U.S based, cbdMD has been growing and producing CBD oil for years. Their ethos of ‘home grown’ hemp has encouraged a large customer base who are looking for an ethical yet effective CBD oil.

What’s even better is their affordable pricing. So, whether you need a soothing CBD moisturizing lotion for irritated skin or some potent CBD capsules to relieve you of pain, all the products are very accessible.

They also provide stress-reducing bath bombs, sleep aids, and even CBD-infused peanut butter for pets. All the products are very accessible, and there is a wholesale option for those that would like to sell for themselves. cbdMD engages in rigorous testing for all products and has a hands-on approach to quality control and assurance.

In this complete cbdMD review we will be exploring the history of the company, their personal take on growing the best quality hemp, and giving an overview of all the products they sell on their website.

cbdMD Quick Summary

Quality 98%
Effectiveness 95%
Benefits 90%
Price 100%
Customer Service 98%

“I’ve tried just about every major brand of CBD oil and cbdMD is by far my favorite! Friendly customer service, great prices, and an even better product make cbdMD my go-to for CBD relief!”

Who are cbdMD?

cbd MD believes in growing top quality U.S hemp. As a member of the Kentucky’s Industrial Hemp Pilot Program, they have been sanctioned strict harvesting guidelines to ensure that every plant is grown to their high standards.

Their decision to grow in the U.S is a passionate topic for cbdMD; choosing to grow locally means they have much more control over the growing process and can also support the national hemp industry by providing jobs and obtaining much more knowledge about hemp.

The hemp plant is harvested in partnership with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. This ensures that no synthetic pesticides, herbicides or growth-promoting antibiotics are used during the growing phase of the hemp plants – the resulting product is 100% organic.

Lastly, we learned during our cbdMD reviews that the company’s hemp is used to create a very pure CBD oil without any dangerous chemical residues or unwanted solvents.

CbdMD Oil Review

cbdMD Oil Review: Highlights

cbdMD hasn’t yet established the name reputation of some of the industry’s more popular brands, but that doesn’t mean their end products aren’t top notch. Let’s have a look at some of the most important reasons for their increasing customer appeal:

  • Companion Box: As well as their extensive range of CBD products, cbdMD  also sells a ‘companion box’. The box includes a cbdMD CBD oil for yourself and also an oil for your pet. Not only can you make savings of up to 20%, but the quality packaging also makes it perfect for a present.
  • Pricing comparison: As mentioned briefly before, cbdMD products are a very reasonable price. If you are curious about how their prices match up to other competitors, you can browse the comparative chart on the website, where you can also check the prices of other large sellers of CBD.
  • CO2 extraction: The company uses a method called CO2 extraction to make their cbdMD oil. Although this is more expensive, it often means a purer oil with less chance of it containing dangerous solvents.
  • Lab testing: The company aims to be as transparent as possible. All their products undergo extensive, independent third-party lab testing to ensure all the products are both safe and of a high-quality.
  • Award-winning: If you need any proof of this brand’s quality, we can look at the multiple awards they have won. We found out during our cbdMD review that in 2016, the brand won awards for ‘Best Flavor’, ‘Highest Quality CBD Oil’, and ‘Reviewers’ Choice Winner’. This is pretty substantial evidence that they know what they are doing!

Negative Thoughts

Compared to other brands, cbdMD oil is relatively accessible for North American buyers. Not only can you choose 3 different delivery options, but if you are willing to wait up to 7 working days you can get the delivery for free! But one of the disappointing aspects of the company is their lack of international delivery. This is especially frustrating because they produce award-winning oil that has the potential to be very popular in other markets.

CbdMD Oil Review


“Needless to say, I’ll be back for more! I had never tried and barely heard of CBD oil. The team at cbdMD walked me through the process until I was confident in my capsule purchase.”

cbdMD Oil Reviews: Product Lineup

  • CbdMD CBD Oil Tincture Drops: These drops come in 4 delicious flavors; natural, mint, orange and berry. We love seeing more flavored oils on the market, as the natural taste of CBD can be very off-putting for potential buyers. You can buy the drops in both 30ml and 60ml bottles, as well as a broad range of potencies.
  • CbdMD CBD Oil Capsules: You can buy these in both 30 and 60 capsules bottles. They contain broad-spectrum cannabinoid oil, with a wide range of different terpenes and amino acids. You can really tailor-buy the right product for you, as the capsules come in a whole range of potencies.
  • CbdMD Bath Bombs: These are a really fun product to either use yourself or gift to someone else. With 6 different colors and scents to choose from, they can be a great addition to a relaxing bath. Great for those aching and sore muscles!
  • CbdMD Oil for Animals: The website sells a variety of animal-related CBD oils aimed at dogs, cats and horses. These come in lots of different flavors to entice your pet to consume it, as this can be a major issue for a lot of owners. Whether your pet becomes anxious in the car or they are healing from an injury – these could be an option to pursue.

