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Our Mission

Our Mission

Welcome to ShoppingCBD, the number one place to learn about CBD oils online. If you are just starting out and are not sure which CBD oil is best for you, then you’ve arrived at the right place. Here at ShoppingCBD, we do our homework and we are not going to try to sell you some snake oil – our reviewers have tested all of these products and, although, everyone is different so your individual results may be a little different, we will tell you what we think works best. As a matter of fact, we are not going sell you anything on the site.

This site is purely informational and was developed with one thing in mind; to give you an unbiased review of some of today’s top CBD brands.

Whether you’re looking to treat anxiety, depression, pain or another debilitating condition, you’ll find all the info you need and more. We do not endorse or promote any particular brand as there is no one brand that is “best” for everyone. Our reviews are here to help you make an educated and informative decision. We encourage you to do your research before you purchase anything online and for those who are unsure where to start, simply click on any of the CBD oil brands in the menu above and receive all the information you need. It’s FREE!

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How We Review Brands?

Each CBD brand on this site has been reviewed from a personal experience. Each CBD oil is reviewed by quality, effectiveness, its benefits, price and customer service. We also give each and every CBD oil company an overall rating.

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5 Things to Watch Out for When Buying CBD Oil

With so many different brands out there, it is often hard to determine the good from the bad. Here you will find 5 tips that should help prevent you from falling victim to companies that just want your money.

The FREE Sample Trick

Unfortunately, there are quite a few companies that are promoting their brands using the FREE sample trick. Free samples are great but beware of companies that require your credit card for shipping costs. These companies are often scam companies that will later charge you full smack for a bottle or even two. We’ve even heard stories of patients being charged hundreds of Dollars and not even receiving the product.

Take away: If a company is willing to give you a free sample, they can definitely pay $5 for the shipping. Only give out your CC details to a company you completely trust

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One CBD oil Does Not Cure-All

If you think that one bottle of 100mg is going to cure everything, then you are a fool. There is no such thing. CBD is not some bogus hocus pocus, it is a natural remedy that has a profound affect on your body. In order to see results, a few factors need to be taken into consideration. These include; genetics, personal health and consistency. It may take some time to see results. In addition there is no magic cure that cures everything. It simply doesn’t exist.

Each oil is made differently through a different extraction process. Before purchasing any CBD oil, it’s important to understand which medical conditions the oil can help, and check with your physician.

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Confiscation Due to THC

The postal service can be quite annoying. It’s not that they are wrong, they are simply doing their jobs. When purchasing a CBD brand it is important to look for the Non-Psychoactive stamp on the bottle. Or at least on the company’s website. If there is any suspicion that your order may contain more than the legal amount of THC 0.3%, you will be at risk of having the bottle confiscated.


Extraction and Lab Testing

Each company extracts their oil in a different way. There are a few different extraction methods, with the most popular being the CO2 extraction method. This method, if done correctly, allows the manufacturer to achieve a 99% pure CBD extract. It’s important to make sure that the company uses a monitored extraction process and that the hemp they are using is organic, free of pesticides, herbicides, solvents or chemical fertilizers.

Also, before you purchase anything, scroll around the company’s website to make sure that they have no problem showing their lab results. All reputable brands have their oils frequently tested by third-party labs to make sure that they are up to par.

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Customer Support

If you do, then you know that there is a live person at the end of that company who cares. If they are willing to answer you, then you can be sure that they won’t ruin their reputation over misdeliveries.

How To Get Started
This site is packed with important information about each brand. We are constantly adding more brands, but only the best ones make our lists. Before you purchase anything, read the information, do your homework and find out which CBD oil will be best for your medical condition. Still confused? Continue here to read the review of our first brand on the site