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Many people all around the world are searching for the best CBD products online these days. CBD comes in the form of oils, capsules, gummies, sprays, creams, tinctures, and more. It’s believed to offer a variety of therapeutic benefits to the body and is said to promote better sleep, improve mood, and reduce pain, among other things.

CBD users give it rave reviews, and there are a lot of anecdotal reports to suggest that it may be able to help people with numerous symptoms and conditions. CBD is legal, and it’s generally considered to be safe.

Shopping for CBD can feel like a full-time job, especially if you’re a first-time buyer. You have to calculate the price to potency ratios, decode industry jargon, and evaluate perplexing marketing materials to compare brands and products, even in the most basic way.

Consumers often rely on product labels that aren’t easy to understand when searching for the best CBD products. At Shopping CBD, we aim to help you find the best CBD brand and products to suit your needs, eliminating the need for guesswork.

Today, we will be reviewing a brand known as Flav CBD.

Flav CBD Quick Summary

Quality 92%
Effectiveness 93%
Benefits 93%
Price 97%
Customer Service 90%

“I love the mango flavored gummies. They help me to focus during long study sessions and keep my mind sharp.”

Who Is Flav CBD?

Flav CBD, formerly known as FlavRX, is a trusted THC and CBD brand based in California. The company’s mission is to deliver the best-in-class cannabis experience. In 2015, Flav created the first vape products with true strain-specific terpene profiles, and in 2016 they developed the most potent vape oils in the industry.

In 2017, the company released the world’s best tasting line of cannabis-infused gummies; in 2018, they crossed the threshold of 1,000 unique product offerings, and in 2019 they introduced a greatly expanded line of CBD products.

Flav offers 1,600 unique products which expand across a wide range of product categories, including concentrates, vapes, flower, edibles, CBD products and accessories. They offer a complete product line under the Flav brand, but also provide white label production capabilities for partner brands. The Flav CBD products include edibles, vapes, and topicals.

Flav is not an operator of dispensaries. They sell THC products through trusted third party dispensaries. They are also no cultivators or growers. Instead, they have proven long-term sourcing relationships of quality biomass material to meet requirements.

The company is all about innovation. They claim to be innate creators who find satisfaction in achieving things that have never been done before. Whether it’s redefining flavors, pushing the boundaries of potency, or developing truly unique products, Flav innovates and creates.

Unfortunately, there is just about no information available on the company itself. We don’t know who the faces are behind this brand.

Who Is Flav CBD?

Flav CBD Highlights

Here are a few of the Flav CBD highlights:

  • Affordable Pricing: Flav aims to make its products accessible to all so that everyone has the opportunity to lead a healthy lifestyle and experience the fun side of CBD. When compared to similar products on the market, Flav CBD is very well-priced.
  • CO2 Extraction: Flav uses CO2 extraction to ensure high-quality products. CO2 extraction is thought to be the most effective extraction process available – but it’s also the most expensive. But it’s worth it because it produces the purest, most consistent, and potent CBD.
  • Excellent Selection of Edibles: Flav offers an exciting range of gummies, along with hard candy, chocolate bars, and even beverages. Each product comes in a wide range of flavors to ensure that its products can be something that people look forward to each day.

Flav CBD Highlights

Flav CBD: Negative Thoughts

Even an arduous, in-depth Google search of FlavCBD won’t give you anything about this company. There’s practically no online marketing, like Facebook and Youtube, and the “About” section on the company website doesn’t provide much information. There is no indication of who the CEO or founder of Flav CBD is, and what their motives are.

Another problem we have with Flav CBD is that they make sensational claims about their product quality, including using organic hemp and the “finest” ingredients. However, the company doesn’t have any evidence to back up these claims.

But most frustrating was trying to figure out how to buy these products online – and we’re still not entirely sure. Under the “Product” section is a list of all product categories, and each has a “Read More” option. Clicking on “Read More” won’t give you much more than a brief description of that particular product category. There doesn’t seem to be any way to see a list of the specific products in each category with prices.

Even worse, the site has a “Shop Our Online Store” option on its homepage, but selecting this option doesn’t lead anywhere. There is a separate FlavCBD website that sells the companies CBD products – it appears as though this is the online shop. But it would be nice if Flav could explain this on their “main” website.

“The Flav pens are great. They’re disposable but still strong and leakproof. It’s easy to carry around with me - love it so much.”

Flav CBD Products

  •  CBD Edibles: The Flav CBD edibles range includes gummies, chocolate bars, beverages, and hard candy. The gummies and hard candy are each available in strengths of 100 mg and 250 mg. There are 10 pieces per pack of each, and they come in several varieties. The beverages are also available in strengths of 100 mg and 250 mg, but there are only two flavors: Horchata and Lemonade. The chocolate bars come in several flavors and contain 100 mg of CBD.
  • CBD Vapes: The vape range includes cartridges, mood pens, as well as pods & refills. Cartridges come in an array of flavors and sizes of 0.5 g and 1 g. The mood pens also come in a variety of flavors, but only the size of 0.5 g.
  • CBD Topicals: The Flav CBD topical range includes CBD roll-on, a bath bomb, salve, a transdermal patch, and sun guard (30 SPF and 50 SPF).
  • Supplements: Flav CBD also has a supplement range that includes 100 mg Drops in a Natural, Cherry, and Mint flavor, CBD capsules, and an Airless Metered pen.

Flav CBD Costs

  • CBD Edibles: Both of the 100 mg gummies, hard candies, and beverages cost $14.99, and the 250 mg packs cost $24.99. Each chocolate bar retails for $19.99.
  • CBD Vapes: Each of the mood pens cost $34.99, while the 0.5 g cartridges cost $29.99, and the 1 g cartridges cost $39.99.
  • CBD Topicals: The topical product prices range between $11.99 and $49.99.
  • Supplements: Both the capsules and 100 mg drops retail for $29.99, while the pen costs $39.99.

Flav CBD Costs

“Love the selection of CBD products offered by Flav. The gummies are delicious and available in quite a few flavors.”

Final Thoughts on Flav CBD

At first glance, Flav CBD is everything a consumer looks for; well-priced and potent. But if you look a little closer, there are a few issues. Firstly, it’s not exactly clear how to buy these products online. The main website doesn’t give any indication about how to go about buying the Flav CBD products. However, you can find them at a separate web address; we’re not sure why there are two different sites.

That said, Flav certainly is a refreshing and unique brand that offers customers real choice and the power to keep CBD feeling like a fun treat rather than a daily chore. The company understands that maintaining an internal balance and looking after your body should be an exciting experience.

Flav CBD is definitely worth trying if you’re looking for unique and well-priced CBD products. They offer quite a good selection of CBD products that have been designed to work around fast-paced and modern life.

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