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CBD Pure is one of those companies that could probably benefit immensely from investing just a little more into their website, and into their “brand” as a whole. We only say this because we feel that the quality of their online presence should merit the quality of their CBD oils!

Now, that’s not to say that they have a bad website or a poor online presence – it’s just that, when you’re living in a world that’s so geared towards web presence and social media, it really is imperative to invest massive amounts of time and effort into distinguishing your brand from the competition.

That being said, we were actually turned on to CBD Pure from a friend who lives in Colorado that grows the hemp used to make their oils. Since we knew his hemp is of the highest organic quality (and thus is not cheap), we were certain that any CBD oil made from it would be of equally high quality – and we were right.

CBD Pure hasn’t been in the game for more than a couple of years, but mark our words they’ll be a brand you’ll be hearing more of in the coming months. Check out their complete list of specs and prices below, in addition to our personal take on their range of hemp extracts.

Or, you can hop on over to CBDPure.com if you want to start checking out the brand and their current product availability.

CBD Pure Quick Summary

Quality 90%
Effectiveness 91%
Benefits 89%
Price 93%
Customer Service 87%

“Absolutely LOVE the new Soft gels… Never liked the taste of the raw hemp, but these are super convenient and work great.”

Who Is CBD Pure?

Like we said, CBD Pure likely isn’t a brand that you’ll stumble upon with a random internet search for CBD oil. They invest much, much more of their time and effort into the actual product that they’re making (specifically their extraction processes), rather than their web or social media status.

This isn’t a bad thing at all (the only thing that really matters is the quality of the end product), but it is kind of a shame because you’d imagine that a lot of people might miss out on their quality, simply because they’ve never heard of the brand before.

In terms of who CBD Pure is, they’re a legitimate West Coast operation based in Washington state (though they’ve also got a corporate office in Haslemere, England). All of their 100% organic hemp is sourced from a small farm in neighboring Colorado, and they have invested in one of the premier third party analytics companies, SC Labs, to test all of their CBD oil samples for purity and cannabinoid profiling (i.e. to make sure that they are rich in CBD and THC-free).


CBD Pure review

CBD Pure Highlights

Like we just said, one of the main highlights of CBD Pure and their range of products is the fact that they’re a 100% USA operation (no low quality Indian or Chinese hemp) that uses SC Labs to analyze their products. If you’re unfamiliar with SC Labs, just be advised that they’re one of (if not the) top third-party cannabis testers in the country. In other words, not a lab that a cheap, “bottom shelf” CBD manufacturer would use. 

Here are a few more highlights of the CBD Pure brand, their extraction process, and their lineup of CBD oils:

  • 100% Organic: Every one of CBD Pure’s oil tinctures is sourced from an organic industrial hemp farm in remote Colorado, and is tested for trace amounts of fertilizer, heavy metals, and other contaminants
  • Super Affordable Pricing: Compared to other similar quality brands, CBD Pure’s range of therapeutic CBD tinctures are actually super affordable – and in our opinion make up one of the best values in the industry (see below “Costs” section for current exact prices)
  • All of Their Products are Guaranteed: That’s right, if you buy a CBD Pure oil and are not satisfied with it or how it works, you can simply contact them and they offer a 90-day money back guarantee
  • CO2 Extraction from Whole-Plant Hemp: Like pretty much all of the other brands here on our site, CBD Pure employs a supercritical CO2 extraction process on their raw, whole-plant hemp. This results in a full-spectrum CBD product (it is NOT an isolate) that contains other healthy hemp compounds like Omega 3 and 6-acids, flavonoids, and terpenes.

SC Labs: Like we mentioned, one of favorite things about CBD Pure and their range of oils is that they’re not afraid to go to one of the nation’s leading cannabis analytics labs to have the quality and consistency of their products verified.

Negative Thoughts

When it comes to negative aspects of CBD Pure, there honestly aren’t many! If anything, the only thing we might recommend they work on improving is the quality of their website and their online presence, so that more people might find (and start using) their products.

