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The last few years have seen an incredible rise in the popularity of CBD. More and more people are looking to move away from traditional medication and they are instead looking for natural alternatives, which do not require you to fill your body with artificial and potentially harmful ingredients.

The popularity in CBD has caused an increase in the available products. There are almost too many CBD brands to choose from, which can make the decision-making process somewhat complicated.

Today, we will be doing a review on Taiga Laboratories – a high-quality company that specializes in simple products. They sell a line of tinctures in different strengths and have recently added a skincare product to their range.

Taiga Laboratories Quick Summary

Quality 94%
Effectiveness 95%
Benefits 96%
Price 96%
Customer Service 95%

“Top CBD oil. My wife and I use it for anxiety and pain, and it’s helped both of us tremendously.”

Who Is Taiga Laboratories CBD?

Taiga Laboratories is a team of cannabis experts and scientists who are passionate about producing quality products with the highest level of purity and effectiveness. The company is based in California and Oregon and is at the forefront of full-spectrum oil production, bringing only the best products to customers.

All of Taiga’s products are manufactured from high yielding industrial hemp strains originating from Oregon and extracted using supercritical CO2 extraction. The end products contain less than 0.3% THC and are compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill, meaning that they’re legal in all 50 states across the U.S.

By ensuring that its products are free of THC, customers can use these products without the worry that comes with THC. There’s no need to worry about potential unwanted side effects that may occur when using THC, or failing a surprise work drug test.

All of Taiga’s tinctures contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids, including CBC, CBD, CBDa, CBN, and CBG. These are extracted without harsh chemical solvents, and formulated for maximum strength. Taiga Laboratories is passionate about CBD but is most excited about all the other; lesser-known cannabinoids also found in full-spectrum oil.

The company believes that everyone should be equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to take control of their health. Through its CBD products, Taiga hopes to give people across the country the ability to take back control of their future.

taiga cbd

Taiga Laboratories Highlights

Here are a few of the things that we love about Taiga Laboratories.

  • Wide Range of CBD Tinctures: The Taiga tinctures are available in five different strengths, and they all full-spectrum hemp products. This shows that the brand understands that different customers have different needs and therefore require different strengths of CBD.
  • Free Shipping: Taiga offers customers free shipping on orders of over $100. This can save you quite a bit of cash, especially if you plan on buying products regularly.
  • Speed CBD in New York: Customers based in New York City can receive their order in 60 minutes, thanks to Speed CBD. So if you’ve run out of CBD and need a refill urgently, this can be very beneficial.

Taiga Laboratories: Negative Thoughts

The Taiga Laboratories website is not very impressive. There’s a serious lack of information, and the layout and design of the site are not all that professional. There is no “About Us” section, and we feel the company should put a lot more effort into their online appearance.

Also, we are a little confused about the products offered by Taiga. Their online store only lists CBD tinctures and one skincare product. However, if your google Taiga Laboratories you will see that its vape products are very popular.

We’re unsure of why no vape products are listed on the official Taiga Laboratories website. It appears as though they have removed vaping products, perhaps due to safety concerns. We hope that more clarity will be given in the future and that the website will be updated and redesigned.

“I use the 3,500 mg tincture for my back pain, and so far it has been working very well.”

Taiga Laboratories Products

  • CBD Tinctures: All of the full-spectrum CBD tinctures use MCT oil as a carrier. The oils are sold in a dropper bottle. Unfortunately, there is no mention of the amount of liquid in each bottle (size of bottle). But based on the pictures and industry standards, it appears to be about 30 ml. The CBD oils are available in the following strengths: 500 mg, 1,000 mg, 1,500 mg, 2,500 mg, and 3,500 mg.
  • CBD Skin Care: Taiga has a Skincare tab on their website, but there is only one product; relief cream. The cream comes in a 50 ml bottle and is sold in a strength of 850 mg CBD. It also contains soothing Arnica, Camphor, Menthol, and hemp extract.

Taiga Laboratories: Costs

  • CBD Tinctures: The CBD tinctures range in price between $59.95 and $249.95.
  • CBD Skin Care: The relief cream is sold for $59.95.

taiga cbd oil

“Love the relief cream. I use it after a heavy workout, and it leaves my muscles feeling relieved.”

Final Thoughts on Taiga Laboratories

Taiga Laboratories has a very simple yet effective approach to CBD. Instead of packing their store with one-time use CBD items, as a lot of brands do, Taiga has focused on creating high-quality CBD products that actually work.

It’s by no means the best brand on the market, and some things definitely need to be cleaned up on the website. But if you’re looking for reliable products from a reputable brand that is made from all-natural ingredients, it’s worth checking out Taiga Laboratories.

Customer reviews
Nelson AlbrittonVerified Buyer 2019-12-30

Helping me a lot

When it comes to tinctures, Taiga is my best brand. I have never come across a CBD tincture so smooth and so potent. It feels soft in the mouth. Not oungent like other CBD tinctures at all. Taiga helps me in pain management. I am a delicate darling who gets fatigues very quickly. People tell me exercise can help but that is tough as I am very lazy. Taiga is helping me a lot.

Phillip JonshonVerified Buyer 2019-12-26

Thank you!

If you guys are looking for a company that genuinely cares about its customers- Taiga is the right pick. I’ve used them for over a month even before they were trying to settle down on the market online and both in physical stores. I have tried quite a few brands but none have proven this good to me so far. Thank you!

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