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Hemp Botanics is an interesting company in that they don’t actually have any of their own name brand CBD products. Rather, they operate on an import/wholesaler basis, offering some of the best American CBD oils for sale in the UK.

Claiming to be the “true pioneer of the UK CBD market,” Hemp Botanics has no doubt become on of the most reputable and reliable online sellers across the entire country, and even across the EU as a whole. They offer products from several different manufacturers, but focus mostly on two of the most potent and top-shelf CBD oil companies in the United States; CBDistillery and Extract Labs (both of which are grown from premium, organic, 100% legal hemp).

Hemp Botanics Quick Summary

Quality 97%
Effectiveness 95%
Benefits 98%
Price 99%
Customer Service 97%

Who Is Hemp Botanics UK

Who Is Hemp Botanics UK?

As we’ve said, Hemp Botanics is actually an online wholesaler offering premium hemp-based products from the United States. Due to their ability to import legally from North America, Hemp Botanics is the only company (at least to our knowledge) that is able to offer top-shelf CBD in the UK.

Why don’t they just sell products from UK firms, you might be wondering? Well, according to Nick and Lisa-Marie, the owners of Hemp Botanics, “American Hemp-derived cannabinoids are, genetically, some of the finest hemp in the world.”

All of their products are ethically sourced and come from 100% legal hemp, and are based on a potent full spectrum formula that offers essential oil extract and a complete range of terpenes, flavonoids, and phytocannabinoids for pain relief and optimized therapy.

And of course, one of the things we liked best about our Hemp Botanics review was that they offer complete transparency, providing an independent lab report for “each product by batch number,” meaning that “what you read on the product label is exactly what you’ll get.”

Lastly, it’s worth pointing out that Hemp Botanics maintains a professional relationship with key members of the British Parliament (and the House of Lords), as well as the MHRA and the FSA. For this reason, customers are assured that each CBD product offered is done so with “complete transparency, and the full knowledge and understanding of the British government and their regulatory bodies.”  

“Unreal the quality Hemp Botanics has online. They are like the Amazon of CBD products in the UK… good prices, fast shipping - perfect in every way.”

Hemp Botanics UK CBD For Sale: Highlights

Truth be told, we learned a lot about this company during our Hemp Botanics review, and indeed even learned a lot about CBD in the UK. Since general regulations are a bit tighter in the UK than they are in the US, it is absolutely wonderful that a wholesale operation has been able to gather the requisite documentation to offer some of the United States’ finest CBD products to UK residents.

Here are a few of our favorite highlights about this brand as we conducted our Hemp Botanics review:

Hemp Botanics UK CBD For Sale

  • US CBD products to UK Residents. Hemp Botanics offers some of the United States’ highest-quality CBD oil products to customers throughout the UK and EU, with legal online ordering and shipping to residential addresses.
  • Full transparency. Whether in the UK or the US, there are few companies that operate with the level of transparency that Hemp Botanics does. 
  • Professional relationship with UK regulatory agencies. As mentioned earlier, our Hemp Botanics reviewed disclosed that the company maintains relationships with key members of British regulatory agencies, ensuring that the entire operation is legal and stays within the boundaries of the UK law.
  • UK hemp industry pioneers. According to the company’s founders, Hemp Botanics was the first and only company since the Prohibition era to “commercially ship American-grown Hemp” outside the United States legally to the UK. Because of Hemp Botanics, residents of the United Kingdom now have access to some of the finest, purest, most effective CBD oils on the planet.
  • Individual batch testing. Our Hemp Botanics review also made us realize that this is the only company (at least that we’re aware of) offering batch numbers for each product manufactured.This allows customers to easily trace their exact product to a laboratory report available for online viewing, in order to verify both purity and CBD content.

[Order USA-made hemp CBD oil products in the Hemp Botanics online store for delivery to UK and EU addresses!]

“Cannot thank you enough, I had spent nearly a year trying to figure out how to buy quality CBD oil in the UK…”

Hemp Botanics Review

Hemp Botanics Review: Negative Thoughts

This is nitpicking a little bit, but the only slight disappointment during our Hemp Botanics review was that the company does not offer products from Pure Kana, Premium Jane, or CW Hemp – three of the most distinguished and reputable CBD oil brands in the United States.

Both CBDistillery and Extract Labs have wonderful reputations and manufacture world-class products, but it would be nice to see a wider selection of firms available in the online store. Hopefully in the coming years as the UK adapts its laws this will become a reality.

My Personal Experience with Hemp Botanics

As a resident of California, I have not actually ordered products from Hemp Botanics. I have, however, used both CBDistillery products and oils from Extract Labs, and can say that both of them are manufactured with nothing but the highest quality, care, and expertise. (You can check out our full CBDistillery review and all of the products that they sell in the US right here).

Hemp Botanics CBD Oil UK

Hemp Botanics CBD Oil UK: Costs

  • CBD Oils. £16 – £210
  • CBD Pills/Capsules. £20 – £110
  • CBD Gummies/Edibles/Honey. £16 – £55
  • CBD Skincare, Bath/Hygiene, and “Sexual Enhancement” products. £10 – £70
  • CBD Water. £5 – £18
  • CBD Vape Products. £28 – £320
  • CBD Dabs/Concentrates/Waxes (for vaping). £48 – £50
  • Dry Hemp Flower. £2 – £14 (pre-rolled joints, organic CBD wraps, hemp flower)
  • Hemp Terpene Additives. £30 (assortment of flavors)

Hemp Botanics CBD Oil UK

Hemp Botanics CBD Oil UK: Products

Hemp Botanics has way too large of a selection to include every single individual product in one description. As such, the following is simply a general overview of which range of CBD products Hemp Botanics offers to the UK and EU market.