However, if/when they do get more popular they’ll probably start charging more for their oils, so maybe it’s better for us if they remain a small, little-known brand!

Buy CBD pure

“Used the cheapest 100 mg oil for my insomnia, and it's working great so far.”

My Personal Experience with CBD Pure

If you’ve read up on the “Who We Are” page here on ShoppingCBD, you’ll know that I primarily use CBD oils to treat chronic leg pain that stems from a lower back issue that I’ve had for years. In an effort to try and make the cannabis and CBD oil markets more transparent for potential customers like you, I’ve developed this website to try and get the word out on the brands I’ve had the most success with.

However, I actually decided to try CBD Pure for some severe migraines that I had been having for several weeks. I had purchased a bottle of their 300 mg tincture several weeks back (like I said after I had heard about them from the farmer who provides their hemp), but had actually not used it because my leg/spine had not been giving me much trouble.

When one of the completely random (yet totally severe) migraines that I sometimes get popped up, though, I decided to give it a shot and boy, it wiped it out completely within two hours.

I would say the initial effects were apparent within 30 minutes, but the slow and steady pain relief just kept becoming more and more potent until the entire migraine was washed away. I honestly cannot wait to try it out for the leg pain (although hopefully it doesn’t come back!).

For reference, I took a “double” recommended dose (20 mg CBD instead of the 10 mg “single” dose), which I typically do when I get onset migraines like that. Like I said – worked wonders.

CBD Pure


Another thing we love about CBD Pure is the simplicity in regard to their range of products. Since they are a relatively small brand that focuses the majority of their efforts on clean extraction processes, they only offer three different potency CBD Oils: a 100 mg, 300 mg, and a 600 mg Hemp Extract.

(*Update: CBD Pure is now offering a 750 mg CBD SoftGel capsule, that contains 25 mg of CBD).

Here are the range of products currently on offer:


  • CBD Pure Hemp Oil 100: This is the 100 mg bottle of the CBD Pure Hemp Extract oil. They are naturally (hemp) flavored and contain 3.3 mg of hemp extract per serving. Recommended for very minor chronic pain, mild headaches, inflammation, or light to moderate nausea.
  • CBD Pure Hemp Oil 300: This is the oil that I tried out, and like I said it worked wonders on my severe migraine. The 300 oil contains 10 mg of CBD per serving, but you can double up on the dose like I did to receive a 20 mg shot for more intense pain, sleep issues, and also for anxiety (I am going to have my wife try it during her next bout of anxiety).
  • CBD Pure Hemp Oil 600: This is of course the brand’s highest-strength CBD oil, and it offers a whopping 20 mg of hemp extract (CBD) per serving. If it’s anything quality-wise as the Hemp Oil 300, it would likely work wonders for chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, chronic inflammation, and potentially even depression.

CBD Pure SoftGel 750 Capsules: The CBD Pure 750 SoftGel Capsules come in a bottle of 30, and each gel tablet contains 25 mg of CBD each (30 tables x 25 mg each = 750 mg total). These are recommended for people who don’t like the taste of the oils, and/or people who have trouble holding the drops under their tongue for the alloted 60 seconds before swallowing. At 25 mg per capsule, though, these are pretty potent and comparable in strength (on a dose-by-dose basis) to the Hemp Oil 600.


Like we said earlier, CBD Pure’s products are extremely well-priced given their quality. Here is the basic rundown in terms of price for each of their four products:

  • CBD Pure Hemp Oil 100: $29.99 / 60 mL bottle (contains 60 single 1 mL doses at 3.3 mg hemp extract per dose)
  • CBD Pure Hemp Oil 300: $54.99 / 60 mL bottle ( (contains 60 single 1 mL doses at 10 mg hemp extract per dose)
  • CBD Pure Hemp Oil 600: $79.99 / 60 mL bottle ( (contains 60 single 1 mL doses at 20 mg hemp extract per dose)
  • CBD Pure SoftGel 750 Capsules: $99.99 (bottle comes with 30 SoftGel tablets at 25 mg hemp extract each)


“Switched to the 600 mg oil for my carpal tunnel, take twice daily and it works well.”

