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According to a report released by the American Medical Association, 45% of 2,600 CBD consumers that were studied were able to stop using conventional medication after they used CBD for the first time in their treatment. The CBD market is experiencing rapid growth and is trending like a hot cake. You have likely heard of the incredible potential and benefits that are associated with the compound. Today, we will be doing a Terra Vida CBD review, a new CBD company that offers an extensive and diverse range of CBD products.

CBD is truly one of the most incredible compounds in the natural world. Over the years, great advancements in hemp oil product development have led to what is now various types of hemp oil and CBD products, including drops, capsules, tinctures, topicals, and more.

Terra Vida offers a wide range of consumables like tinctures, vape pens, and capsules, along with a collection of specialized wellness products, an impressive CBD skin care line, and even CBD for pets. Terra Vida has something for just about every CBD need. But how does it compare to other brands in the CBD industry? Let’s take a closer look.

Terra Vida CBD Quick Summary

Quality 96%
Effectiveness 95%
Benefits 96%
Price 95%
Customer Service 98%

“I’ve been using the 5000mg CBD every night for about 3 months now. I have a bit of anxiety due to 7 years of military service. The results have been incredible. I’m feeling a lot more relaxed and sleeping much better.”

Who is Terra Vida CBD?

Terra Vida is a relatively new CBD company headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. The company is fully committed to creating a brand that is established on integrity and trust and brings the finest, purest quality of CBD skin care products and CBD food supplements.

Its products are made from the best organic hemp that is grown in Colorado, USA. As stated on the website, all products are clean, safe, and lab tested. The company mission is to promote well-being and inspire people to take care of their body and mind in the most natural way possible. Terra Vida strives to have its products be found in every home and to benefit all ages, by providing wellness products for the whole family – even your pets!

Terra Vida also states on their website that they have solid roots in the industry and promote wholesome, GMP Certified products that they believe in. The company has a strong belief in people being good to themselves and each other and want to make CBD (nature’s treasure) as easily as accessible as possible.

Terra Vida strives to empower people through honesty and free choice.

terra vida review

Terra Vida CBD Highlights

TerraVida certainly appears to have the consumer’s best interests at heart. It is a brand committed to challenging the status quo, believing in thinking differently. In the process, it strives to make its products accessible to the whole family.

Here are some other things that we love about Terra Vida CBD.

  • Free Shipping: Terra Vida offers free shipping on domestic orders of more than $90. This is great for regular CBD users. If you purchase products regularly, shipping could end up costing you a small fortune. This is why we love when companies offer free shipping – it could save you quite a bit of money.
  • Customer Support: Terra Vida has an online customer support option on its website, allowing customers to submit any queries that they may have. It’s always great when companies make it easy for customers to get in contact with them.
  • Return Policy: If you are not satisfied with your product, you may request a full refund within 30 days of the purchase date. This is a great tactic and shows that the company has a lot of faith in their own products. We’ve come across many companies that don’t offer a refund other than for if the product arrives damaged, so we are always impressed when we come across those that are willing to let customers try their products and get their money back if they’re unhappy.
  • Selection of Products: There are a wide range of products on offer which means that you can find just about anything that you’re looking for at Terra Vida. The CBD tinctures range in strength from between 250 mg to 5,000 mg, which is truly an incredible selection.
  • Highly Specialized Wellness Products: Terra Vida offers some products that we have never seen before, such as its CBD tattoo care cream and CBD Before and After Radiation Cream. This shows great innovation and sets them apart from the rest of the market in a big way.

Terra Vida CBD: Negative Thoughts

One improvement that we would like to see from Terra Vida is to provide more information on the website. It has more than enough information regarding CBD research, law, and anything else you could possibly want to know about the supplement. However, there is very little information available on the company itself.

We’re not sure when exactly the company was started, who started the company, or who is currently in charge. It also does not provide much information regarding where its CBD is sourced from, or lab testing information. Although they do have a small icon on their homepage stating that their products are lab tested, there is no other information pertaining to this.

We certainly hope to see more company information added to the Terra Vida website in the future. We always like to know who is behind a brand, what their story is, and what they stand for.


terra vida cbd oil

“Great tasting gummies and they are also convenient and effective. At 20 mg each, it’s very easy to determine dosage.”

