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Thinking about testing the “CBD waters?” Find out about an up-and-coming brand in this complete Quanta CBD oil review

No matter how you look at it, the popularity of cannabis is skyrocketing – the main reason being for its potential medical properties. Currently, 33 states across the US have legalized cannabis for medicinal use. Moreover, cannabis that is predominantly made of hemp is legal in all states, and most of the world, for that matter.

On average, marijuana plants contain 10-25% THC (the psychoactive compound responsible for making users high) and very little CBD — often less than 1%. Hemp plants, on the other hand, can contain high amounts of CBD and only small traces of THC (between 0.3 – 1.5%). This is why hemp has quickly become just as popular as its “better brother,” marijuana, because CBD is gaining a lot of awareness for its incredible therapeutic benefits for both the body and mind.

And the best part? Products made from hemp are completely legal in the US, and are legal to be shipped to all 50 states. This has led to the formation of multiple CBD-based companies, one of which is Quanta CBD. In this complete Quanta CBD oil review, we will be taking a closer look at the brand as well as the products they offer, and whether or not we think they stack up against some of the best names in the industry.

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Quanta CBD Quick Summary

Quality 99%
Effectiveness 98%
Benefits 96%
Price 97%
Customer Service 96%

“Severe pain is horrible to live with. Thankfully I found Quanta CBD and I haven’t looked back since.”

Snapshot: Quanta CBD Oil

Quanta CBD is a Los Angeles based biotech firm who focuses on the development and commercialization of innovations that use Quantum mechanics in biochemistry. They share their patented technology with high-powered, high-quality brands in the fields of supplements, vitamins, cannabis, and phytochemicals through their “Powered by Quanta” co-branding program.

Quanta CBD was launched in 2017 when the Quanta patented technology was first introduced to the cannabis industry. Their technology uses quantum physics to stabilize and manipulate electron spin in naturally occurring elements (like cannabinoids), in an effort to increase performance in the body. This process results in what the company calls “Polarized Cannabis.”

Cannabinoids have traditionally entered into the body with low levels of bio-energy. The reason that consumers have unpredictable experiences with cannabis, which can make them paranoid, anxious, or tired, is said to be because of this shortage of energy. Quanta CBD technology works by recharging targeted elements and aligns the electron spin to produce a chemical reaction in the body that is more efficient and helps to increase the intended results.

Eric Rice is the CEO of Quanta CBD, and he has stated that the cannabis industry is in need of innovations that remove many of the roadblocks to legitimacy, which includes the well-known unpredictable experience of one user to the next. Polarized cannabis is their solution to this problem. It’s pretty much the opposite of what we typically think of when it comes to the effects of cannabis.

We realize that this may all sound a little confusing, so let’s break it down a little more simply. Essentially, Quanta CBD oil produces products that are focused on delivering the cleanest and most efficient pain relief for your body. Their main product is muscle rub, and the unique thing about this company is that they use their own technology to make their products.

quanta cbd reviews

Quanta CBD Review: Brand Highlights

The biggest highlight of Quanta CBD is undoubtedly the unique and innovative technology that is used to create their products. This company is working to bring on a new frontier of medicine, where naturally-occurring remedies and elements are just as powerful – possibly even more so – than pharmaceutical drugs.

Here are a few other things that we really like about the Quanta CBD oil label:

  • 100% natural products: Quanta CBD products are made from 100% organic hemp CBD, and contain no THC.
  • Free standard shipping: Quanta CBD offers free shipping when you spend $75 or more. If you are a regular customer, then this can go a long way in saving you quite a few bucks in the long-term.
  • Customer service: The company is known for their great customer support and have fast response times. There is a contact number, email address and contact form on the website to submit any queries or questions that you may have.
  • Testimonials: Quanta CBD has a testimonials section on their site which has a number of video testimonial from satisfied consumers who have achieved great results using their products. This is the first time that we’ve come across a whole selection of video testimonials for any brand. It’s great for anyone who might be a little unsure about a product or wants to find out more about the effects.
  • Blog: The website has a blog section where they address various topics, like what Quanta’s natural ingredients are, how to use their products for muscle recovery, interesting facts about the brand, and lots more. It’s a great source of reference for curious consumers.

