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Snapshot: CiiTECH / Provacan CBD Oil Review

Provacan CBD is a very interesting new brand that actually has direct ties to one of the most prominent cannabis research facilities in the world – the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In case you were unaware, both THC and CBD were discovered at this University back in the 1960’s by world-famous marijuana researcher Dr. Raphael Mechoulam.

Dr. Mechoulam (who is referred to by many as the “father of modern cannabis”) is still active at the University today, and has been a major source of influence* for the research organization CiiTECH, who, coincidentally, is the proprietary owner of the incredibly high-quality Provacan CBD oil label.

In this complete Provacan CBD review, I discuss the brand itself, their complete range of products, and how they went from sponsoring major research projects at one of the world’s leading cannabis research facilities, to developing one of the world’s premier hemp-based cannabidiol oils.

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Provacan CBD Quick Summary

Quality 100%
Effectiveness 98%
Benefits 99%
Price 95%
Customer Service 100%

“Have tried at least half a dozen other CBD oils, but Provacan is night and day different. Absolutely incredible.”

Who Is Provacan CBD?

The Provacan CBD oil label is actually owned by cannbis biotechnology research organization CiiTECH. CiiTECH is an Israeli company that like we said, has strong connections with the world famous Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

In fact, CiiTECH is currently helping fund two major cannabis-based research projects, one of which is designed to test the effects of CBD for asthma, and the other to observe and monitor CBD for weight loss therapy as a practical treatment option.

Coincidentally, given that the commercialization of cannabis-based products is illegal in Israel, the Provacan label is set up to operate out of the UK, and they currently sell and ship to all UK addresses, in addition to some EU and North American addresses. If you’re looking for the best CBD oil in the UK, you are honestly not going to find a better option than Provacan/CiiTECH.

In our complete Provacan CBD oil review, I go over their entire range of products, how much they cost, and where/how you can order them online to have shipped directly to your home address.   

Who Is Provacan CBD?

Provacan/CiiTECH CBD Oil: Highlights

Given their general pedigree and affiliation with one of the world’s leading cannabis research institutions, the quality of Provacan CBD oil should go without saying. However, here’s a short list of some of the things that truly set them apart from the competition:

  • First full-spectrum/fully compliant CBD oil available in the UK. If you’ve ever tried to buy CBD oil in the UK, you know what an absolute nightmare it can be trying to find an effective and reliable product. Provacan’s CBD is sourced from the same organic EU hemp material that researchers in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem use, so you can be guaranteed that it is nothing but the highest quality.
  • Free CBD Balm promotion. In order to help establish their name in the industry, Provacan is currently offering an incredible deal wherein if you add both their 1,200mg (12%) CBD oil and their CBD Topical Balm to your online cart, and then enter
  • FREEBALM in the promo box, you get the balm 100% free –  a £39.99 value.
  • Transparent lab testing. There a lot of companies out there that claim to do third-party testing for cannabinoid profiling and CBD content verification, but there are few that actually publish the reports online. Provacan, however, lets you message them directly for up-to-date analyses on any CBD product in their online store.
  • CiiTECH/Hebrew University affiliation. As we mentioned, the Provacan name is actually a proprietary label owned by renowned Israeli cannabis research organization CiiTECH, who is currently helping fund multiple scientific studies out of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. To our knowledge, there is not a CBD company on the planet with better connections or a better pedigree than that.   
  • Rich terpene profile. Provacan is also one of the few CBD oil companies that make it a point to include rich terpene profiles in their full-spectrum products, thereby taking advantage of the “entourage effect” and boosting the therapeutic effects of the active cannabidiol.
  • Therapeutic potency. Provacan’s 1,200mg/12% CBD oil tincture, their most potent product, boasts an incredibly potent 6mg of CBD per single drop. For reference, most other leading brands only offer around 0.5-1mg per drop. 
  • CBD Vape Liquids/E-juice. Finding a safe, high-quality CBD vape oil is incredibly difficult to do (especially in the UK), as most products are liquified with harsh thinning agents which have been known to break down into formaldehyde when heated to extreme temperatures. CiiTECH fortunately recognized this problem years ago, however, and is why they put forth a lot of time and resources to introduce the first fully compliant/full-spectrum CBD vape oil available in the UK. As far as we’re concerned, there is no other CBD eLiquid out there that even compares to it.

Negative Thoughts on Provacan CBD

Really, the only negative thing I can think of (and it’s a pretty big one) is that Provacan currently does not ship to the USA. Since they are based in the UK/Israel, their range of CBD products is currently only available for UK and EU residents.

Negative Thoughts on Provacan CBD


“Has literally changed my life - thank you SO much Provacan!!!”

My Personal Experience with Provacan / CiiTECH CBD Oil

We were fortunate enough to be able to try some promotional Provacan CBD products before they were even available for retail sale, and I must say that as soon as I tried the oil, I had to post a complete Provacan CBD oil review here on the site. Aside from maybe PureKana or Premium Jane, it was easily one of the most potent, fast-acting, and longest-lasting CBD oils I’ve ever tried.