Final Verdict on CBD Pure

All in all, we have become super big fans of CBD Pure, and I no doubt plan on trying out both the Hemp Oil 600 for my chronic leg pain, as well as the new 25 mg SoftGel capsules (I’ll actually get a bottle of the capsules for both me and my wife, as she struggles with the sublingual oils much more than I do).

The last thing I’ll say about them is this: you might seriously want to stock up on what they’ve got at these prices, because when (not if!) word gets out about them, they’ll probably cost double what they do now!

Customer reviews
graham pattersonVerified Buyer 2019-05-01


Can u get these products in the uk ?

NolanVerified Buyer 2019-04-24

CBD Pure Hemp Oil 600mg is a boon for me

After a long and heavy day at work, CBD Pure Hemp Oil 600mg helps me to fall asleep, recover and get relief from my chronic body pain.

JacobVerified Buyer 2019-04-13

Nothing works better for my nausea

I used to feel so nauseated after eating food. When nothing else worked I tried CBD Oil from CBD Pure and now I can safely say that I am finally rid of that horrible nauseated feeling.

TrishVerified Buyer 2019-04-06

Efficient oil

I’ve tried a few different CBD oils in the last couple of years, but so far my favorite is the 300mg from CBDpure. Its extremely fast acting, so when the anxiety begins to kick in, I know I wont have to suffer for long.

MargoVerified Buyer 2019-03-29

Helps with arthritis

I’m new to CBD and have only recently begun using the 100mg CBD oil for my arthritis, but I think I need to use a higher potency to really numb the ache.

LouisVerified Buyer 2019-03-25

A great price!

CBD Oil from CBD Pure is probably the cheapest CBD Product that I have ever purchased. Though it is cheap, it is exceedingly high in quality. It works pretty well for my insomnia.

TonyVerified Buyer 2019-03-18

Found a gem…

Not only super tasty but the effects work much quicker than any other oils I have tried!

MichelleVerified Buyer 2019-03-08

More info

I wish the website had a little more product information but im going to try the 100mg and see how it goes!

TeresaVerified Buyer 2019-03-03


I was a fan of the 300mg but the 600mg…man that stuff makes me excited for the day, it makes me feel great!

SampsonVerified Buyer 2019-02-23

Good deal

Impressed with the 300mg Hemp Oil and even more impressed with the 10% discount on my first order – thanks!

EmmaVerified Buyer 2019-02-16

Terrible back ache

Finally an oil that seems to zap the ache out of my bad back – while I work on my posture this is a great supplement.

Rick SVerified Buyer 2019-02-11

Bang for your buck

I think that if you are looking for value for money then this cbd company has it all. The oils are quite potent and the price is just right. Would recommend

VanessaVerified Buyer 2019-01-20

Get for pain…

Don’t know how I managed before but ever since ive started taking the 300 CBD oil, my chronic back pain has been so much easier to live with. Would recommend to anyone suffering with the same problem.

MarkVerified Buyer 2019-01-12

Pain relief

I would recommend the hemp oil to anyone! It’s really good quality and has been great for my painful knee operation. Now on the road to recovery!

LilyVerified Buyer 2019-01-06

I wish I had tried this oil sooner!

I tried the Hemp Oil 300 only a few weeks ago and I can see why my friend kept on nagging me to try it. I feel much calmer going about my day when I wake up feeling anxious. Its worked wonders!

JackVerified Buyer 2018-12-30

Great information

I love how transparent their website is. I have learnt so much about CBD and feel much more confident picking out products that will suit me and my body.

MiaVerified Buyer 2018-12-23

Easy to take

I’m really enjoying the softgels from this company, the texture is really pleasant to swallow and its an easy way to get a full dose of CBD.

