the entourage effect”. All of Kiki Health’s products are crafted with a full-spectrum formula. Many believe consuming this unique mixture of cannabinoids and terpenes can provide a great therapeutic benefit.
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians. The brand ensures that their oils are suitable for those following a stricter diet. Using cold-pressed hemp seed oil ensures that 100% of their oils originate from the hemp plant.

Negative Thoughts

Since Kiki Health isn’t primarily dedicated to CBD products (CBD is essentially an add-on to their range), they don’t have an extensive selection to choose from. You will only find their CBD oils – no other CBD products.

Furthermore, it’s discouraging that their CBD range isn’t included on their official site. Many customers prefer buying products directly from a brand rather than a third-party source. Also, it would be helpful if their PDF information pack was published on their site too. This would enable customers to get direct information on sourcing and manufacturing instead of having to browse online.

I love the CBD Aqua. I add it to either water or sometimes even a smoothie - a great way to get my daily dose of CBD.

Where to Buy Kiki Health

As mentioned above, Kiki Health’s CBD products can not be bought on their official site. However, those based in the UK will find a selection of oils in stores such as Planet Organic, Cult Beauty, and Look Fantastic. Additionally, customers based in the EU, US, and other countries, can purchase the range from online stores like Naturismo.


Best Kiki Health Products: A Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Range

Kiki Health sells four CBD products: three CBD oils and a water-soluble version, known as CBD Aqua. Find out more below.

Kiki Health’s CBD oil – 5%

Available in a 10ml bottle, the 5% (500 mg) CBD oil contains approximately 200 drops of CBD. There is 2.5mg of CBD per drop. Plant extract (40%) | Hemp seed oil (60%).
[Cost is $40]

Kiki Health’s CBD oil – 10%

Also sold in a 10ml bottle, the 10% (1,000mg) CBD oil also contains approximately 200 drops of CBD. Each drop contains 5mg of CBD. Plant extract (50%) | Hemp seed oil (50%).
[Cost is £70]

Kiki Health’s CBD oil – 25% (Premium Gold)

This formulation is the same as the other CBD oils but of a much higher strength. Also containing 200 drops in the form of a 10ml bottle. The 25% (2,500mg) CBD oil features 12mg of CBD per drop. Plant extract (80%) | Hemp seed oil (20%).
[Cost is £175]

Kiki Health’s CBD Aqua + Curcumin Edition

This water-soluble form of CBD is an alternative to CBD oil that can be added to beverages. The curcumin adds more taste to the oil. The CBD Aqua is lower in strength, containing only 4% CBD. It’s sold in a 10ml bottle – with 50 pumps in each bottle; each pump contains approximately 8mg of CBD.
[Cost is £50]

The Premium Gold CBD oil is fantastic for muscle aches and pains. I take a few drops twice a day.

Kiki Health Review: Final Thoughts

CBD isn’t the main focus of Kiki Health, but the company certainly seems committed to providing high-quality CBD oils. We love that existing brands, like Kiki Health, are taking an interest in and starting to promote CBD. Even better, their growing and manufacturing processes are detailed and transparent.

However, if you are looking for other CBD products, like gummies, skin products, or capsules, you won’t find them at Kiki Health. Also, they don’t sell their products on the official site, which is disappointing. Despite these issues, if you are in search of CBD oil, then this definitely is a brand worth considering.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to your health and happiness!
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Ronny O. Verified user

Absolutely impressed with their oils. quite impressive for a new brand that just started selling. Thanks

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