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Terra Vida is one of many CBD brands on the market today. Based out of Colorado, it has an extensive collection of products, including tinctures, capsules, and more.

In this complete review, the Shopping CBD team investigates Terra Vida in detail to see whether it's a brand you should consider. Stay tuned to learn about this brand, its values, and its products.

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About Terra Vida: What Customers Need to Know

Terra Vida has its headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, a state famously known for cannabis products. The products all come from organic hemp grown in Colorado, too, which is excellent news for local growers.

Like many other brands, Terra Vida aims to promote wholesome CBD products that come with third-party lab reports. With cGMP certified products and great customer support, these are items that customers can trust.


Transparency and Lab Reports from Terra Vida

Terra Vida makes a great commitment to transparency. It works with two third-party labs: ProVerde and Botanacor. These state-of-the-art facilities test each batch of Terra Vida’s products, ensuring that everything is in order.

The website features a section where customers can search for both products and specific batch numbers. As a result, you can view example lab reports before purchasing and then search for a specific batch number once you have your product.

The certificates of analysis include the cannabinoid profile, solvents, pesticides and heavy metals, as well as terpenes. This is a detailed analysis that adds plenty of reassurance for customers.


What's Terra Vida's Return Policy Like?

Fortunately, Terra Vida also has a satisfaction guarantee in place. For damaged goods, the customer must make a claim within 72 hours of receipt by writing to the customer service team via email.

For undamaged products, customers can return sealed packaged within 30 days of receiving it. The customer is responsible for shipping costs.

Some brands offer a money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with the product, but Terra Vida does not. The website states that, since CBD affects everyone differently, the brand is unable to accept returns on opened products.


How Terra Vida Makes Its Products

It’s clear that Terra Vida produces all its items in the USA. The hemp comes from organic farms in Colorado, but the brand has been pretty secretive about the process. Although the website contains detailed information on CBD, there is not much in the way of brand information.

Customers like to know what extraction process was used, how the brand operates, and more things like that. It’s a shame that Terra Vida has excluded this information, as extraction method can play a key role in consumers’ decision making.

Hopefully, this is something that Terra Vida will rectify in the future.


What's in Terra Vida CBD Products?

The Terra Vida CBD drops contain nothing but CBD extract and fractionated coconut (MCT) oil. It’s great when brands use minimal ingredients, as it gives consumers complete control over what they put into their bodies.

Terra Vida specializes in full-spectrum CBD, which means the products contain a vast array of cannabinoids and terpenes from hemp. That said, the company is careful to stick to the limit of 0.3% THC, which is verified by the lab reports.

The other products contain various ingredients, but Terra Vida always lists them in the product description.

Terra Vida is one of my favorite brands, without a doubt. I've never had a problem when ordering from them, so it's always been one of my go-to brands.

Terra Vida Review: Highlights

Terra Vida has a lot of positives. Below are some of the plus-points about this brand, giving customers a reason to love it.

  • Free shipping: On orders over $49, customers throughout the USA get free shipping. This is not a lot to spend on CBD, so it's great that buyers have an opportunity to save.
  • Lab reports: While providing lab reports should be the bare minimum, lots of companies don't do it. It's always refreshing to see easily accessible lab reports on a CBD brand's website.

  • Large product selection: Customers can benefit from the extensive product range at Terra Vida. No matter how you like to use CBD, there will probably be something that appeals to you.
  • Reasonable prices: It seems that the items offered come at affordable prices, which are extra reasonable considering the quality.
  • Sustainable practices: The website mentions that the hemp plants are organic and non-GMO. The bottles also come in recyclable glass. It’s nice to see brands making a difference by trying to be eco-friendly.

Negative Thoughts

Although Terra Vida is largely a great brand, there are some faults with it. For one, it’s disappointing that there’s no satisfaction guarantee when other brands are offering one. It’s a shame that those who aren’t happy with the product won’t be able to get their money back.

It’s also a problem that Terra Vida has not included more information about the product manufacturing process. It would be better if the brand posted details on how it makes its products, such as what extraction method it uses and whether the products undergo filtration processes.

Hopefully, Terra Vida will add some more information about its products in the future. This also includes featuring the amounts of CBD in each product in the product descriptions – which they currently fail to do.

I find the gummies really convenient and effective. The dosage is perfect for me, and having 20mg per gummy makes it easy to measure.

Where to Buy Terra Vida

The best place to buy Terra Vida is directly from the brand’s official website. There, you can browse the full collection and add everything to your shopping cart. Plus, customers can benefit from the free shipping on orders over $49, which is ideal for those buying multiple products at once.

It’s unclear whether Terra Vida products are also stocked in physical retail locations, but there’s a chance you may encounter some. In general, though, the official website is your best bet.


Best Terra Vida Products: What's on Offer?

Terra Vida has an extensive product selection that contains a little something for everyone. The collection includes drops, sprays, gummies, capsules, and more. The review below covers the entire range.

