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Aura CBD is a UK brand dedicated to providing a holistic experience. It provides a variety of CBD products that claim to be high-quality. In theory, these products can help you to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle as the best version of yourself.

In this review, we find out whether the brand is really worth the money. So, if you’re a CBD user in the UK, stick around to learn whether this brand is the right one for you.

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The Face & Values Behind Aura CBD

The founder of Aura CBD is a woman named Charlotte. She began using CBD back in 2013, and it radically changed her life. She began to take care of what she was putting in her body, using natural supplements regularly and switching to veganism.

Several years on, Aura CBD is a popular brand in the UK. This is even though the website contains very little information. There is nothing to say where the hemp comes from, and it’s difficult to find how the CBD is extracted. It’s a shame that this is the case.


Aura CBD’s Lab Testing Process

The Aura CBD website says very little about lab testing. Furthermore, we struggled to find the certificates of analysis. They aren’t easy to find, but we managed to track down a lab report from 2018.

Sadly, the report we found didn’t test for anything but cannabinoid content. The results showed the correct amount of CBD but detected no other cannabinoids. The other red flag was that it does not state the name of the lab carrying out the tests. In other words, there’s no evidence to say this certificate is authentic.

When other brands are making lab reports a priority, not having them or even mentioning them is not good enough.


Aura CBD Shipping + Returns Policies

Aura CBD currently only ships within the UK. Using DPD next-day delivery, the products you order should arrive in the next working day if you order in time.

At the time of writing, Aura CBD only gives returns for products that have broken during transit. They only give a 14-day return period, too, which is very short; most brands give at least 30 days.


How Aura CBD Makes Its Products

Given the less than transparent website, you will likely not be surprised to know that this brand’s complete manufacturing process is not clear. While it remains unknown where Aura CBD sources its hemp, we can assume that these products contain less than 0.2% THC – as per British guidelines.

Aura CBD uses CO2 extraction to produce its tinctures. The extract is then distilled to eliminate THC; the website claims that other cannabinoids are retained. However, if the old lab reports are anything to go by, other cannabinoids were not detected.


What Kind of Products Does Aura CBD Offer?

Aura CBD clearly believes in staying natural. The website boasts that this company is 100% organic, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly. It means that people can enjoy these products no matter their dietary preferences and moral values.

The Aura website says that this brand believes in people before profits. As a result, all of its products also come in recycled packaging with minimal plastic. Aura CBD also makes an effort to be affordable.

By the way, a part of the profits goes toward Tiny Shelter, an animal rescue in Portugal.

Aura CBD has excellent customer service. They have always helped me with any queries I had.

Aura CBD Review: Highlights

There are plenty of positives about Aura CBD. Here are some of the best bits about this brand.

  • Environmentally friendly: With vegan, cruelty-free products and recyclable packaging, Aura CBD places a lot of emphasis on the environment. Plus, Aura CBD is partnered with an animal charity.
  • Customer service: A lot of buyers say that Aura CBD has excellent customer service. This is great for new CBD users and experts alike.

  • Affordable prices: Aura CBD makes a lot of effort to keep its costs reasonable. It ensures that no matter your budget, you can make use of cannabidiol and improve your life.
  • Product range: There is an excellent range of products available from Aura CBD, which means that customers have plenty of choices. Whether you like tinctures or topicals, Aura CBD has got you covered.
  • Next-day delivery: With DPD next-day delivery, Aura CBD ensures that your products arrive with you quickly. It’s great that you don’t have to wait long shipping times.

Negative Thoughts on Aura CBD

Aura CBD is far from perfect. The main issue with this brand is the lack of lab reports. There are problems with transparency in this industry, so Aura CBD not providing lab reports only contributes to this problem.

Combined with the lack of information on hemp sourcing, it shows that Aura CBD is not interested in being transparent with customers. The website really needs to be updated with more detailed information about the brand and its production methods.

Another issue is the returns policy. Compared to most brands we see, Aura’s policy is very harsh, and the returns period is very short. It doesn’t bode well for those who aren’t satisfied with their purchase.

The Aura CBD oils have been a real help for me. They have helped me reduce the severity of my panic attacks. Great product.

Where to Buy Aura CBD

You can purchase all of Aura CBD’s products from the brand’s official website. This is undoubtedly the best place to buy from this brand since you can browse all of the products and decide which one you like best.