Our Negative Thoughts on Quanta CBD Oil

We love the innovation and ideas behind Quanta CBD and their products, which is why we are rather disappointed that they don’t offer more. They have an exceptionally small product selection — in fact, they only sell CBD muscle rub, albeit in a few different variations.

The good news is that we can only assume that over time, the brand will continue to add more products to their collection – especially if things go well with the current collection. But for now, they have a very specific product that is for very specific needs.


quanta cbd oil

“This is the best CBD muscle rub. I use it on my hands and knees and the relief is almost revolutionary.”

Quanta CBD: Product Selections

As we mentioned above, there are not a lot of products to choose from with Quanta CBD. Online we found quite a few mentions of vape pens, but we couldn’t find any actual devices for sale on their site. So we are not sure if they used to sell vape pens but no longer do, or if they’re listed somewhere else on the site that we somehow missed.

Either way, here is an overview of what you can currently get from Quanta CBD as per their website:

  • 75 mg CBD Muscle Rub: This is a highly popular topical that is 100% natural and contains organically grown hemp and no THC. The main ingredients used are Organic Hemp Seed oil, Organic Beeswax, and Organic Sunflower Oil.
  • 150 mg CBD Muscle Rub: This muscle rub is exactly the same, except it’s stronger since it contains a higher dosage of CBD.
  • Muscle Rub Plus: The only difference with this muscle rub appears to be that it contains nano-sized arnica. This is particularly helpful for muscle and joint pains. There is 150 mg of CBD in the product.

Quanta CBD Review: Prices and Cost Comparison

We find the Quanta CBD products to be very reasonably priced. Here is what you can expect to pay:

  • 75 mg CBD Muscle Rub: This is sold for $25.
  • 150 mg CBD Muscle Rub: The 150 mg CBD rub is sold individually for $45. However, you can purchase two in a value pack for $79 – an $11 saving, or you can purchase a 5-pack for $199 which means savings of $26.
  • Muscle Rub Plus: The 150 mg Muscle Rub Plus product is sold for $60

“This is perfect for high intensity sports. I use it before and after a basketball match and it works wonders.”

Final Thoughts on our Quanta CBD Review

Overall, it seems as though Quanta CBD is a very reputable company that offers high-quality hemp-based products. We love that they use a completely unique and innovative technology to try and create the best products possible, as there are not many other CBD companies out there who can claim to use their own patented technology.

Additionally, we found their products to be pretty reasonably priced overall. For anyone who is dealing with muscle aches, anxiety, or stress, Quanta CBD may very well be a worthy investment — just don’t expect it to out-and-out cure all of your problems all at once.

Visit Official Site: quantacbd.com
Coupon Code: LEAF10

Customer Reviews
Scott Verified user
A must have

I wonder why companies like quanta do not produce other products! Like oils, tinctures etc. I have used there rub twice so far, and both the times it freed me from severe pain in about half hour’s time. Now I can’t say how this will work on others

Tina Schell Verified user
Bladder Dysfunction

Before I started using Quanta on a daily basis, I studied the safety and efficacy of it on bladder dysfunction after a normal delivery for many months. I even conducted live surveys in two local obstetrics clinics here in Texas. And the results appeared mixed. Some were in favor some were against. But yes, none of them experienced anything bad with Quanta. I too started using the rub for myself and I think it has strengthened my muscles in the region and restored back my holding capacity to almost normal. I am very happy. Not hundred percent sure if this happened with time or with Quanta, but my gut feeling is quanta had a positive role to play.

Ronnie Joyce Verified user
Sweat it out

The best way to sweat it out aggressively. I am a quanta rub fan since the very first time that I used it. That time I had just joined a gym for the first time and it was very difficult to cope up with HIIT. Not only was I lacking the stamina but coping with pain was a big issue too. Quanta rub helped manage the later and within a few months I developed all the energy and strength that was needed. I use it now too, although I require it less often than before. It is an ultimate companion to the gym.

Paris Kilian Verified user

Marijuana has been utilized toward address soreness as considerably again as 2900 B.C.

Krista Sims Verified user
The trick worked

I am a college student and has recently kicked it off on a sexual front. It used to be very painful and the doctor advised it would be okay after a few times. I tried quanta CBD as a lubricant. Worked wonders! I was already having it in my gym bag as I often use it for muscle spasms. My trick worked!

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