Among the array of CBD products that are now available to purchase online and ship directly to your home, not many are produced by the farmers who actually grow the plants. Most companies outsource these farming practices.

From what we can tell, Welltiva is the first company of its kind. Everything from the planting process to the harvesting, cultivating, and extraction processes are carried out by the same family-run farm in Crawford, Colorado.

Locally-crafted cannabis oils are somewhat of a “thing” in recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries. However, they’re uncommon in the CBD hemp oil market, where most products come from “big box” retailers. The fact is, not all suppliers are directly involved with day-to-day farm operations. This is where the difference lies with Welltiva – it’s both the manufacturer and the supplier.

Today, we are going to take a more in-depth look at this unique company. Find out more in our Welltiva brand review below.

Welltiva Quick Summary

Quality 95%
Effectiveness 85%
Benefits 85%
Price 85%
Customer Service 85%

“I love the Welltiva hemp extract. It’s real, fresh, and potent. Great for anyone looking for a powerful dose of hemp.”

What Is the Welltiva Brand?

Welltiva is a family-owned and operated company that sells quality hemp-infused products. The husband and wife team are sustainability-minded growers, and they prioritize wholesome farming methods while paying close attention to the natural life cycle and health of the hemp plants they cultivate.

The company believes that quality farming practice results in quality hemp oil, and the underlying goal is to connect consumers to the source of the products they’re using. Welltiva wants customers to be fully in the know about all the ingredients present in the products that they purchase.

The company is run by Jodi DeGrandchamp and Brent DeArmond. With an educational background in biology, Brent has many years of experience in the legal cannabis space. He worked as Cultivation Project Manager and Head Grower for a leading cannabis consulting company, where he designed, managed, and implemented indoor grow sites and greenhouses.

Brent also has years of experience performing managerial analysis on cannabis, including medicinal marijuana cultivators and industrial hemp. Jodi has a background in medicine and serves as CBDFX Farm’s general manager. The farm implements pesticide-free, herbicide-free, non-GMO, and chemical-free practices.

What Is the Welltiva Brand?

Welltiva Brand Highlights

Here are a few things that stand out about Welltiva:

  • Sustainability Matters: Welltiva puts our planet above profits. Sustainability is one of the most (if not the most) important factors when it comes to the farming practices of the company. Welltiva is conscious of what it takes to get hemp from the farm and to the consumer. They use sustainable farming and manufacturing practices, and end products are delivered in carefully sourced, eco-friendly packaging.
  • Direct Source: We’ve mentioned it already, but it’s so important that we need to highlight it here again. Welltiva is unique in that the supplier is also the farmer. This means that customers know the farmers – DeGrandchamp and DeArmond are readily available to anyone who uses their products. In other words, customers have direct communication with real hemp farmers.
  • High-quality: The Welltiva hemp extract maintains its full-spectrum of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes in the same ratios that naturally occur in the plant. These natural properties are reflected in the hemp extract’s natural color and taste.
  • Third-party Lab Tested: The company ensures quality by having third-party lab testing done at multiple points. Tests start early while the plants are growing and end with final products.

Welltiva Brand Review: Negative Thoughts

Welltiva has an extremely limited range of products. In fact, you can’t really even call it a range. They sell a 2,500mg hemp extract formula that comes in a 30 mL bottle – there are no other strengths available. The only other product they sell is a hemp body butter. They don’t offer capsules, edibles, or other things such as CBD gummies.

Another really disappointing thing we found is that despite there only being two products on offer, they were sold out of the body butter. In other words, the only product available to buy from Welltiva at the time of this review is the 2,500mg hemp extract.

Welltiva Brand Review: Negative Thoughts

“The body butter is incredible. It leaves my skin feeling wonderful and revived.”

Welltiva Brand Products

As we’ve already mentioned, there’s not much to choose from at Welltiva. Here are two of the products that you can find here:

  • 2,500mg Hemp Extract Formula: The Welltiva 2,500mg hemp extract comes in a 1 oz (30 ml) bottle. You will get approximately 83 milligrams of extract in a single serving, assuming that a single serving is 20 drops of oil.
  • Hemp Body Butter: The body butter comes in a 2 Fl. Oz. jar and contains 1,500mg of hemp extract. You can rub it directly onto the desired area for relief.

Welltiva Brand: Costs

  • 2,500mg Hemp Extract Formula: You can buy the 2,500 mg Hemp extract for $90.
  • Hemp Body Butter: The body butter is sold for $70

Welltiva Brand: Costs

“The quality of this hemp extract is phenomenal. I use it daily and it makes me feel uplifted and calm.”

Final Thoughts on Welltiva

In the hemp CBD market, it’s extremely rare to find a company that stands out in the crowd. However, in delivering affordable hemp products that go directly from the farm to consumer’s homes, Welltiva manages to accomplish just that.

They are the only company in the United States that offers a true farm-to-doorstep CBD hemp oil. The hemp farmers are the same people who produce the final product, and send it to customers who place an order. There is no “middle man.”

Based on the above, Welltiva is undoubtedly one of the most trustworthy, reliable, and transparent CBD hemp oil brands on the market. They don’t have much variety at all, but if you’re looking for a potent hemp extract formula, you can’t go wrong with Welltiva.

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