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As CBD starts to become more readily available, an increasing number of people are using CBD for a variety of conditions. Research into CBD is ongoing, but preliminary clinical trials and anecdotal evidence demonstrates the efficacy and potential of CBD. Here at Shopping CBD, we’ve reviewed tons of brands available on the market to highlight those that meet our very high standards.

CBD is everywhere and for a good reason. It has a good safety profile, won’t get you high, and can be a great addition to your health and wellness regime. But there’s an overwhelming amount of choice out there, so you will probably need some help finding the best CBD brands. Whether you’re a newbie or you’ve been experimenting with CBD for some time, we’ve got you covered.

Today, we’re going to be looking at Canzon CBD. They are one of the newbies in the CBD market, and one to watch out for this year. They are one of the fastest-growing CBD brands in Europe and offer a wide range of quality third-party tested CBD products that support both balance and overall wellness.

Find out more in our Canzon CBD review below.

Canzon CBD Quick Summary

Quality 93%
Effectiveness 94%
Benefits 94%
Price 92%
Customer Service 98%

“The Canzon CBD Balm is amazing. Moisturizing has never felt so good. It’s soothing and so relaxing.”

Who Is Canzon CBD?

Canzon CBD has one simple mission; to continue innovating and delivering a range of high-quality CBD products directly for the consumer, thereby making the benefits of CBD easily accessible to everyone. It’s a company fully committed to customer satisfaction – they strive to support each consumer on their journey to wellness.

Canzon believes in creating products of the finest CBD quality and source their ingredients from premium farms all across Europe. The company seems to be based in Luxembourg, but their CBD oils are from Switzerland, CBD skin care products from the Netherlands, and their CBD cosmetics are from Italy. The Canzon vape e-liquids, cosmetics, and balms are organic, and their skin treatment products are classified as Class 1 medical devices.

Customer satisfaction and wellness are very important to the company. The CBD oil is extracted from CBD hemp extracts that contain Pure Cannabis Plant terpenes. The company claims to use no chemicals or pesticides in its products, so everything is organic and natural. Their products are certified as organic and meet relatively strict European standards for organic farming.

Aside from the above, there is not much other information available on Canzon CBD as a company. We’re not sure who founded the company, what their motives were or whose behind the brand now, which is a little disappointing.

Who Is Canzon CBD?

Canzon CBD Highlights

Here are some of the Canzon CBD highlights:

  • Free Shipping: You can get free shipping if you spend over 70 Euros, which is always a great benefit. You can end up saving a lot of cash if you plan on making regular purchases.
  • Lab Test Results: All of the Canzon CBD products are third-party lab tested and held to the highest standard to ensure top quality products. These lab tests are available on the company website, which means that customers can check that they live up to all that they claim to be.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Customer satisfaction and wellness are a top priority to Canzon. They understand that CBD affects every person differently, which is why they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all products.
  • Organic Hemp: Like any plant, hemp can be farmed with insecticides and pesticides that can negatively affect one’s health. All of the Canzon CBD products are organic, which means that they are subject to strict European standards.

Canzon CBD: Negative Thoughts

At the time of writing this review, all of the Canzon CBD oils were listed as sold out. This is never a good reflection of any company. There should always be stock available on products that are advertised. And while we could understand one product being sold out temporarily, it’s kind of ludicrous that ALL of their CBD oils are currently sold out.

Another downside of Canzon CBD is that although they offer quite a wide range of products, they don’t yet have CBD capsules. This is rather strange for a company that offers so many other types of products.

Canzon CBD: Negative Thoughts

“I really love the CBD oil. It helps me so much when I’m feeling anxious and struggling to sleep. It doesn’t make me high and relaxes my mind.”

Canzon CBD Products

  • CBD Oil: Although currently out of stock, Canzon has four CBD oils available in different strengths and sizes. There are two 5% strengths available in 10 ml and 30 ml bottles, and two 10% bottles available in 10 ml and 30 ml bottles. The strongest is 3,000 mg – 10% in a 30 ml bottle. The lowest potency is 500 mg, or 5% in a 10 ml bottle.
  • CBD Balm: The CBD balm is available in two varieties; 2% 600 mg and 3% 900 mg. There is also a Topical Blend 3-in-1 bundle that contains 2% 600 mg CBD Balm, CBD Long-Term Action Recovery Cream, and CBD Hand Lotion.
  • CBD E-liquid: The CBD E-liquid is available in four flavors; Grape, Green Apple, Super Lemon Haze, and Natural Cannabis. Each contains 500 mg of CBD and comes in a 10 ml bottle.
  • CBD Skin Treatment: Canzon sells a CBD Acne cream and CBD Psoriasis cream. Each comes in a strength of 100 mg and a 50 ml size tube.
  • CBD Dog Treats: Canzon has two varieties of dog treats: Agility and Relaxation. Each treat in each pack contains 2.5 mg of hemp flower CBD.

Canzon CBD Costs

  • CBD Oil: Prices range between €42 and €184, depending on the size and strength of the CBD oil.
  • CBD Balm: The 2% 600 mg CBD Balm retails for €49.90, and the 3% 900 mg option costs €64.90. The Topical Blend bundle costs €99.
  • CBD E-liquid: The e-liquids retail for between €43.90 and €45.90. You can buy a variety-pack containing all four flavors for €129.
  • CBD Skin Treatment: Both skin treatment creams retail for €55.
  • CBD Dog Treats: Each pack of dog treats retails for €35

Canzon CBD Costs

“The 5% CBD oil is truly relaxing and leaves me feeling happy and calm. I use it whenever I’m feeling stressed out.”

Final Thoughts on Canzon CBD

Canzon CBD may be fairly new to the market, but they appear to be a trusted name among customers. Their raw hemp is sourced from certified farms, and products are lab tested to ensure potency and purity according to strict standards.

We hope that Canzon decides to restock their CBD oils soon, and avoids sellouts in the future because this is one of the areas that could certainly do with some improvement. We would also like to know more about the company and its founders.

Something we really admire about Canzon is their lack of outrageous claims. The brand comes across as being humble and seems to genuinely believe in their mission to keep things simple. Their slogan “We Just Might Help You” really is what this brand is all about. They are committed to finding a natural way to manage ailments but encourages consumers to find out for themselves, rather than using sales tactics to force a sale.

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