JaydenVerified Buyer 2018-12-15

Great for pain

I’ve started using the 300ml drops for my back and shoulder pain, which I have been suffering with for years. I was surprised that it helped as much as it did. So glad I decided to buy this stuff.

JorgeVerified Buyer 2018-12-10

Great muscle relaxant

The CBD oil seems to be good for muscle relaxation… I experience less spasms using CBD than I have with any other meds.

GlennVerified Buyer 2018-12-03

This is good

I’ve tried a few different CBD liquids in the past, and I either didn’t like the flavor, or it bothered me that there was no real dosage to the oil and I just had to use it until I felt like it was making a difference. This has the dosage right on the bottle, I know exactly how much I want to use and I really like it so far.

JohnVerified Buyer 2018-11-26


I bought the 750 mg softgel capsules in an attempt to calm my anxiety. Unfortunately I don’t think 25 mgs per capsule is enough for my problem but… I would give CBD pure 5 stars when it comes to joint inflammation. Very unexpected surprise that my hands felt a 100% better. If you have arthritis this product is effective, no doubt. As far as anxiety is concerned I think a much higher dose may work better.

BernardVerified Buyer 2018-11-19

Great product and works well

I am amazed at how well this stuff works! It has almost immediate effects on my shoulders, back and hips…mostly nerve pain and ligament damage pain. I love it and am glad I tried it! I will be ordering more:)

SimonVerified Buyer 2018-11-12


Wow! After 1 week of using this oil twice daily, my general energy levels have improved remarkably. Also, my adverse response to sugar and starch noticeably decreased. I am 54 and these things matter. I am excited about the more subtle benefits that should still become noticeable during the next week or so. Will make it a permanent part of my supplements.

LindieVerified Buyer 2018-11-06

The best CBD oil

This is the best CBD oil that I’ve used for pain. I suffer from chronic pain in my hips and legs due to a rare condition and this really helps to ease the pain and helps me to sleep better at night. I wake up feeling well rested and my body feels a lot more comfortable.

MarieVerified Buyer 2018-10-28

Works like a dream

I’m so excited about this CBD oil!!! The taste is beyond yummy, it’s been amazing to curb my anxiety & I sleep like a baby. I feel like I have more energy & over all good mood!! I take 2 drops daily and it works like a dream

MasonVerified Buyer 2018-10-23

Great alternative to pain killers

After 4 years on high doses of narcotics and other pain management medications for a severe medical condition,I was able to quickly wean off all of them within 4 weeks of using this CBD oil! I still have some pain, but it is noticeably lessened/gone after using the oil. I am an RN and love that there is a non-addictive, excellent alternative to traditional pain relievers.

AshleighVerified Buyer 2018-10-16

Finally something that works

CBD Pure is the bomb! I noticed it working on the first 3-4 drops. I bought the CBD Pure Hemp Oil 600. I suffer from spinal stenosis, hip, back & leg pain, along with anxiety! It gave me a numbing feeling that I can equate to codeine. I’m so happy that I ordered this product and after 2 other brands, I finally have one that works!

SteveVerified Buyer 2018-10-12

Great brand

I have so many people benefiting from this product, including myself. I suffer from panic attacks and Hashimoto’s and the oil has worked wonders to reduce my symptoms. It is helping so many people, with so many things. I order 6 bottles at a time.

MarkVerified Buyer 2018-10-08

No more need for medication

I suffer from anxiety and decided to give this CBD oil a try. I have been adding it to my morning tea and I’ve noticed that I’ve been feeling more calm. I like that it is natural and that I don’t need to rely on medication to calm my anxiety.

JerrithVerified Buyer 2018-10-01

Pain relief

This CBD oil works wonders for migraine relief. I use the 300 oil and I take it once a day, in the morning. So far it’s worked well for me and usually gets me through the day with no migraine attack.

