Onyx and Rose CBD Review

Today, we investigate Onyx and Rose, a CBD company that specializes in high-quality CBD products designed to help maintain balance in the body and mind. They may be a lesser-known brand in the industry, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t a serious competitor for the “big brands.”

Find out more about the company and the products they sell in our Onyx and Rose review below.

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About Onyx and Rose: A Brand with Style

Onyx and Rose is a relatively new brand that offers CBD products with both style and substance. And we have to say; they do a good job of living up to this. The Onyx and Rose team is made up of health, wellness, and fitness experts dedicated to applying integrity, compassion, and a desire to help people through the goodness of high-quality CBD products.


Does Onyx and Rose Lab Test Their Products?

Customers can access the Onyx and Rose lab reports on the company website. However, you need the product batch number to search for the certificates. Lab reports are useful as they show you exactly what a product contains, as well as the quantity. For instance, many customers use them to confirm CBD content. What we found disappointing is that visitors to the site can’t preview a product report before purchasing.


Does the Brand Accept Returns?

We were thrilled to see that Onyx and Rose do offer customers a 30-day return policy. In fact, they make the process easy by providing an online form, quite a contrast from some of the other brands we’ve seen. However, the brand only allows one return per customer, and shipping costs are not included.


How Does Onyx and Rose Grow Their Hemp?

Onyx and Rose claim to be founded on the belief that natural, organically grown hemp sourced from American farms can improve wellness and bring balance back to one’s life. At ShoppingCBD, we agree with this sentiment and are pleased to see the company implementing organic practices. When it comes to the details, Onyx and Rose stay reserved. For instance, they don’t give us, or visitors to the site, enough information about exactly where they farm or who their partners are.


Onyx and Rose’s Range of CBD Products

Onyx and Rose produce CBD oil, capsules, balm, bath bombs, and even pet products. Rather than using chemical mixtures that may be harmful, they’re all about creating natural products that bring a little sunshine and wellness into people’s lives. That’s why we like to see them using ingredients like squalane and rosemary in their topical products. Additionally, customers can find a mixture of broad and full-spectrum oils, with strengths up to 2,000mg.

My favorite CBD oil by far. It’s helped so much with joint pain in my hands and feets.

Onyx and Rose Review: Highlights

Take a look at our favorite things about Onyx and Rose.

  • Good media presence. With 100k followers on their Instagram account, Onyx and Rose’s signature aesthetic is alive and well. Followers can enjoy a few memes and product giveaways too.
  • Attractive branding. There’s no denying that we initially shop with our eyes. In this respect, Onyx and Rose are lightyears ahead of some companies. The use of colorful floral design on the site and ombre product packaging is very appealing.

  • High quality. Onyx and Rose use pure ingredients, precise extraction processes, and stringent testing. They claim that products are made to the highest standards of quality to ensure the most effective and consistent experience possible. Their CBD products are made from 100% natural, organically grown hemp, and contain no artificial ingredients, heavy metals, or pesticides.
  • Ritual +. You can sign up for the company's Ritual + program to have products delivered every month, and you will get a 10% discount, as well as free shipping.
  • Topical experts. When it comes to topicals, this brand knows what they are talking about. Each product is perfectly tailored for its purpose. For instance, their Overnight Sleeping Mask contains green microalgae to help protect collagen. Best of all, their topical products are cruelty-free and dermatologist-tested.

Negative Thoughts

In general, it’s difficult to personally connect with the Onyx and Rose brand. Visitors aren’t given any information about founders, and there are just a few brief mentions about the team. Some brands prefer a level of secrecy, which is understandable. However, this issue extends to manufacturing too. Little information is given on extraction methods and farming, as mentioned above.

On a practical note, another issue is the lack of shipping information. Having to access shipping information through the checkout process is a pet hate for many customers.

Love the bath bomb. Calms my mind and leaves me feeling relaxed, ensuring I get a good night’s sleep.

Where to Buy Onyx and Rose

Currently, the only place to purchase the brand’s products is on the official site; this isn’t surprising considering their size. Onyx and Rose ship to the United States, Guam, and Puerto Rico, which is a fairly select number of countries. However, as previously mentioned, the brand does allow returns and exchanges.


Best Onyx and Rose CBD Products:

So, what does the brand sell? Readers can find a quick overview of the Onyx and Roses CBD product line below.

Onyx and Rose CBD Oils and Capsules

The brand sells full and broad-spectrum CBD oils; both are available in strengths of 1,000mg and 2,000mg. Customers can also choose from a variety of flavors, including orange, mint, and chocolate coconut. In addition, CBD capsules are on offer. Each container has 30 capsules (25mg of CBD each) and contains broad-spectrum extract with important cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, and CBC.
[Costs range from $74 to $179]

Onyx and Rose CBD Topicals

For CBD users who prefer skincare topicals, Onyx and Rose’s range is luxurious and well-crafted. The line includes a cleanser (25mg), serum (50mg), moisturizer (60mg), and sleeping mask (70mg). Each product contains a blend of important ingredients, whether that be rice bran extract or glycerin. Full lists can be found on the official site. CBD bath bombs with 35mg and natural colorings are also available.
[Costs range from $14 to $82]

Onyx and Rose CBD Pet Products

On the official site, customers can purchase CBD pet oil and CBD dog treats. The pet oil comes in a strength of 250mg, while the treats are available in both 60mg (2mg per treat) and 150mg (5mg per treat). The pet treats are specifically catered towards dogs and are made with a broad-spectrum extract.
[Costs range from $29 to $44]

I use this CBD oil to help me sleep and the results have been incredible. A few drops leave me feeling relaxed.

Onyx and Rose Review: Final Thoughts

While it’s true that Onyx and Rose could be more transparent about some things like accessibility to lab reports, it’s difficult to find much fault. Onyx and Rose are a stylish CBD brand that really stands out from their competition. And, they are very much committed to producing high-quality products that help to improve overall quality of life.

We also want to highlight again how exquisite the Onyx and Rose branding is. The products are beautifully packaged – all the way from the box packaging to the actual product containers. While what is inside a product is undoubtedly more important than the “outer look,” the effort that this brand puts into its branding is an excellent reflection of their passion and commitment to producing premium-quality CBD products.

It also helps that their products seem truly of premium quality, especially when it comes to their CBD skincare range. We recommend giving their products a second look.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to your health and happiness!

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