  • CBD Oils. Hemp Botanics offers a massive range of sublingual (under the tongue) CBD oils from both CBDistillery and Extract Labs, ranging in potency from 250mg to 5000mg. They also offer both full-spectrum and CBD isolate (THC-free) tinctures, as well as flavored and unflavored options.
  • CBD Pills/Capsules. Offers a complete range of CBD pills, softgels, and capsules for sale from both CBDistillery and Extract Labs. Products range in potency from 25mg per capsule to 30mg per capsule.   
  • CBD Gummies/Edibles/Honey. A wide range of CBD edibles products are available in the Hemp Botanics online store, include potent CBD gummies and CBD honey. 
  • CBD Skin Care, Bath/Hygiene, and “Sexual Enhancement” products. We found out during our Hemp Botanics review that the company offers an extensive lineup of CBD skincare products, as well lip balms, CBD soaps and bath bombs, CBD suppositories, and even natural CBD-infused lubricants for enhanced sexual pleasure.
  • CBD Oil for Pets. Hemp Botanics offers one line of CBD oil from CBDistillery specifically made for pets that contains approximately 10mg of cannabinoids per 1 mL of oil.
  • CBD Water. CBD-infused water has become increasingly popular in recent months, as the simplicity of receiving a small CBD dose while staying hydrated is appealing to just about anyone interested in the natural therapeutic properties of CBD.
  • CBD Topical Salve. The topical salve products include CBD-infusions for general skin care, moisturizing applications, and also CBD lip balm for protection from both sun and wind.
  • CBD Vape Products. Hemp Botanics offers one of the most extensive lines of quality CBD vapes in the UK, with the majority of products coming from the CBDistillery range. Selections range in potency from 50mg to 1000mg, and come in either pre-filled vape pens or refillable cartridges. Hemp Botanics also carries a complete line of portable and desktop vaporizers, which can be used for either oils, waxes, and/or dry flower.   
  • CBD Dabs/Concentrates/Waxes (for vaping). Hemp Botanics is one of the only (if not the only) company in the UK that sells potent CBD dabs, waxes, and other forms of CBD concentrates online. These products are extremely potent and come in 1-gram vials with over 99% pure CBD isolate. Made to be used with either a portable or desktop vaporizer.
  • Dry Hemp Flower. Cleverly labeling this non-psychoactive hemp flower as “legal weed,” our Hemp Botanics review showed that the online wholesaler is the only company to our knowledge that offers legal CBD-containing cannabis that you can smoke just like a regular joint. It won’t get you high of course, but at least it maintains the traditional sensation of smoke inhalation that so many people prefer.
  • Hemp Terpene Additives. These are a relatively new addition to the Hemp Botanics online store, and most of them come from the Portland, Oregon-based company True Terpenes. Terpene additives are designed to be added to CBD vape oils and/or e-juices, and they contain extracts from authentic cannabis strains for a complete taste experience, as well as a boost in therapeutic properties due to the plant’s well-known Entourage Effect.   
  • Hemp Botanics “Accessories” and Paraphernalia. In addition to their massive range of actual CBD products, Hemp Botanics also offers a wide array of “miscellaneous” accessory products, including Shilajit resin, pharmaceutical freeze dryers, industrial-strength rosin presses, seedless rolling trays, and even elaborate glass pieces ranging in price upwards of £1,200.

“Absolute love the CBDistillery dabs and waxes, perfect for my chronic lower back pain. One hit and I'm good for the entire night.”

Hemp Botanics Review: Final Verdict

All in all, if you are a UK or EU resident and are looking for the widest variety of authentic, quality, effective hemp CBD products, there really is no better option than the Hemp Botanics online wholesale store. Simply put, you will not find a better value in terms of price and quality anywhere else in the UK, at least in our opinion.

Our Hemp Botanics review showed that the company sells top-of-the-line CBD oils, capsules/pills, CBD edibles, CBD vape products, and much more for very affordable prices. Moreover, each and every product is indepently lab-tested with a specific batch number so that customers can track their order and verify CBD content and purity right there on the website.

Hemp Botanics has certainly been a pioneer in the UK CBD industry, and should be lauded for bringin some of the United States’ most top-quality hemp extracts across the pond to the UK and EU customer base.

Customer reviews
Eva FergusonVerified Buyer 2019-10-31


The THC free awaken arousal lube from hemp botanics is my absolute favorite. The company has really managed to roll out a high quality lube that I use as a multipurpose thing for many types of needs. They also got a dark hazelnut chocolate pack, which is also very good. I have tried it in a lot of edibles a number of times, and it helps enhancing the taste.

Matthew SaylesVerified Buyer 2019-10-16

The choco bars

The full spectrum classic dark chocolate bar is just amazing from this one. I use many CBD brands, try to pick up the flagship ones in each brand, and for this one it is these choco bars. Very cheap, but kind of a light snacker to me.

Desire BrunelleVerified Buyer 2019-10-03

No stink

Hemp botanics has a very clear and soft feel cbd oil that is a bit neutral to taste, which is good. I have seen many colleagues at office whose mouths stink when they talk and it is clearly visible that they had a bad shot in the morning. Not the case with hemp botanics.

Earl HillVerified Buyer 2019-09-14

Reasonable Rates

Hemp botanics is very popular among CBD oils, and no wonders why. The company produces some really great oils, and sells them at great prices too, I mean reasonable prices of course.

Eileen WhiteVerified Buyer 2019-09-01

High Like Feeling

I ordered Hemp Botanics simply out of fun last month, but they delivered quickly, and even with the first shot of the oil inside my body, I felt so good and lightened. Kind of a high like feeling without weed. Taking it everyday now.

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