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Those living in the UK have recently become acquainted with the world of CBD. Legislation there is quickly changing, and companies have sprung up to meet increasing demand. However, while this industry is incredibly popular, not every company makes quality products. 

Regulation has just begun, and individuals may find themselves wondering where to purchase their CBD. This is where Smart CBD steps in. Their a company with an unwavering commitment to premium, top-notch CBD. 

They offer a variety of full-spectrum CBD based products. Utilizing full-spectrum CBD allows consumers to enjoy an array of essential cannabinoids, antioxidants, phytochemicals and flavonoids. They also adhere to stringent guidelines and procedures, which include third-party lab testing. 

Smart CBD is also serious about eco-consciousness. They employ “smart” packaging that users can recycle. They ensure each purchase comes with instructions on how to recycle their materials, so consumers are never left with questions or concerns. 

This review will delve more deeply into what they do as well as their take on CBD. We’ll also highlight some of the products they offer.

Smart CBD Quick Summary

Quality 97%
Effectiveness 96%
Benefits 95%
Price 98%
Customer Service 99%

“The CBD oil is amazing! It’s helped me a lot with my sleep problems. The flavor isn’t great, but it’s worth it for the effects.”

Who is Smart CBD?

Smart CBD is a trusted supplier of CBD oils, pastes, capsules, balms, and more in the UK. Their mission is to bring the most innovative and purest CBD oils, along with other CBD products, to the CBD health market in the UK and beyond.

They claim to do this by having an in-depth understanding of every part of the CBD oil production process – from the most effective extraction methods to choosing the right soil for the CBD crops. This means that they are able to offer UK consumers the highest quality CBD oil on the market.

The website goes into a lot of detail about what CBD is, where it comes from, how the endocannabinoid system (ECS) works, and how CBD interacts with the ECS. They’ve put a lot of effort into providing customers with everything that they could possibly want to know about using CBD. They’ve even published links to research and studies that discuss CBD for specific medical conditions, like anxiety, inflammation, pain, arthritis, etc.

However, while Smart CBD is very thorough in providing CBD specific information, there is a serious lack of information on the company itself. There’s no about page, and we know very little about who this company actually is.

smart organics cbd oil reviews

Smart CBD Highlights

We love that Smart CBD has covered so much about CBD on their website. This means that customers don’t have to go searching for answers elsewhere if they’re unsure about something. Almost anything you could want to know about CBD is available on the website.

Here are a few of the other highlights of Smart CBD.

  • Free shipping: The company offers free shipping on all orders! This is a major advantage. Many companies only offer free shipping after customers spend a certain amount of money. It’s always great to come across those who offer free shipping without any terms and conditions.
  • Customer support: There is a 24/7 daily customer support service in place. This means that no matter when you are shopping, you can get the help you need. It’s not often that you come across 24/7 assistance.
  • 100% Organic: With fields in carefully selected European micro-locations, Smart CBD grow hemp that is certified as organic. This shows that they really care about the source of their CBD and that their products are of the highest quality.
  • Third-party: All products are monitored and tested by a third-party, ensuring that what customers receive is the safest, and all-natural CBD extracts.
  • CO2 Extraction: Smart CBD uses CO2 extraction, which is the best extraction method in the industry. This method is highly efficient and gentle at the same time and ensures the preservation of the purity of the raw hemp.

Smart CBD Review: Negative Thoughts

We have mentioned this before for another brand, but when there’s little information available on a company, it bothers us. Smart CBD should consider at least adding an “About” page that lets customers know who the founder/CEO is and when the company was started.

There is minimal information available on this company, and that is often a concern for customers. We like to know the story behind a company and brand.


smart organics cbd

“Great service and lets you know step by step about when your delivery will arrive. The CBD oil works wonderfully for my anxiety.”