FredVerified Buyer 2018-09-26

CBD oil has changed my life

The CBD Pure oil is Amazing! It has given me my life back! I having been using it for about 6 weeks now. It’s relieved the nerve pain in my leg, helped me with depression and anxiety and given me more energy. I love the flavor too

MikeVerified Buyer 2018-09-20

Incredible product

I live a very active lifestyle, I run, hike jog and do whatever I can to get outdoors. But in recent years I experienced bad pain in my hips when exercising. I tried so many things to help but have only recently tried CBD oil. Now I can hike, run job and even ride horses pain free!! It also reduces stress. HIGHLY recommended

KeithVerified Buyer 2018-09-15

Great for anxiety

So I decided to go ahead and give CBD oil a try for my anxiety disorder. I have to say that I am very pleased with the results. My stress levels have decreased drastically and this helps me to reduce my anxiety.

LeslieVerified Buyer 2018-09-09

Perfect for neck pain

I just can’t believe how well this CBD oil works for my neck pain. No prescription medication has been able to provide the same kind of relief. After researching CBD I have come to realize how many incredible benefits that it has and I love that it’s natural.

RobVerified Buyer 2018-09-01

Great cream for RA

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and use this cream on my hands at night. I apply a thin layer and then put my hands in compression gloves. In the morning my inflammation is reduced. It also takes the edge of the throbbing in my hands and wrist.

DeanVerified Buyer 2018-08-26

Pain relief

The PureKana topicals are wonderful. My wife has had neck and back surgery and suffers from constant pain. She doesn’t like taking prescription drugs because in time they stop working and you need something stronger. I purchased the topicals about three weeks ago and it has helped greatly to manage her pain.

GlenVerified Buyer 2018-08-20

Great for stress levels

The CBD capsules bring an amazing and relaxing feeling. I take them during very stressful times and they really seem to calm my nerves.

JoeVerified Buyer 2018-08-16

Like taking daily vitamins

I’ve recently started using the CBD pure capsules for my anxiety disorder. I used CBD oil for a while but I really didn’t like the taste. I’m absolutely loving the capsules – it’s like popping my daily vitamins.

IsabelleVerified Buyer 2018-08-11

Great product

CBD pure has really changed my life. I am now in very little pain and sleeping so much better at night. I suffer from mild joint pain and the oil has really helped to reduce it.

MeganVerified Buyer 2018-08-08

Trusted brand

There’s nothing quite like the CBD pure hemp oil. I have suffered from regular headaches for years but over the last few months they have got considerably worse. A friend suggested that I give CBD oil a try. After doing a bit of research I came across CBD pure and I’ve been very pleased with the results

JoeVerified Buyer 2018-08-04

Like taking daily vitamins

I’ve recently started using the CBD pure capsules for my anxiety disorder. I used CBD oil for a while but I really didn’t like the taste. I’m absolutely loving the capsules – it’s like popping my daily vitamins.

Matt Verified Buyer 2018-07-26

Pain relief

The CBD pure oil really helps with joint pain. I’m also now able to sleep a lot better.

JasminVerified Buyer 2018-07-20

The best

I noticed a significant difference within a week of using the CBD pure oil. It’s helped so much with my anxiety. I’ve been a lot more calm and relaxed and would definitely recommend it to anybody who struggles with an anxiety disorder.

IsabelleVerified Buyer 2018-07-15

Great product

CBD pure has really changed my life. I am now in very little pain and sleeping so much better at night. I suffer from mild joint pain and the oil has really helped to reduce it.

JoeVerified Buyer 2018-07-11

Like taking daily vitamins

I’ve recently started using the CBD pure capsules for my anxiety disorder. I used CBD oil for a while but I really didn’t like the taste. I’m absolutely loving the capsules – it’s like popping my daily vitamins.

GlenVerified Buyer 2018-07-03

Great for stress levels

The CBD capsules bring an amazing and relaxing feeling. I take them during very stressful times and they really seem to calm my nerves.

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