On the website, you can also utilize the customer service helpline to get answers to any of your questions. Plus, there are wholesale options for those buying in bulk and the possibility to become an affiliate.

In short, the best place to purchase is the official website.


All the Best CBD Products from Aura

Aura CBD stocks a couple of different products, including oil, paste, and topical skincare products. Find out about the full selection in the sections below, where we run through the products and prices.

Aura CBD Oil

There are a variety of CBD oils available at Aura. The range includes CORE CBD oil, Ecologie Hybrid CBD oil, and Organic CBD oil. The website is a bit cluttered, and there are almost too many options to choose from. The Ecologie oil contains a mixture of full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD, while the CORE tinctures have an MCT oil base. The Organic items are pretty standard. Each one comes in a different percentage strength.
Cost: £17.99 - £389.99

Aura CBD Paste

CBD paste is a super concentrated form of CBD. It comes in a syringe, making it easy to measure. The two options are Whole Plant or Ecologie, with the latter mimicking the CBD tinctures of the same name. There are three strengths in total: 16% (3ml), 16% (10ml), and 80%. The final option is a 4-week supply of CBD paste, which is ideal for those who use it often.
Cost: £48 - £106

Aura CBD Skin Products

The website houses an abundance of topicals. Aura CBD’s skin products include face oil, skin balm, bath salts, massage oil, and anti-hair loss serum. Some of these are unique products, such as the anti-hair loss serum. The skin balm is a bestseller, and it contains 3% CBD. Other ingredients include raw coconut oil, raw cacao butter, and lavender essential oil; all of these are organic.
Cost: £22.50 - £69.99

I have been using the Aura CBD balm on my skin condition for a while now, and it’s been working a treat. Brilliant!

Aura CBD Review: Summary & Final Thoughts

Aura CBD has been around for several years now, and it’s possible to see why. This company has great branding and customer service, and it spreads the message that everybody can be healthy if they put their minds to it.

With a product line that helps customers from all walks of life achieve their goals, Aura has something for everyone. Their website could do with a revamp, and it would be better to include detailed lab reports. Apart from that, however, it’s easy to see why Aura CBD has gained some loyal fans along the way.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to your health and happiness!
Customer Reviews
Robert Dameron Verified user

As far as my experience goes, although I do not classify myself an expert, the taste and the high from aura is indisputable. I read an article where Forbes was recommending Aura, I had first picked it then. Even at that time I had felt I did not want a new vaping device, I was quite satisfied with the one I had. But at the same time something within me wanted to try it out as Forbes was recommending it. Anyways, getting back to the point, aura is a gem of a CBD.

Brenda Feldman Verified user
Not worth missing

The whole plant pastes from Aura CBD are useful products. I do not use them now, as I am now on blood thinners. Had a deep vein thrombosis last month. But before that, I was continuously using these plant based pastes. I had tried other CBD formulas too, this one was a classic. I miss using aura but my doctor has given me a strict no signal on this as it can interfere with my other medication. So i’ll say consult your doc before you go for it, but if you can , it is something now worth missing.

Carol Williams Verified user

I use the 1:1 Aura CBD, the ascend version and I find it the most useful. I have also tried the 24:1 and the 3:1, but somehow this one suits me better. I am using Aura from so many months now, I’ll say they are a class. And at the same time, they are much affordable. When I started using CBD first and purchased my first pack, I thought how will I continue on this regularly. It was so expensive. However, a single pack lasts long so that the costs are spread over a few months. Perfect in all ways.

Denise Suarez Verified user
Never go beyond this

I am employing Aura CBD oil drops, the massage ones, to be used as a bath aroma. They are very strong and intense in fragrance. About 3 drops it is, and the entire steam bath reverberates with a nice and pleasing aroma for about 45 minutes. I never go beyond this duration. So this is the maximum that I consume per bath and a single bottle lasts about a month.

Gary Taylor Verified user
Surpass all the rest

Products like aura are rare. They many times go unnoticed. Aura is a CBD brand that is worth every try. It is quite reasonably priced and available in most parts of our country. I will say it is a hidden treasure that is not known to many. Maybe the company must make more efforts to promote this brand and it would soon surpass all other brands.

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