Smart CBD Products

Smart CBD offers a good selection of CBD products to choose from. Here’s some insight into what products you will find here:

  • CBD Oil: There are three 5% CBD oil drops available in the following options; natural, Curcumin & Black Pepper, and Aqua Zero (THC-free). Each of these is a strength of 500 mg CBD. There’s also a 10% CBD oil available (1000 mg CBD). Each CBD oil is sold in a 10 ml bottle.
  • CBD Balm: The CBD balm is fast-absorbing and light-scented and is made to revitalize the skin. It also contains shea butter, and Vitamin A, E and F. It’s available as 2% CBD or 900 mg per 30 ml tub.
  • CBD Capsules: CBD capsules offer one of the most rapid deliveries of CBD. The Smart CBD pearls have been specifically designed for easy oral application and rapid delivery. They’re available in 4% and 8% options. The 4% capsules contain 1.5 mg of CBD per capsule, and the 8% have 3 mg of CBD per capsule.
  • CBD Paste: The CBD paste offers a high concentration of CBD, that stems from high-quality hemp. This is a 20% paste (1000 mg CBD in a 5 ml dispenser). The dispenser makes for easy and convenient application.

Smart CBD: Costs

The Smart CBD products are very reasonably priced and certainly appear to be good value for money. Here’s an overview of what you can expect to pay:

  • CBD Oil: The 5% natural and Aqua Zero CBD oils are sold for £29.99, while the Curcumin and black pepper goes for £34.99. The 10% CBD oil is sold for £59.99
  • CBD Balm: A tub will cost you £38.99
  • CBD capsules: The 4% capsules are sold for £24.99, and the 8% capsules go for £49.99.
  • CBD Paste: You can buy this paste for £59.99

smart hemp cbd

“The balm is fantastic for my muscle tension and pain. I rub a little on every night and the relief is incredible.”

Final Thoughts on Smart CBD

Smart CBD offers a great selection of high quality, full-spectrum CBD products. The UK CBD market is still fairly new, but this definitely stands out as being one of the best brands on the market. We just hope that they add a little more information about who they are as a company.

Customer Reviews
Alma Verified user
Quality speaks for itself

Smart CBD has got little information on their website. I had to look at many other online places for about 2 weeks before I made up my mind to go with it. It is a total pleaser. Perhaps the company does not publish much as the quality speaks for itself. I wanted to switch from my previous CBD brand so as to avoid developing tolerance towards it. Otherwise it was very good. Smart is equally good.

Hughes Verified user
Studying Hard!

CBD’s, well, I am studying them for the last few years and they still do not fail to amaze me with their health properties. That CBD is effective for pain and stress, most of us know this. But what we are discovering at behind the scene science labs is that CBD is useful in many more ways beside these two too.

Brittany Sussman Verified user
Probe further into

The long term effects of CBD or vaping e-cigs is not properly known presently. Likewise, I decided if I wanted to go for CBD, I must at least choose the best one that is available today. When I started exploring, I realized that many people still knew nothing about CBD even if it was legal. This made my belief stronger that I must go for something that is the best. And this is why I chose Smart CBD to be the brand of my choice. Upon using it for about two months now, I am almost relieved of my neck pain and migraines. I think CBD is a great boon to our race and we must probe further as to how we can gain more and more out of this plant component.

Ila McNair Verified user
For Eczema

I have never used oils or other tinctures or any other edible preparations from any CBD brand so far. But for the CBD balms, I have an experience with quite a handful. Smart CBD is worthy brand for balms. I have eczema and that’s the reason I keep on trying various CBDs. It feels good to be associated with a premium brand when it is smart CBD. I feel I am lucky to have tried it in the first place.

James Deanda Verified user
No smell

It is perhaps the best CBD for all my edible needs. I buy the oil from smart CBD and then infuse it not only in teas and coffees but in other edible preparations too that I make sometimes. It has a very neutral and soft taste on the tongue so does not interfere with the recipe at all. Also I like to take CBD on a daily basis, taking it in this form does not make my mouth smell at all.

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