AirVape USA: Complete Brand Review

AirVape is well-renowned in the vaping industry. It produces some great vaping equipment, which can be used with both dry herb and oil concentrates. These are tools that every CBD vaper should have.

Just because AirVape has such a reputation does not mean that its products are unquestionably the best a vaper can get. In this review, the vape boxes go under the microscope as we analyze the vapor quality, battery life, cost, and more.

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About AirVape USA: Trustworthiness & Industry Prominence

AirVape is a mysterious brand. While many CBD companies offer lots of information on where the brand is based, where it sources materials, and who the founder is, this kind of information isn’t necessary for a vape pod producer. As a result, the lack of an ‘About’ page is disappointing but not surprising.

There is some information about the brand’s process, including the fact that it is incredibly eco-conscious. AirVape recycles its materials where possible and uses eco-friendly packaging for all products.


Quality & Credentials

It’s undeniable that the AirVape machines are high-quality. The online reviews are amazing, with excellent testimonies from verified customers. Most reviewers find them to be just short of five stars.

The brand has an excellent reputation in the vaping industry, and that’s not something that comes unwarranted.


Return Policy & Quality Assurance

AirVape has an excellent quality assurance guarantee. It always uses sustainable materials like vegan leather, black ceramic, and hemp textiles. These are always checked for quality, and what’s more, AirVape hosts a lifetime warranty.

This brand releases a new model roughly every year. Once you own an AirVape device, you can upgrade to a new model at any time at a 50% discount. That’s an amazing deal.


Product Manufacturing Process

While AirVape does not include detailed information on its product manufacturing process, some things are apparent. First of all, the team spends months designing and testing new models before they are released to the market. AirVape is a brand that focuses a lot on customer feedback, and so its models are improving all the time.

After creating its products, AirVape packages and ships them in recyclable materials, including plant-based bubble wrap that can be composted.


Additional Product Information (Materials, Batteries, etc.)

The AirVape products all come with a unique design. This brand employs high-quality materials like:

  • Black ceramic
  • Glass
  • Hemp textile
  • Vegan leather
  • Gold

These are all sustainable materials, which is great news for those who lead an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

The battery depends on the exact model, with options including 1300 mAh and 3000 mAh. No matter what the capacity, AirVape guarantees a powerful and efficient model

The vapor from the AirVape X is very smooth and flavorful. It's also one of the most portable dry herb vapes I've used.

AirVape USA Review: Highlights

AirVape has a lot of company highlights. It’s a well-known brand with several accolades, after all. Here are some of its best bits.

  • Sustainable and eco-friendly: AirVape is one of the few brands committed to being eco-friendly. It uses sustainable materials and recyclable packing.
  • Reasonable prices: Vape products can carry a hefty price tag, but AirVape makes every effort to keep prices down. With the discounts on future orders, the price is definitely worth it.

Negative Thoughts

  • Rewards for existing customers: Being an 'AirVape ninja' allows customers to save 15% off their first order and get a free accessory. Plus, owning an AirVape pen ensures that you get 50% off every upgrade in the future.
  • High-quality builds: The AirVape models are incredibly high-quality, meaning that your vape pen could last you years.
  • Great vapor quality: All of the AirVape products produce phenomenal vapor quality, including smooth mouthfeel and delicious flavor.

Negative Thoughts

Not everything about AirVape is fantastic. There are some issues with the vaporizers, including that a few of them are not very discreet. The larger models are not good for those trying to be subtle about their vaping habits.

Furthermore, some users find that the temperature on the dry herb vapes sometimes runs a bit higher than it should, which can scorch the plant matter and cause a more unpleasant flavor.

Other than that, it’s tricky to find many faults with these vaporizers.

The AirVape OM is so unique. I love that I can just hang it on my keys and walk out the door – it's so convenient.

Best AirVape USA Products: Summary of Costs & Product Selection

AirVape has four main products, but the AirVape X is also available in XS and a few other options. There are two dry herb vapes and two for oils/concentrates, leaving options for everyone.


AirVape Legacy

The AirVape Legacy is the brand's current bestseller. It has an elegant design made up of all the sustainable materials, including gold plating on the body. This model has a 3000 mAh battery and heats up in 15 seconds; the user can select a temperature from 200F to 440F. The ceramic mouthpiece provides comfortable vaping. The box contains a USB-C charger cable, which charges the device very fast. Plus, it comes with replacement filter screens.
Cost: £180

AirVape X

The AirVape X is the company's flagship product. It's a sleek, thin, portable machine. This device has an oval ceramic heating chamber for dry herb, with adjustable temperatures between 200F and 428F. It takes 20 seconds to heat to the optimal level. The thin body of this device makes it ideal for use on the go. The AirVape X charges in just one hour, which is ideal for users who carry their device around with them a lot. This model comes in numerous shades, including blue and black.
Cost: £101 - £122

AirVape OM

For concentrates, users can purchase the AirVape OM. This product is an awesome innovation, incorporating everything you need into a small pen that fits on your keychain. It features two different caps, allowing users to switch out their favorite cartridges – it's compatible with most 510-thread profiles. Its discreet design with a 350 mAh battery makes it a powerful and ideal product for keen vapers who need concentrates on the go. There are three changeable voltage settings, too. This is a unique product that outsells others of a similar size by miles.
Cost: £44

AirVape OM Basik

The OM Basik is an even cheaper variety than the AirVape OM. Once again, it fits on a keychain and is super easy to use. This product is intended to upgrade disposable vape cartridges, making them look sleek and ensure that they are easy to carry around. The 300mAh battery fits the purpose well. The OM Basik can be used at just the click of a button. While not the most powerful vaporizer on the market, it's certainly the simplest.
Cost: £22

The AirVape products are always my go-to. The dry herb vapes work with concentrate, too, so I can use the Legacy no matter what I want to do.

AirVape USA Review: Summary & Final Thoughts

AirVape is a well-known and reputable brand in the CBD industry – and for a good reason. It’s not hard to see how this brand got so far, given that it uses high-quality, sustainably sourced materials, listens to consumer feedback, and regularly updates its models.

Many vapers adore the smooth vapor quality these pens produce. Plus, the innovation behind products like the AirVape OM is a sight to behold. It’s also great that the prices are reasonable.

If you’re looking for pens for dry herb and concentrates, then AirVape USA is definitely a brand to check out.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to your health and happiness!

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