Terra Vida CBD Drops

Terra Vida offers a collection of CBD drops consisting of full-spectrum hemp extract infused into MCT oil. There are five main strengths, from 250mg to 5000mg. However, Terra Vida also offers Zero THC options in 1000mg, 2500mg, and 5000mg potencies. Each one comes in a recyclable glass bottle with the dropper attached.
Cost: $28.99 - $248.99

Terra Vida CBD Gummies

There are several CBD gummies options on the Terra Vida website; the difference between each product is how many gummies you get. The Terra Vida gummies contain 20mg of CBD each, in exciting fruit flavors. They do, unfortunately, contain artificial colors and flavors, which is not the preference of many CBD users. Pouch sizes start at 5 gummies, going up to bottles of 50.
Cost: $9.99 - $44.99

Terra Vida CBD Softgels

Terra Vida offers two basic capsules, and one strength of Zero THC Soft Gels. The normal capsules come in 750mg (25mg per capsule) and 900mg (30mg per capsule). Meanwhile, the zero THC option comes in the 900mg strength. This brand uses a mixture of sunflower lecithin and gelatin to create the soft gel coating, with the MCT CBD oil contained within. Each bottle contains thirty pills.
Cost: $56.50 - $67.99

Terra Vida CBD Oral Sprays

If drops aren't your thing, then the Terra Vida oral sprays could be an option. However, unlike the drops, these items come with specific intended outcomes. For example, there is an Anti-Stress & Relaxation Oral Spray, a Slim Down Oral Spray, and a Good Night Sleep Oral Spray. Each one contains 8ml of liquid with various ingredients that help the user reach the intended outcome. Unfortunately, Terra Vida does not disclose the amount of CBD contained within each spray.
Cost: $27.50

Terra Vida CBD Skin Care

In the skin care section, Terra Vida has six items. The range includes eye cream, neck cream, face moisturizer, face cleanser, face toner, and an age fighting cream. Each one contains various ingredients that support healthy skin; for example, the CBD Age Fighting Cream contains apple stem cells. The skin care items contain different amounts of CBD, but the website is not very clear about the amounts.
Cost: $29.99 - $39.50

Terra Vida CBD Topicals

The topicals are more generalized versions of the skin care range, featuring items like a CBD Relief Salve, Relief Roll-on Gel, and After Sun Renew & Rejuvenate. There are four products in total, each with a different amount of CBD. They are very reasonably priced, with the Relief Salve containing 500mg of CBD and costing just $29.89.
Cost: $29.89 - $57.49

The skincare range is my favorite! I love the cleanser, and the face cream keeps me feeling fresh and glowing no matter what.

Terra Vida Review: Summary & Final Thoughts

The Terra Vida products are clearly pretty high-quality, with Colorado-grown hemp and few ingredients. The items seem reasonably priced, too, which is perhaps why customers like this brand so much.

That said, Terra Vida definitely has room for improvement. It’s excellent that it provides lab reports, but we would like to see more detail on the website in the product descriptions, as well as an explanation of the manufacturing process.

For now, it’s clear that Terra Vida is a reputable brand. The products speak for themselves, and existing customers love them.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to your health and happiness!
Customer Reviews
Phil Hunt Verified user
Do not expect miracles

The Age fighting cream with Apple Stem Cells appeared quite alluring to me. Upon trying it, I can say it is a great moisturizer for the face. Nothing more than that in terms of anti-ageing or anti-wrinkles. But as a cream, the moisturizer is quite efficient. It can hydrate even the most dry skin tones very easily. A good replacement to conventional moisturizers, only you must not expect miracles out of it in terms of anti-ageing.

Ruthie Verified user
Call it Thumbs up

Terra Vida produces all the categories of CBD that exist today. I wanted a multi-purpose one, so that I do not have to try out a new one each time I wanted a new use of CBD.

Maureen McCloskey Verified user
From their website

Pick the CBD brown sugar scrub from Terra Vida and there is no chance that you’ll not be satisfied. The aroma and the smell, the effect and the feel, all are exemplary with this product. I always order Terra Vida online. This is because once I purchased it locally and it was duplicate. It did not have the same feel or effect. Now I make sure I do not look for places here and there to order the scrub, I just do it quickly from their website.

Harris McMorrow Verified user
For the minor ones

It cannot be better than Terra Vida. Its reputation in the market was the cause that drove me towards trying it. And it has been much better than what I gathered from reading user reviews and updates on the internet. It is very able and remarkable in handling minor pains and tensions. But mind you, only the minor ones. So if it is something grieve, you will have to visit a doctor.

Charles Steward Verified user
More in shape in old age

Terra Vida is very, very good in old age. I am 78 years old and life is full with medical issues now. Probably a case with most of the people my age. It is like discovering a new problem every now and then, while the previous one has still not been solved. But terra vida is good. I must tell you that it helps to keep your mind lively and happy and ready for the struggles of old age and you body a bit more in shape.

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