Check the company website for cbdMD reviews left by customers.

cbdMD Oil For Sale | Costs

  • CBD Oil Tincture Drops
    Natural CBD Oil 30ml – From $27.95
  • Mint CBD Oil 30ml – From $27.95
  • Orange CBD Oil 60ml – From $69.95
  • Berry CBD Oil 60ml – From $69.95
  • CBD Capsules
    Premium CBD Capsules (30ct) – From $33.95
    Premium CBD Capsules (60ct) – From $69.95
  • CBD Gummies
    Premium CBD Gummies (30ct) – From $27.95
  • Vape Oil
    Vanilla CBD Vape Oil 30ml – From $27.95
    Mint CBD Vape Oil 30ml – From $27.95
    Orange CBD Vape Oil 60ml – From $69.95
  • CBD Topicals
    CBD Freeze Pain Relief (3oz) – From $27.95
    CBD Inflammation Formula – From $27.95
    CBD Moisturizing Lotion – From $27.95
  • CBD Bath Bombs
    Signature Collection Bath Bombs – From $9.95
  • CBD for Pets
    CBD Dog Oil Tincture – From $27.95
    CBD Cat Oil Tincture – From $17.95
    CBD Horse Oil Tincture – From $59.95

“At first, I was skeptical about the strength of the CBD oil capsules. I was definitely wrong! I noticed better mental focus and overall mood after just a few weeks of taking the capsules.”

cbdMD Oil Review: The Final Verdict

cbdMD is a company who has very high standards when it comes to their CBD oil. Guided by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, the company has developed a top-quality oil by looking after the plant from seed to bottle.

Aided by the fact that the growing process is completely pesticide and chemical free, each batch is given extensive lab testing. It’s not surprising then that they have been awarded highly for the quality of the oil they produce. So, if you are looking for a company with lots of flavorful products and that isn’t going to break your piggy bank – this could be the one for you.

It is our sincere hope that you found this cbdMD oil review to be helpful and informative – not many companies out there on the market today have taken the steps they have to produce such a top-notch end product, and we do not hesitate to recommend trying them out if you’re looking to get into the therapeutic potential of CBD.

Customer reviews
HertzlerVerified Buyer

Worth it

I know CBD is not addicting in the sense that you do not have any health or mental problems if you quit. However, CBD is actually very alluring, especially brands like CBDmd. You use them once, they make you feel so relaxed, you’d like to use them again. I am to reorder tonight and I think this time I am going to place an even bigger order than last time. CBDmd is worth it.

Jason CookVerified Buyer

Undergoing a reversal

CBDmd has been magical on me. My arthritis pain is almost gone, to the extent that I considered the damage irreversible. However, CBDmd has managed to reverse it completely. Pain is no more a problem. Neither is deteriorating muscle strength an issue. I’ve even got myself tested at a hospital. The doctors were thinking I’ve started some kind of yoga practice as only those things are capable of making such reverses possible in the human body. Wow!

Donald CampbellVerified Buyer

Be with the best

So many companies are claiming that they’ve got the best CBD, it becomes very confusing and similar sounding for a layman like me who is totally new to CBD. I one day finally decided to go for CBDmd. Just because they offered many products. I thought, if I wanted to expand my consumption or try new categories in CBD, I will not have to look for a brand from scratch. The only clause was that this one must work good. And it did! Now I keep on trying more and more from this brand, it has never failed me.

Thomas DenneyVerified Buyer

Was a huge help

Super awesome brand! I love it

Brenda MillerVerified Buyer

Confident but hesitant

As of now, I have tried their bath bombs first and then their vape oil. I was already using bath bombs from many other brands, not with CBD but, so was used to this concept. Also, I was using vapes from other brands so was familiar once again. Both have been upto satisfaction and now trying the oil or the tincture, although I am confident of the brand, I still feel a bit hesitant. Any guidance?

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