Terra Vida CBD Products

As we’ve already noted, Terra Vida offers a wide selection of products. Here’s an overview of the different categories of products that are on offer:

  • Consumables: The brand’s consumable products include CBD drops, capsules, softgels, and gummies. The drops are sold in 30 ml bottles and come in strengths that range between 250 mg and 5,000 mg. The softgels are sold in a bottle of 30, and each softgel contains 30 mg CBD (the total bottle is 900 mg CBD). There are two options; full-spectrum and zero THC. The capsules also come in a bottle of 30, and each capsule contains 25 mg CBD (the total bottle is 750 mg). The gummies are sold in bags of either 5, 10, 30, and 50.
  • Skin Care: Terra Vida offers an impressive range of skin care products including; age-fighting cream, face cleanser, face toner, eye cream, day & night face moisturizer, body moisture butter, among a few other products. Their CBD tattoo care cream is especially impressive.
  • Wellness: The wellness products include a few oral spray variations, for anti-stress, energy boost, slim down, good night sleep, and health & wellness. The company also sells Before & After Radiation Cream, After Sun Renew & Rejuvenate, and Roll-On Gel.
  • Animals & Pets: The range of CBD pet products includes oral drops, oral spray, chew treats, and shampoo.
  • Spa: The range of spa products are hand & body wash, bubble bath, salt & sugar scrub, bath salts, massage oil, a candle, nourishing shampoo, moisturizing conditioner, and hand & body lotion.

Terra Vida CBD: Costs

  • Consumables: The price of the drops ranges between $29 for 250 mg and $249 for 5,000 mg. The softgels cost $78, and the capsules are sold for $68. The gummies range in price from $16 to $102 depending on quantity.
  • Skin Care: The skincare products range in price from $30 to $37, so there’s not a big difference in prices. All products are pretty much the same price. The body moisture butter is the most expensive at $37.
  • Wellness: The Wellness products range in price from $27.50 to $66.00, depending on which products you want to purchase.
  • Animals & Pets: The pet products range in price between $27.50 and $46.00.
  • Spa: Spa products range in price from $33 to $58.50, the most expensive being the CBD brown sugar scrub.

Terra Vida CBD: Costs

“Love the skincare collection. Leaves my skin feeling refreshed and revived, and most importantly, glowing.”

Final Thoughts on Terra Vida CBD

Terra Vida is focused on promoting overall natural wellness by providing consumers with natural products that are made from organic hemp. Currently, we don’t have too much information about the company itself, but it promises safe, natural products that can benefit the whole family. There is an incredible selection of products on offer, and you’re sure to find something that works for you.

Although Terra Vida is still a fairly new company in the CBD industry, we are sure that we will see a lot more from this up and coming brand.

Customer Reviews
Phil Hunt Verified user
Do not expect miracles

The Age fighting cream with Apple Stem Cells appeared quite alluring to me. Upon trying it, I can say it is a great moisturizer for the face. Nothing more than that in terms of anti-ageing or anti-wrinkles. But as a cream, the moisturizer is quite efficient. It can hydrate even the most dry skin tones very easily. A good replacement to conventional moisturizers, only you must not expect miracles out of it in terms of anti-ageing.

Ruthie Verified user
Call it Thumbs up

Terra Vida produces all the categories of CBD that exist today. I wanted a multi-purpose one, so that I do not have to try out a new one each time I wanted a new use of CBD.

Maureen McCloskey Verified user
From their website

Pick the CBD brown sugar scrub from Terra Vida and there is no chance that you’ll not be satisfied. The aroma and the smell, the effect and the feel, all are exemplary with this product. I always order Terra Vida online. This is because once I purchased it locally and it was duplicate. It did not have the same feel or effect. Now I make sure I do not look for places here and there to order the scrub, I just do it quickly from their website.

Harris McMorrow Verified user
For the minor ones

It cannot be better than Terra Vida. Its reputation in the market was the cause that drove me towards trying it. And it has been much better than what I gathered from reading user reviews and updates on the internet. It is very able and remarkable in handling minor pains and tensions. But mind you, only the minor ones. So if it is something grieve, you will have to visit a doctor.

Charles Steward Verified user
More in shape in old age

Terra Vida is very, very good in old age. I am 78 years old and life is full with medical issues now. Probably a case with most of the people my age. It is like discovering a new problem every now and then, while the previous one has still not been solved. But terra vida is good. I must tell you that it helps to keep your mind lively and happy and ready for the struggles of old age and you body a bit more in shape.

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