I typically use CBD for headaches and chronic back pain, while my wife uses it for onset anxiety and for helping her get to sleep. Both the 600mg (6%) and 1,200mg (12%) full-spectrum oils provided incredible results for both of us, and lasted upwards of 12 hours. I did not try the CBD eLiquid or the Topical CBD, but I plan on having my sister-in-law give it a shot for her chronic arthritis and give me a general review with her thoughts on it. If it’s anything like the CBD oils, I would imagine that it would work incredibly well.

If you live in Europe or the UK and have been spending some time trying to find the best CBD oil online, I honestly would not look any further than Provacan. And hopefully, they will soon enough be able to start shipping to the U.S. as well.  

Provacan CBD Oil Review: CBD Products

  • Provacan CBD Oils: Provacan currently offers their proprietary CBD oil formula in two different strengths (600mg and 1200mg), both of which come in 10mL dropper bottles. The 600mg (6%) offers 3mg CBD per drop, while the 1200mg (12%) offers an incredibly potent 6mg CBD per drop.  
  • Provacan CBD Balm/Topical Cream: The Provacan Topical CBD Lotion/Body Balm is infused in 100% natural beeswax, and comes in a 30mL jar (contains 300mg CBD total). Provacan also offers a deep tissue CBD massage oil that’s designed specifically for sore muscles and general aches and pains.
  • Provacan CBD E-liquid, CBD Vape juice, Terpenes: Provacan offers what we believe is easily the best CBD vape oil in the UK, as well as natural terpene supplements that you can use to boost the profile of your current CBD vape liquid for an enhanced synergistic effect. The CBD vape juice is availabe in two different potencies (300mg and 600mg), and you can either vape it by itself or add it to your favorite nicotine e-cig juice for natural therapeutic effects.

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Provacan / CiiTECH CBD Oil Review: Costs

Provacan CBD Oils

  • 600mg (6%) Provacan CBD Oil: £39.99
  • 1,200mg (12%) Provacan CBD Oil: £69.99

Provacan CBD Balm/Topical Cream

  • 30mL (300mg) Provacan CBD Topical Lotion w/Beeswax: £39.99
  • Deep Tissue CBD Massage Oil (20mL/100mg) £19.99  

Provacan CBD E-liquid/Vape juice

  • Provacan Terpene eCig Additive (add to your current eCig/vape juice to boost therapeutic entourage effect): £8.99
  • Provacan CBD eLiquid (10mL, 300mg (3%), Unflavored) £27.99
  • Provacan CBD eLiquid (10mL, 600mg (6%), Unflavored): £42.99
  • 600mg CBD eLiquid w/ Vape Starter Kit: £52.99
  • 3x eLiquid Terpene Additive w/ Vape Starter Kit: £36.99

“Best CBD oil I've tried, hands down. Fast-acting, and incredibly long-lasting.”

Provacan CBD Oil Review: The Final Verdict

All in all, if you have been looking for the best CBD oil in the UK or Europe and have been scouring the web trying to find a reputable, high-quality brand that sells online, I would say you’ve pretty much found the jackpot in CiiTECH’s Provacan label.

Given their primary goal of advancing cannabis research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the company hasn’t made much of an effort yet to market or promote themselves to the general population, but I can honestly say that there probably isn’t a safer, more effective, or more potent CBD oil out there on the market. These guys have access to some of the highest-quality legal hemp strains on the planet (not to mention the scientists and extraction equipment to know how to use it), and the fact that they’ve developed the first fully compliant CBD oil available in the UK should be groundbreaking news for anyone interested in finding the best CBD oil online.

[We hope you found this Provacan CBD oil review to be informative and helpful – for more information or to shop currently available products, be sure to visit the official Provacan website.]

*While providing a major source of knowledge and inspiration to the CiiTECH research organization at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam is not in any way affiliated with either the CiiTECH or Provacan brands.  

Customer reviews
JuliaVerified Buyer

Not a crappy brand

I use Provocan in the form of CBD tinctures. There are a lot of crappy brands out there that are of no use at all. I too kept on using a lot of such useless oils until I finally came across Provacan one day.

Michael YarbroughVerified Buyer

A lot to learn

I regard Provocan to be the best company in terms of customer wow or buyer delight. Besides selling quality oil, they really know how to excel on other sales factors too. I run a pharma company myself and many a times I look for processes in Provocan to improve my own systems. I have used their oil too a few times, it is great to taste and very slow releasing so the effect lasts long.

Ryan JohnstonVerified Buyer

Did not cause discomfort

My last CBD brand has more side effects on me than the benefits it manifested. So I quit it after a couple of uses, but I also got to know that CBD can be beneficial for our systems. It was because of this that I went in for Provocan CBD. It was a lot of research I did into various CBD brands actually and then I purchased Provocan. But I think I did a good research. This one did not cause me any discomfort at all.

Shirley RobinsonVerified Buyer

I hope this lasts!

Provocan CBD is all you need if you are looking for some easy solution to pain, to fits, to stress, to overload at office, to whatever negative comes to your mind! Yes, I am not kidding. I started using it recently and I see it can combat almost anything negative temporarily and upto some extent. I hope this lasts in the long run too, not just a one time effect.

JuniorVerified Buyer

Best Manufacturers

Provocan is a CBD oil that I consider a bit better than all the rest. It is actually a bit different. Not sure what composition or what CBD extract do they actually infuse into their oils and tinctures, but I find them the best manufacturers of CBD. Also, whenever I have any query related to CBD and my health, they always answer readily.

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